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  1. I also found out that 75% of all their ingredients are organic and they have an enitrely separate make line and oven for vegan food. I told the owner (think he was the owner) to get a copy of "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World." Tee hee. I'm even gonna bake 'em some just because I'm so happy about them! I also wrote to my college newspaper about the place. Oh, it's tentatively called Night Flight Pizza and it's on 48th & Dodge, for anyone who swings through town!
  2. I am so excited, people! I just found out yesterday that a pizza shop in Omaha, formerly part of the Home Team Pizza franchise, has vegan pizza complete with Follow Your Heart cheese! They've changed their name and they still offer regular pizza to omni-people; but they're open till 3a.m. 7 days a week! That means I can even get vegan food late at night! They plan to revamp their menu and make every item available in vegan-form. We had some last night and it was so good and I'm so happy I just had to come here and tell everyone!
  3. Thanks, Christopher. I think I will go ahead and tell them next time they run their mouths that I've been putting up with it for some time, but I really don't think it's funny. I'll just draw the line instead of walking away. Lots of people wrote into the paper about the cattle (and the paper even printed some of them!) I was surprised to see that there are people around here that thought it was a tragedy and more should've been done to avoid the execution of the 30 who survived. There were no rude and hateful comments printed in response. The fact remained that the cattle were destined to die; and I wrote in about that fact, how we can't expect animals who are seen as walking hamburgers to be treated with dignity and respect when they're holding up traffic, but we can decide for ourselves whether they die for us. They didn't print mine, and I'm a good letter writer. The police said there were too many of them to round up or tranquilize so they had no other choice. That's not true because a couple times a year a steer gets out of the stockyards, a single steer, and they always shoot him.
  4. Thanks for offering the advice, crashnburn. Oh, and thanks everyone for the understanding.
  5. I guess I'm not sure if that was directed at me or not. I never tell anyone what they should or should not do. I see and smell what people eat every day at work and I never say anything. But when they go out of their way to say something that hurts me or is meant to insult me, what am I supposed to think? In this one instance 42 lives were lost and my coworkers took the opportunity to get a dig in on me. But the good news is I now have a new coworker who is smart and a vegetarian! I spent the last 2 days training her and we talked and talked. She may not be vegan, but at least I have someone to whom I can relate. Since no one ever teases me about not eating cheese and eggs, if anyone starts in about meat I have someone in my corner. And I didn't even tell on the people who insulted me before.
  6. I used to really like South Park, but they're too right-wing for me these days. And obviously anti-veg and anti-AR. Simpsons is a totally different story, though!
  7. That is so painful to look at! Thanks for bringing awareness to this cause.
  8. I know what a power tower is then! Those things are awesome.
  9. I need to see it again. I would be laughing at one joke and miss the next one. I think The Simpsons may have been struggling for plots in the last few seasons (maybe), but the humor has kept up, far as I'm concerned! I watch religiously!
  10. The tattoo on my left shoulder is a rose and is part of a bigger piece. It was the first sitting for that piece and serves the purpose of covering up a small tat. I like the whole tattoo, but the lost color really made me self-conscious about it. The lowback is script circling my cat's pawprint, it's his name! I just want to make sure everything heals well, you know. I have never ever heard of a power tower, I'll check it out. I figured I can carefully do my biceps and triceps, and do side bends with dumbbells to keep my abs up. I'll also walk around work with the abs sucked in and flexed. That seems to be somewhat effective. Thanks everyone!
  11. Thanks for the link to the lecture! I haven't peeked at this thread for awhile, but thanks a lot.
  12. Ooooo, these sound good. I wonder if I can throw some of these together for dinner tonight!
  13. I loved the movie! It was non-stop laughs! I loved the stuff they threw in that they can't normally get away with on TV. I also had a good time reading regular folk reviews online, especially those of the offended! I told everyone I know to go see it! It's my favorite movie of the summer.
  14. I just got some fresh ink on my left shoulder blade and my low back. The shoulder is a touch-up job because I lost some color from it pretty much right off the bat; come to think of it I was in a weight training class at the time! My artist said it's because it's a spot that moves so much. He told me to avoid flyes and rows for about 2 weeks, so I won't be doing any of those for a little while. I also notice that bending over or doing crunches strecthes the skin on my low back, so I want to take it easy there, as well. I think I can modify crunches and stuff so that I still work them without pulling on the new tattoo. My question is, what is the minimal amount of weight training I can do to maintain how far I've come in the last month or so? I don't want my other muscles to get stronger while my shoulders (which I'm sure won't exactly go into atrophy or anything!) don't get worked much. I'm happy with my progress and don't want to slip too far back. Thanks for all your help so far. I'm already to the point that I feel weird and jonesy if I don't work out nearly every day.
  15. I love that one, too. I use it from time to time!
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