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  1. Had Illmatic playing while I was painting my basement walls the other day. Kept me motivated despite it being deathly hot to where I felt like giving up from feeling so drained. Definitely one of my favorite discs. Ha, maybe we should try that. We're currently painting our basement walls and I think I'd rather be sanding my face with a belt sander.
  2. 3x10 on the pullups! Damn strong and the endurance to run too. Nice combination, looks like you're off to a great start, but I wouldn't call you a beginner with those stats.
  3. At the very least you'll have fun trying and be healthier and stronger for the effort. And with genetics on your side, who knows? Maybe you will show them all a new way to do it! Best of luck trying, post a few pics along the way and show us your progress.
  4. You can certainly do it without meat, but it's gonna take a lot of roids. You up for that?
  5. Our experiences with our three little girls support this. Both being parents that have made a conscious effort not to steer our girls in to particular gender roles, toys, thought processes etc., have found all three to be very much feminine and girly, although the younger two are definitely more on the girly/makeup/fashion side, which is totally opposite anything they see in their parents. When we hang out with similar parents who make a conscious effort not to define gender roles, the very much masculine habits of their little boys are very apparent, even stunning at times. We are definitely born with gender identities, which are clearly influenced by social norms, but have much deeper roots. I can't even concieve of the idea that we are all 100% one way or the other, that our outward appearances always match our minds. Hermaphrodites are an extreme example of the physical not even having the possibility of matching the mind. There could be but not right now. We lead a poly lifestyle but have put that on hold for now because we both have far too much going on. Nice, we are poly at heart, but haven't had the opportunity to ever really explore it. We both agree that it would naturally manifest itself in a more communal living situation, but life is too busy and often draining as it is, neither of us has the time or energy to pursue any other relations. That and we are both extremely satisfied with what we have together. We do sometimes explore our sexual desires with other couples, but haven't developed any emotional attachments. Sounds like you have gotten to know yourself quite well SyrLinus, which is far more than most people ever accomplish. Best wishes in your transformation and everything else, hopefully it will be that piece of the puzzle that allows you to feel complete.
  6. The devil went down to Georgia, maybe you can find him over there. http://www.geocities.com/poweroverwhelming666/pentagram_satan.GIF
  7. My last workplace had regular blood drives organized by the business park where we were located. The mobile blood collection unit aka bloodmobile set up shop for the day in our parking lot. It was added incentive to donate as pretty much all of the employeers in the business park allowed an extra hour out of the workday for their employees to donate.
  8. Yeah, they are the most popular vegan dish at the local restaurant from which the recipe was snagged. Before opening they hired a local guy to develop their recipes, especially the vegan ones. After the grand opening they just booted his ass right out the door, decided they could pay some low-wage line cooks to whip up his recipes. The quality has suffered there, but their secret recipe is no longer a secret so we make our own.
  9. Still chugging away at theveganpeople.com: Total posts 1535 • Total topics 178 • Total members 32 • Our newest member niceweirdo80 Check out the finest recipe in the world for Seitan "Wings" here: http://www.theveganpeople.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28 http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c240/veganmadre/Food%20Porn/DSCI0079.jpg
  10. Wow, we've added another 11 members just in the past two weeks, up to 258 now! Are any of you guys on here in Pittsburgh? One of our members has worked out a "vegetarian speed dating" event with cupid.com, but so far it's almost all women attending. Any of you guys want a chance to date a dozen vegan women in one night? http://vegan.meetup.com/399/calendar/7925128/
  11. Do you have any scientific evidence at all to back this up? I'm guessing not, since it's not true. You can be HIV positive and not develop AIDS, but the HIV virus is still very much detectable and will show positive.
  12. Some people are such pricks and ignorant on top of that! Nice that the hot dude stuck the proverbial knife in them and then twisted it at just the right moment. Poetic justice!
  13. You giant vegan-beast of a man! I just noticed your training log has had over 35,000 views!
  14. Alright bro, did my part. Wached the vid and gave it a 5 star, which it deserved by the way. There is so much crap on Youtube, it's nice to see some good original work.
  15. Where'd you hear that? This from Ducks Unlimited which is both pro-gun and pro-hunting, not to mention pro-republican like you. http://www.ducks.org/Conservation/WaterfowlBiology/2693/UnderstandingWaterfowlWaterfowlDiseases.html
  16. What do you know? Fox Business covering a vegan business and didn't say anything bad about it! http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/markets/industries/retail/green-grooming-easy-switch/
  17. that was what came into my mind too when i first saw the pics. Since both of you do not know Thinthin (Robert) personally I have to tell you that he always takes his shirt off whenever there is a reason (which is almost always...)! And he likes posing... as you can see. That's why he and Topher were such good buddies. They both had the same disease, their shirts just randomly fly off in public places.
  18. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/07/17/presidential.putdown.ap/index.html
  19. Looking good guys, okay looking GREAT actualy! Nice work.
  20. Super cute all vegan baby shoes! Lots of styles and colors. http://www.isabooties.com/shop/products.php http://www.isabooties.com/products/gallery/anchors_away_196.jpg
  21. I hear you loud and clear bro. You would think there is someone, Tylerm is a super cool dude if you can get in touch with him. Other than that I don't know of any Cleveland people on here. There are tons of lurkers though and even more who registered once upon a time only to disappear, typical stuff for any forum. I'd say active posters on here are usually in the less than 40 at a time range and folks with significant number of postings, whether active now or not, are no more than a couple of hundred. We're a unique breed, but growing all the time.
  22. Ah, but you don't have to be rich or have 40 acres. Did you watch the vid I posted of the family in Pasadena? It'll change your whole outlook on life.
  23. Nice pictures! I knew Potter was half asian and half caucasion, I just didn't know the caucasion half was hiding under his shorts.
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