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  1. By the way, Im completely against hormonal drugs of any kind, im lifetime natty forever. Im just fascinated with the human endocrine system and its relationship with bodybuilding.
  2. Since your trying to eat low carb that protein needs to skyrocket. 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of lean mass while cutting. It seems like alot but it works. Sent from my SPH-D600 using Tapatalk 2
  3. How much do you weigh? Those calories seem too low, even on low carb. And also why soy free? I understand some people have allergies, but alot of people have let misinformation scare them away from it completely.
  4. Welcome to the forums man! Do you listen to earth crisis at all?
  5. Funny, one of the main reasons I went vegan is to completely avoid dietary cholesterol. There have been many studies linking dietary cholesterol to cancer. And the reason steroid users get gynocamestia is because of poor intra and post-cycle therapy, which leads to alot of the excess testosterone being converted into estradiol and estrogen. This causes extremely high levels of estrogen. Thats why many who use gear will stack it with a SERM(selective estrogen response modulator) to block the aromatase pathway of testosterone->estrogen. So in my opinion you should try to boost your testosterone levels naturally, while also eating large amounts of cruciferous vegetables with every meal, such as brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. These foods are high in Indole-3-cabinol which has natural estrogen modulating effects. It helped with my teen gyno when I first got into bodybuilding. Mine wasnt too bad though, I think my body was going through the hormonal changes of puberty, diet, and bodybuilding and was just imbalanced for a bit. I wish you luck, and if nothing works for you it may be a surgical matter.
  6. Could I get my squat to 315 lbs., my bench to 280 lbs., my deadlift to 405 lbs., and my weight to 208 lbs.
  7. Could I get my current numbers told to me in pounds, i don't remember what they were at.
  8. Doing Max-OT right now. All lifts have increased in strength. I need to get more consistent with my max ot log Sent from my SPH-D600 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Mike O'Hearn's program pretty much doubled my deadlift strength. It's great. And most of the top bodybuilders use a strong mix of both powerlifting movements and rep ranges, as well as bodybuilding rep ranges to get the full spectrum of muscle growth.
  10. Also old school leg press: 600 lbsx4x2-Perfect form, no half reps here.
  11. I was proud to do leg extensions with perfect form and held it at the top for 5 seconds-220 lbs X6
  12. Here is My Max OT leg workout from today. All weights are in lbs. Raw Deadlifts(no chalk, no shoes, no straps or gloves): Warmup- 230X4; Working Sets- 320X2, 320X2, 290X4 Old School Leg Press: 570X4, 600 X4, 600X4 Leg Extension: Warmup-80X6 Working Sets- 140X6, 160X6, 220X6 Simple, Heavy, and to the point. It's also an extremely destructive workout. Going to update with some pictures within the next two hours.
  13. I'm planning on competing in the Naturally Fit Super Show down in Austin. The event is on my birthday July 26th which is super exciting. I'll be turning 19 the day of the show which means i'll still have to compete in the teenage division. I'd really like to compete against the big boys so I could have a shot at a pro card. But I can wait, it will still be fun. So this journal will be my journey towards that show as well. An update is coming tonight along with pictures.
  14. Your legs are huge, as is your back and biceps. You look sick overall man. Great work.
  15. Well now i see that I can sign up on the show's website. So I'm definitely coming down to compete in the open men's bodybuilding. I want that WNBF card.
  16. Robert, I was wondering if there was anyway I could compete in bodybuilding at the naturally fit super show, it would be like a dream to compete with everybody and you can be guaranteed I will bring it!
  17. Looking good Lean and green, If you don't mind me asking, what's the vegan olympia? Is it a bodybuilding contest? because if so i'd want in immediately because it takes place on my birthday July 26th.
  18. I'm going to be logging my progress as I do the Max-OT training method. I've done this method before and it was one of things that made me gain a lot of muscle in a really short period of time. I'm trying to see how fast I grow and how fast my strength increases on this program since I've been using a mixed training style lately. Mostly 7-12 rep range with heavier weight than i've ever used in my life. So it should be interesting to see how i progress with the intense 4-6 rep range of failure. This is my first week of training this way and I can tell you the pump and muscle soreness is ridiculous. Tomorrow is leg day and I will log it, and I'll post progress pictures at the end of each week of the program, and tomorrow is the end of the first week. That's all for now, wish me luck.
  19. Thank you, I really appreciate the kind words. Conquer your goals man!
  20. Wow you have achieved alot. That's so much progress. Keep it up!
  21. Dude nice progress, Youve gained alot of lean muscle and you don't seem to have added any body fat. Keep up the great work man, and never stop pushing yourself.
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