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  1. Looking forward to your progress this year Tyler! Don't sweat missing your show - there will be others, many others! Stay focused!


    Thank you Scott, there will be many shows in the future. Trust that.


    Head up, not really that much of a big deal. Good things take time so just keep at it!


    Your right, Mini. I've only been at this for 3 years, and i'll be at it for 30..60..90 more years.


    I'll be starting a new log up later that will be a constant life and progression log and I want to keep that going for at least a few years.

  2. Bummer to have to bow out at the last minute, but looks like you've made some solid gains. Looking really lean!


    Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.


    Looking solid! Hope you're able to compete next time around. I've run into those roadblocks over the years as well.


    Keep training, keep making progress and soon the time will be right to hit the stage and rock the show!


    Thanks Robert, I really appreciate the motivational words. I will continue working and training hard. You've always been a great motivator for me throughout the years.

  3. Hey Guys, I know I haven't updated the log in a while,


    It breaks my heart to inform all of you that I won't be competing this saturday. Financial problems arose at the last second which were unavoidable. I am honestly quite disappointed, I worked really hard and trained really hard, I was putting my body through hell to get ready for this show. I was ready too, so ready, I was as cut as I felt I could get and I maintained alot of my muscle mass. If money wasn't an issue I'd be standing on that stage This saturday. But I can't focus on that too much, I've got to keep pushing forward in life. Bodybuilding is all I know, It's my life. I Just have to switch up the game plan now.


    I'll be starting a new log soon, more of just a daily everything log that will never end. That sounds like a good idea.


    I'm going to be bringing a scary physique to the stage next year.

    I have some upcoming projects i've been also working on.

    So if you've been following my progress through the years stay with me, because I'm going to be bringing something amazing to the front soon.



  4. I love how Kalimuscle is on there one commercial called "brotein" They payed a good bodybuilder a lot of money to act like a dumb stereotype on tv. He gets more fame and money and just walks away at the end of the day laughing. I despise planet fitness, one just opened up near me.

  5. Its more about trusting companies like vega and sunwarrior for me personally. Because they care so much about what they put in their products, and they care about the vegan community as well. Truenutrition.com can also be good too for cheap bulk powder. I think you can get 10 lbs. of their vegan blend for what a tub of vega costs. They took forever to get my order shipped though. Two weeks is too long to wait for powder.

  6. Vega sport is delicious and is the best for quality, but its expensive. Sunwarriors "warrior blend" is very good nutritionally, but has lower protein per scoop, and the pea protein in it can be overpowering. But im used to it. I love plantfusion, but im not a fan of the fructose in it, adds too many carbs while cutting. But those are my top 3. So most weeks I check my wallet and then buy vega sport, because then I dont have to buy glutamine as its already in there.

  7. At 36% bodyfat, I would recommend just eating alot of healthy foods and being in a small caloric deficit for your goals. Carb cycling isnt hard, but it isnt easy either. Its more for getting to really low bodyfat levels. Like 5%. It works great for this if you can really understand the science behind what youre doing, and youve got to really know your body inside and out.

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