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  1. This book I'm reading is called "Animals & Women: Feminist Explorations." It's a collection of essays edited by Carol Adams and Josephine Donovan and the essayists all purport that feminism and animal rights theory are compatible. Since there are so many essays in here, it's difficult for me to give a basic overview. But this book does more than reconcile feminism and animal rights, it also explains the distancing mechanisms in use to alleviate the guilt and responsibility of animal exploitation as well as the legitimacy of using sentiment in making decisions. I've also heard from the general public that it's wrong to "force" a vegetarian lifestyle on children, and one of the essays points out that many young children don't want to eat meat once they realize where the meat comes from. Of course, these writers all do the subject matter more justice than I do, but I've been taking notes! Since I am only one of two people (the other being my husband) that I know personally who is veg for animal exploitation reasons, reading this stuff really empowers me! This is the first book like this I've read all the way through (with the exception of an Animal Law souce book), having only perused some books for research papers and what not. I'm really excited about it and look forward to reading more. Anyhoo, just wanted to share.
  2. Thanks, Odidnetne. I don't remember having this problem when I worked out regularly. Now that I'm back on track perhaps things will improve!
  3. I was wondering if anyone else seems to have different shape or size muscles on one side of their body when compared to the other side. It seems like my abs and legs are stronger or bigger on my left side (FYI, I'm right-handed). I thought it might be because I was always walking the same direction all day at work, always making left turns. But I switched up for a couple months and still think my left side is stronger. Now, just to be safe, I alternate which direction I walk each week. I'm assuming it's normal, but just wanted to ask you folks.
  4. I loved the first Spidey, then liked them progressively less as they went on. All the Pirates I really liked, though I wouldn't say any of them are my favorite movies. Wouldn't say so for Transformers, either, but it was really good!!
  5. I saw it and loved it! It's my favorite movie thusfar this summer, and I'm a huge Spidey and Pirates fan. My brother, who is the family authority on Transformers, more than approved of it. He was worried about damage to the integrity of the Transformers lore, but his admiration remains intact! My only complaint is that during the fight scenes it was very difficult for me to see what was happening, just a jumble of metal parts rolling around.
  6. I'd like to read what's on that link, but I'm scared of spoilers! Does it give anything away?
  7. I can't wait to see it! I'm going tomorrow! It was, of course, a staple of my childhood as well. I've heard nothing but good things about it. At first, I was alittle put off by how different, say, Megatron, looked. Then I thought his original design wouldn't look very cool in CGI. I do wish they kept Bumblebee as a VW Bug, though.
  8. My job is nothing but walking and stairs, and for about two months I went around with my abs pulled in. It did seem to tighten them, but I probably did it for a few hours a day.
  9. My work doesn't offer me any benefits besides being extremely flexible with school schedules! I have my insurance through my husband. I'm going to check into those other options. Thanks for the well wishes. I really believe I can accomplish just about anything if I try. I've been surprising myself these last few years!
  10. Thanks, Aaron and ColegeB. Those are both good ideas. Never thought to look for groups or look into the grad student thing. Maybe I can combine books with other therapy and kick it for good. Sometimes it hardly bothers me, and every so often it practically paralyzes me. Keeps me on my toes, though. I'm always on top of things. I'd like to extract that quality from it, and lose the other stuff!
  11. Thanks, you two. I guess I could get some help if a therapist is covered by my insurance. It's just one of these things I'm sick of dealing with. I'll look into it for sure!
  12. Thanks, Clever Name! I'll check those out. Have you used CBT before?
  13. Thanks for the response, Aaron. That's something you can train yourself to do, right? I'd prefer not to get anyone else, like a therapist, involved. I'm trying to be more self-reliant. I could also train myself to feed the positive thoughts, I would assume. Can you recommend any good books on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  14. Does anyone here have problems with anxiety? Well, I do. It intensifies about a week-and-a-half before my period, too. Hence, I put it Women's Health. Anyhoo, I've been this way all my life. I've made every ordeal into a much bigger issue than it should be. I'm also really good at worrying so much about something that may or may not happen, or something that has already happened but I wish I could change, that I get all the physiological responses that would come with this stuff actually occuring. Going on that, I've started imagining good things that might happen and revisiting proud moments of my life. It works a little, but not as strong a reaction as the negative stuff. Still, it's a start. Does anyone have any other suggestions on controlling unwarranted anxiety?
  15. Is that true?? The shoes with the negative heels? The company that has the cute vegan logo to label their vegan shoes?? I'm glad I found that out, I was just looking to buy a pair. I'll poke around and try to find evidence (not that I'm calling you a liar), but do you happen to have a link? I want to see this with my own eyes. I'm shocked and appalled!
  16. I was just going to ask why SXE rejects meat, but now I know. I always guessed it had to do with the drugs and hormones that get pumped into animals and SXE desires to avoid getting drugs and stuff in their systems. Interesting stuff.
  17. Oh well. It gives him a good excuse to get a new one. Yeah, frisbees are good for tossing back and forth to one another, maybe a little frisbee football, but you need the technological nuances of a disc for golf!
  18. I eat 6 times a day. I wouldn't say I have a flat stomach, but it's flatter than a lot of the folks around me! My biggest meal of the day is dinner. It should probably be breakfast, but I start work in the morning so it's easier to cook at night. I'd like to try the raw food stuff for a day! Guac and raw portabellos?! Can't go wrong with that.
  19. We played yesterday, but it was real hot and humid. I lost my husband's favorite disc . I must've just walked away from it on the last hole thinking he grabbed it. I lower my head in shame.
  20. It won't be for awhile, and only if I get excepted to law school there. I don't plan on taking the LSAT until next June and I'm taking a year to try and pay off some bills. On the off chance no one will let me into their law school, we'll probably move to Portland anyway! But the no big parties, drama free, veggie kitchen stuff sounds great.
  21. That's horrible! What was the outcome of it all, in terms of whether the participants were prosecuted?
  22. Thanks, C.O. I assume there's some sort of club or league, right? If they have one here, they must have some there!
  23. I'm hoping to get into L&C! They have the first (though I think no longer only) animal law journal and a lot of classes regarding animal issues. I had no idea one could go to school for that! I hope to get up to Portland next summer, unless of course by some stroke of luck I come into some money. Sigh. One can hope!
  24. Hey, are those vegan cheeses good? There's only one brand I can get in Omaha. I can't remember the name because it was unremarkable. I just go without cheese, but would be happy to try some new brand.
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