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  1. Hey dude, Sorry I didn't reply like I said I would.. I've been bedridden for most of last week due to sickness, today is the first day that I'm actually getting some work done. When is your deadline?
  2. I'll print it and read it. Don't expect a reesponse before tuesday, but I'll give it a go. For starters: In your references you should include the original appearance of the text. Neither pythagoras, plutarch, aristotle or aquinas lived in the 20th century 'Real' comments will follow after the weekend!
  3. I can't read because I'm not a member of vegan freaks. Can't you just copy+paste it?
  4. What's up with all the gore-bashing? Yes sure he's not very consistent but he does a lot to create awareness for the environmental problems. And according to his own statements his house does run on green energy. The flying thing is of course very polluting, but keep in mind that he does buy carbon-offset. Of course it'd be better if he gave the right example, but I think it's unfair to focus on the negative and ignore all the postive things he has done.
  5. It sucks, but when I read "the worst news I have ever heard", I had worse things in mind.
  6. I have these http://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk/pc-50-4-para-boot-steel-toe.aspx and I love them
  7. I sweat about 0,5 liter/hour during weightlifting, during mma training I sweat about 1,5 liter/hour.
  8. Well... For myself I never want to be that big, I'm all for athletic muscles with functional strength. I do respect the huge boddybuilders, but I don't understand why they have to be so dry? To me everything under 7% bf looks a bit unnatural.
  9. offtopic: your jason vs sex and the city is hilarious!
  10. First of all, props for editing it! It sucks that it was removed that quick. Can't you lock it? Your second addition seemed ok, maybe you should back it up by referring to a published scientific article. I'm not to sure about your first addition. No disrespect, but I found this sentence a bit confusing. It seems like you are saying that you kill animals in the process of harvesting food..
  11. I eat lots and lots of soy, including isolates, and I feel great. Both physically and mentally
  12. F*ck that! 1984 anyone? I understand the fear of terrorism but this is ridiculous! This is seriousely crossing a line. Over here we already have to be able to show ID whenever a cop asks for it. Sad, sad world.
  13. I love it! I'll never do anything like it though. Mostly because I'm not SxE For how long have you been SxE?
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