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  1. As soon as i posted this thread, the very next day my phone broke and since i didn't have a computer i could never update this thread. But that doesn't mean i haven't been working on my rebuild. I've been working really hard lately, harder than i ever thought possible. I still haven't competed yet, but i plan to this year. I want my pro card so bad i can taste it at this point. I will be using this thread as a constant transformation thread, so that i can continue to show my progress throughout the year. Thanks for the congratulations guys, being a new dad is definitely a crazy new world. My daughters just about six months now and shes doing great on an all vegan breast milk diet. She's just starting to eat mashed fruits and veggies and shes loving it. I'm going to attach some current progress pictures. I'll be taking more pictures in the upcoming days.
  2. BW:205 lbs. Squat:250 lbs. Bench:250 lbs. Deadlift:360 lbs. Plan on crushing these numbers now that im bulking.
  3. Hey everybody, I haven't posted in a while, I've had alot of new changes in my life and I've been very busy lately. I wasnt able to compete in the battle for tidewater like I planned because the birth of my daughter came 5 weeks earlier then expected and it prevented me from having the funds. I also got a good job and I am about to switch gyms. My life is very different now, but I love it. I took the chance to start bulking up since I couldn't compete in the contest. Im working on a total Rebuild of my entire physique from the ground up. I'm currently 205 lbs., but I'm working on my goal weight of a lean 225 lbs. I haven't been good about updating my logs in the past, but this one will be different I assure you. I will be posting before pictures tomorrow.
  4. Yesterday I hit a new personal record. I deadlifted 350 lbs, and even better, I got it on video. So I'm stoked. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCVb47FANa0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  5. Yeah ill definitely get some more pictures up here soon. Im a gluten free vegan, I used to be vegatarian and was making no bodybuilding progress, so I switched to veganism and started growing like a monster. I cycle creatine off and on, I also take BSN Hyper-fx pre-workout. Post workout ill have two scoops of Sunwarrior warrior blend protein powder. Nutrition is kept clean. I avoid gluten entirely, refined sugars, and processed foods. I eat alot of beans and legumes, lentils, brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, gluten-free oats, tofu, tempeh, and of course lots of fruits and vegetables. I feel like I've been training for so long now, but its only been a little over a year. But ill be training chest, shoulders, and triceps tomorrow so ill post some pictures when I get back.
  6. Wow thats a really incredible transformation, you look great. Keep up the good work.
  7. Okay well my before and after switched on me. But I hope everyone understands that. Haha.
  8. So ill be competing in the OCB battle for tidewater on october 20th, I wanted to specifically track my progress to this contest in the upcoming weeks. It will be my first contest and im ultra excited. Im 6 foot and I weighed in at 203 lbs today. Im carrying a bit more fat then I wanted to at this point, but thats okay, cutting fat is easy for me. Heres my official before and after so far in my physique Before: After:
  9. Sick back and abs, Getting pretty lean as well. Keep up the good work mate.
  10. So delicious has that almond+coconut milk and that has pea and rice protein at 5gs per 1 cup serving.
  11. V-gan by Choice is a vegan/vegetarian grocery store coming to the city of Fredericksburg, VA. The store will be locally owned by Vegan Bodybuilder Tyler Pfalzer, alongside friends and family. Our mission is to bring a wider variety of healthy vegan and vegetarian options to the city of Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas, to offer helpful information about veganism, and to provide outstanding customer service. I really need help promoting this you guys! I'm really excited about this and I need your support! Let everybody know! Share on Facebook and/or like. I'll be selling food, supplements, and personal hygienic products. Heres the link to the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/VganByChoice Let me know if you guys know any brands or products that are hard to find or that you think i need stock.
  12. I wanted to start officially logging my current training in preparation for my contest. 7/9/12 All weight are in lbs. Back & Biceps Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 75x14x1, 100x14x1, 112.5x11x1 Iso-lateral Machine Row: 70x16x1, 140x11x1, 160x8x6 Deadlifts: 160x6x2, 210x2x3 Bent-over Barbell Yates Row: 90x6x3, 70x8x1 Two-handed Cable Curls: 55x12x1, (close grip) 50x8x1, (wide grip drop set) 40-10x16x1 Cable Rope Serratus Crunches: 60x50 Hammer curls: 25x5x1, 20x8x1, 15x10x1 Dumbbell curl variations: 15x8x1, 10x12x1, 10x10x1 Bent-over Lying Crunch/spinal erector extension: 15x2 Iso-lateral Front Lat Pulldown: 90x8x4 5 Minutes of Incredibly Intense Cardio on the Stand-up bike. I try and focus on perfect form so that I fail in the rep ranges that fit my needs at the moment. The weight on the bar doesnt matter if you cant lift it perfectly. Ill be training chest, shoulders, and triceps later.
  13. I believe your talking about sammy t's buffsummers. They make an incredible tempeh stir-fry!
  14. You can cut and gain at the same time, but you need to have good genetics. I acheive cutting and gaining by cycling my calories. like eating 4600 calories for two days, then for three days eating 2800 calories. Also cycling carbs really helps. Just eat alot of carbs on the bulk days and low carb on the cut days. All calories should come from eating clean.
  15. Looking good. Really solid gains. 18 lbs is a great increase. Keep up the good work!
  16. Monsanto is basically monopolizing genetics and theyre destroying our world.
  17. I've done juice fasts a few times before. But the longest I've ever gone has been two weeks. I always feel stronger and more energetic. I also find that my mood improves tenfold.
  18. Wow man. Nice transformation. Welcome to the forum!
  19. I think you should up your protein intake to at least 120 grams per day. Many people will tell you different things about how much protein to take in daily. But, keeping it to a gram of protein per however many pounds you weigh has always worked well for me.
  20. You are correct. The body honestly needs alot of protein at every single meal of the day. But since protein is the most metabolically active macronutrient, eating more protein in the morning gets your metabolism going. I always wake up with a protein shake and a brown rice cake.
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