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  1. You can also spend a small fortune at the Dragonfly in Columbus Ohio. http://www.dragonflyneov.com/
  2. http://www.dr-cow.com/shop/ http://www.dr-cow.com/images/shop_CheeseBox.jpg Aged Tree nut cheese/ Box 8 wheels $75/box Shipping Included
  3. http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20080830/capt.978f7f68449445ac97e405ebd3f5296f.veepstakes_palin_ak508.jpg?x=400&y=261&q=85&sig=ZseZa73SLdSmHt.bJkeppg-- http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Alaska-Republican-presidential-candidate-Alaska-Gov-Sarah-Palin-vice-presidential-running-mate/photo//080830/480/978f7f68449445ac97e405ebd3f5296f/
  4. I've relocated so many times, I've had at least 18 addresses in my 18 years of adult life. Dolt! I'm pretty much stuck where I am now, which is pretty much in a small nothing of a town about 35 miles south of Pittsburgh. But, I'm at a point in my life where I can be content just about anywhere, creating my own reality I guess. Although, I wouldn't mind if the drug dealers two houses down moved away!
  5. I disagree only in that it's impossible to know how many wars the U.S. is involved in at any given time. I remember the "Iran-Contra Affair" back in the 80's, Oliver North was practically a neighbor of mine in Virginia. The U.S. was giving arms to Israel, which in itself isn't unusual, but the arms were for Israel to sell to Iranians! You heard me right, Israel was selling U.S. arms to Iran!!! And what were they doing with the money? Much of it was being secretly funneled in to the civil war in Nicaragua, as in South America. So, I ask how it is that anyone can know for sure what wars the U.S. is directly involved in at any given time?
  6. Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Get Married…Vegan Style! http://www.ecorazzi.com/2008/08/19/ellen-degeneres-and-portia-de-rossi-get-marriedvegan-style/
  7. I don't see why you would assume "that you mean directly". There are a lot more ways to participate in war than sending front line bullet catchers. I doubt there has been a single war in the last century that U.S. has not played at least a minor role in and in many, many more than most people even realize, have played a major role. Supplying arms, training and cash are just as big a factor as sending troops.
  8. I see your beard and raise you... Me with Magnus and my buddy Jim @ the Chicago diner. That was last summer. My beard is almost that massive again. I call it my "fuck you i'm single and not trimming this mother-fucker and being highly ironic because it's summer and it's hot and itchy" beard. Aye, that is one fine beard mate! The one in my pic was early last summer, it got quite a bit longer but the only pic I have needs to be scanned as it was taken by a non-digital relative. My beard this summer is the same cut as yours, but about the length your buddy Jim is sporting in the background there.
  9. I agree completely Richard. One of the things wrong with american politics is that it is still very prudish and old fashioned. Even being divorced is seen as a negative when running for office, pretty much anyone running for president is expected to be in a long term monogamous marriage. Does anyone really think Bill and Hillary Clinton are in love? Or monogamous? They live in different states! They are married and trying to present a picture of post-Monica Lewinsky monogamy so that Hillary could run for president. It's rediculous. As for John Edwards, his wife has been battling cancer and off and on in chemotherapy for years. I'm guessing the sex dried up a long time ago. Even the most commited partner can break down when trying to supress the sex urge indefinitely, especially when there is no end in sight and an open opportunity presents itself.
  10. Yeah man, no trick to growing facial hair. Just let it go and it will either grow or not, it's pretty much all genetic. Maybe someday if you're lucky you can even look like this.
  11. Polyamory, yes or no? Yes in the short-term, just like monogamy. I don't see many long term examples of either, life and the people living it changes regularly, and the pace of change only increases in the modern world. Even in what appear to be long term cases of monogamy such as 40 or 60 year marriages, I'm guessing a large percentage were not monogamous that entire time.
  12. So true. Why so true? What's wrong with her as opposed to anyone else? I think we as a culture just need to grow up and acknowledge that long term monogamy among humans is the rare exception and not the norm.
  13. OMG! That is so awful what is going on there. I don't think I will ever understand that region of the world, with everyone fighting over tiny little plots of land and demanding to have their own countries.
  14. I like it much better with music, although some more poses and a head wouldn't be bad either.
  15. That would be great if any of you can make similar videos. You can even post them as a video response/comment on Youtube as a response to the original video.
  16. Human being eh? That's very questionable. There will be a celebration around the entire world when we see a real picture of his corpse! As for an affair, do you really think that's uncommon? He just happened to be found out, big deal. Gettting good poontang has I'm sure always been one of the percs of being president.
  17. "Real" men eat the stalks too. Funny thing is that my favorite part of broccoli is actually the leaves.
  18. Absolutely! I would have, I love finding reasons to talk to people about anything, especially about veganism. Plant the seed and it will grow.
  19. Orange County California has made one amazingly useful sewage plant! They are now completely recycling all their water and putting it back in to the drinking water supply!!! http://articles.latimes.com/2008/jan/02/local/me-reclaim2
  20. They do have separate containers, just take a peep over the counter. They are clearly marked for soy, skim, 2% etc. I don't trust restaurants in general, so I always look to make sure they are using the right one.
  21. Plan it and they will come! We're only 7 hours away, we'd be up for any excuse to make the trip again. Slippery rock is just a short drive out of town too
  22. KFC Canada is frying the new vegan option in the same oil used for chicken. In my opinion, this doesn't make it not vegan, just adds an "ick" factor that I wouldn't be comfortable with. I don't think there is anything wrong with it for people who don't have that same aversion.
  23. I feel like an alien sometimes, especially now that I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Vegan may as well be alien here. As for people being better informed, I don't think they are really, so I do my best to educate people. Often that education starts out with a homemade gourmet vegan cupcake. After the oohs and ahs and thank yous, I like to fill them in that it's vegan and what that means. I love the looks of sheer astonishment and the question asked 100% of the time "but how did you make it without eggs?"
  24. My two favorite Asheville restaurants on video! Hooray! If you aren't familiar with Asheville, keep in mind while watching these videos that it is a small mountain city of only 140,000 people. The nachos rocked our world, but Rosetta's rocks in more ways than just food. The Traveling Vegetarian - Asheville, NC - Rosetta's Kitchen The Laughing Seed is the classic full service vegetarian restaurant, they could only improve by going fully vegan. The Traveling Vegetarian - Asheville - Laughing Seed Cafe
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