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  1. Hello I am a 21 year old male, and its difficult for me to get plenty of proteins for several reasons. First I don't consume meat. Second, I am tall (6'4") so I need to consume a lot more protein that normal people. Most of my protein comes from soy milk, beans, and potatoes. Yet that is not enough, I still look really slim. What protein sources would you recommend me? It could be anything from protein powders to vegan foods. I really need to bulk up because I am really thin for my height. I am 6'4" and weigh 162 lbs. I would great appreciate any recommendations on protein supplements. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! I am Luis form California and I've been vegetarian since 6 years old. When I was young (5 years) I witnessed a horrible slaughter of animals, and since then I have stood against it..Now I am 21 years old and attending university. My goals are to gain muscle weight and live a happy life. I hope everyone is doing great!
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