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  1. Insomnia sucks... I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (but i sleep only for about 6 hours a night) but I once had a girlfriend who suffered from insomnia which was extremely annoying 'cause most of the time when i woke up she had just spent the entire night staring at the ceiling (and was moody as hell). She went to see a doctor for it and the main thing the doctor told her was not to stay in bed. She was to only go to bed if she felt like she was gonna sleep and do nothing in bed besides sleeping (no reading, staring at the ceiling, snuggling with your partner). Also she had the habit of sleeping late (because when she finally slept she wanted to get the most out of it) but the doctor told her not to do this anymore. I think after the advice she stayed awake for one more night, then slept the next night from 5am till 7am and after that slept pretty normal. Maybe it works out for you... Sacco
  2. Hey Runner, In english this time, for the offchance that there might be people here that don't understand dutch.. If Queensday is rescheduled (didn't know they could do that) I might be able to go to the show, but I'm not quite sure yet. Am I correct if I assume that you are straight edge? Since you listen to Path of Resistance and posted the xEye of Judgementx link... Sacco
  3. Robert, I don't think I can convince the vegans in my area to join, because they are more of the "I'll survive on beer and fries" kind of vegans...
  4. Hey there, thanx for the warm welcome everyone! teanyrican, is there anyway i can hear yor project? It's always nice to hear some new music raw ambition, that's definitely not how i define wimp, 'cause according to thjat definition i'd be a wimp too runner, ik denk niet dat ik naar de POR show ga, ik vind de andere bands die komen niet echt fantastisch en als ik het me goed herinner is het op 30 april (toch?) en dan heb ik andere dingen te doen. Ga jij wel? Ga je vaker naar shows in de regio arnhem/nijmegen? Sacco
  5. Hey everybody, I just joined the this board today and i thought i'd be nice to introduce myself My name is Sacco, i'm a 22 yr old guy fom Holland. I like music (hardcore,metalcore,metal and sometimes hiphop),philosophy, art, BMX and lots of other stuff. I joined this board because I feel that you don't need animal products to be healthy and that being a vegan does not mean you're a wimp, and thought it'd be nice to meet people who feel the same way. That's about enough for now i hope.... Sacco
  6. I've got exactly the same problem... Lots and lots of stuff i don't need but that i can't get rid off...
  7. Hey, I'm doing muay thay but I'm looking to get into K1max since í think i could my veganphysique would do quite well in k1... Anyone here into K1 or K1max?
  8. Hey Topher, Awesome tattoo! It's great to have a tattoo that looks great and has an important meaning. I too have a tattoo that means very much to me, and no I'm thinking about adding a second, to signify a new stage in my life. Anyway, great tattoo, and congrats on finding that special girl.
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