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  1. Hey everyone! Just joined the board today, but I discovered veganbodybuilding.com a while back and have been going to it for tips and tricks on how to acquire the physique that I want. I've been vegan for about five years. Prior to that, I was a staunch carnivore and was rather overweight for my frame. I rarely exercised, and I was horrendous at taking care of my body. I had struggled with the idea of going vegetarian in high school, but dismissed it in the name of willful ignorance of the injustices in which I was taking part and the damage I was doing to my body. When I was 23, I decided vegetarianism was the best choice. I had already quit smoking and drinking and this was the next logical step. However, about two weeks later, I was doing more research on the milk and egg industries and decided at that moment that the only ethical course of action would be to remove all animal products from my diet and my lifestyle. I'm now 28 and have lost approximately 45 pounds. I'd like to lose a little more, but I'd also like to work on building muscle to replace the fat. (I don't want to be a "skinnyfat," as I've sometimes heard it called.) I don't want to bulk up too much; I'm mostly interested in getting 100% fit, increasing my strength and flexibility, and of course, feeling completely confident about my health and my appearance. My current workout routine is, I feel, lacking. I do about 1/2 hour of cardio per day, and another half hour of basic workouts (crunches, pushups, some freeweights), and I attend Muay Thai classes 2-3 times per week (which is a recent development). I also incorporate the Muay Thai into my daily routine, but I'm lacking a punching bag at the moment... I'm excited to connect with the people on this board and learn about their experiences and their fitness journeys! I hope I can use this forum to my advantage in terms of bettering my own journey as well.
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