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  1. Awesome project robert. Ive been thinking this site needed professional videos. Would love to see how the project progresses. Maybe one day in the future of the site Ill be in a video. Good luck with this robert, all the best. -Sunwarrior
  2. Sunwarrior and creatine. How delicious. Keep up the good work MF. Build that muscle!
  3. Great job man. I love deadlifts. They're the king of exercises in my book. Good PR!
  4. You should look into it, its a very interesting process as it even affects the soys nutritional content alot. Its a very scientific process and I don't feel like I would do a perfect job explaining it.
  5. Thanks MF. I was referring to tempeh being a cultured product. Its soybeans mashed together into a cake and treated with a culture which causes mycellium to grow throughout it. Adding alot of nutrients including amino acids. I love it. I feel like it works very efficiently with my body.
  6. Quick update. Ive been training hard as hell lately, I was off work for a while, so I was training my ass off as I wasnt used to all my free time again. I got a few minor injuries, the worst being some kind of pull in my right forearm muscles. Push movements dont hurt, but pull movements like curls and certain rowing movements arent very possible at the moment. So for this past week I Trained pretty much everything but biceps. Tonights my first night back at work and Im excited to make some money and buy more food then ive been able to. Ive been doing the best with the calories I can consume. Mainly tempeh, oatmeal, and greens. Quality nutrition right there, gotta love that mycellial protein. Will update with new pictures soon.
  7. You shouldn't do it right before because it causes a temporary dip in testosterone, but sexual stimulation without ejaculation boosts testosterone. So that could be very beneficial.
  8. Creatine mono kicks ass, especially if you lift heavy. It shouldn't cause water retention unless its cheaply made. It definitely helps gains in strength. If you can lift more, for the same number of reps as before, you will grow more.
  9. I'm a young Vegan Bodybuilder In the Northern Virginia Area, I live in fredericksburg(near richmond) Fairfax isn't that far away. I'm interested in Becoming a Personal Trainer and Vegan Nutritionist Myself. I haven't started studying for it yet due to financial problems. I've definitely got my own training, nutrition, and supplementation down pat now. So i'd be willing to help you with whatever you need.
  10. Thanks Emrys. Thanks MF, It is the best job in the world. Thanks for complimenting my lat spread. It's the pose i've always had a lot of trouble with, so I work on it often.
  11. Here is a video of me deadlifting 405 lbs. It's an easier lift now that i've been able to consistently pull it twice per set. But this was when it was my PR.
  12. Damn MF, I didn't realize you were so swole man. You could easily do a natural bodybuilding show. You have great genetics.
  13. Ive stopped focusing on strictly Max OT style workouts. I made some solid gains from it, especially in my upper body. I have hopes of competing in september, that is if I can make it work financially. I sure hope so! So I've started a particularly strict cut because I wanna get my profile up on the site and if I can do that show I really want to be prepared. Ill be logging my latest workouts soon, as they are a bit different.
  14. Im a die hard metal fan. I used to play eight string electric guitar for the local band Epitome of Evil. I still play though. I love Progressive metal with a passion!
  15. I nailed a deadlift of 405 lbs. X 2 today. It felt epic. I love that Im deadlifting double my bodyweight at this point.
  16. We have very similar stories, bodybuilding saved my life. Great post man! Very motivating.
  17. Dude, you look incredible up there. Amazing job! If it was a natural contest you would have won.
  18. I also decided to opt out of the contest, its not time yet. I can feel something big coming for me and I can wait.
  19. I need to get some pics up of these massive legs.
  20. Thanks guys! Sorry I havent updated in a while, Between cooking, eating, training, and working I havent had much time for writing. Ive got some new progress pictures to throw up here and when I get lean enough im probably going to be making a profile on the site, so im excited for that.
  21. Creatine monohydrate is great for strength, especially while cutting, high quality creatine mono shouldnt cause water retention, alot of that is cheap creatine often produced in china. Creatine mono is the most scientifically researched bodybuilding supplement around, so its worth its merit. Think of it this way, anyone whos competing wants to have the edge and its cheap. It also helps to take it with your pre workout meal, if that meal contains complex carbohydrates and lean protein. Great progress man, looking swole!
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