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  1. Cool! To keep him from being swarmed by pm's I'll wait till he introduces himself
  2. Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence http://images.blogthings.com/whatkindofintelligencedoyouhavequiz/linguistic.jpg
  3. Popular Kid http://images.blogthings.com/whowereyouinhighschoolquiz/popular.jpg In high school, everyone knew your name - even if you didn't know theirs. In fact, your still skating by on your looks and charm. Nothing wrong with that! Who Were You In High School? http://www.blogthings.com/whowereyouinhighschoolquiz/ LOL! This is so not true... I used to be punk!
  4. Does someone have a youtube account? We should invite him to the forum!
  5. @\X/3$0|\/|3! 61|2|$ +|-|@+ (@|\| $|*[email protected]|< |33+ @|23 |-|0+! 0r c4n y0u 0n|y d0 'b361nn3r' |337? 10 Ð0££4r$ $4¥$ ¥0µ µ$3Ð 4 £337 7r4n$£470r!!! [)0 `/0|_| |_|$3 |*@`/-|*@|? |0| 1 [)1[)|\|'+ |}|_|+ +0 |}3 |-|0|\|3$+ |33++|[email protected]|\|$|@+0|2$ @|23 |<3\X/|!
  6. I was not offended. I love a good discussion with sincere people, in fact, I do that for a living. Your definition of "highly processed" differs from mine. I do not consider roasted or heated food highly processed. I do not consider myself addicted to coffee, I never crave it. When I went raw for 30 days some weeks ago, I did miss the taste but I didn't have a physical craving nor did I think about it a lot. Moderation, moderation!
  7. I disagree that coffee is a highly processed drink, it's just grinded coffeebeans with water. What harmful substances do you speak of? Caffeïne is not bad for a healthy person. I agree that it is addictive, but caffeïnewithdrawal takes only 48 hours with no harmful sideeffects. There's no evidence suggesting that coffee is bad for you in the long run. But like I said before, moderation is the key. But hey, lucky for us we can make our own choices. I you feel better not drinking coffee, I won't tell you you should.
  8. No offense, but it's just as easy to find sources that say the opposite.
  9. I'm not an expert, but this is what I've been told, It works for me. 1. Not if you're training right and eating right. Adding muscle needs calories. 2. 500, but you will probably add some fat too, depending on how healthy your diet is. If you're just starting training it may be possible to add muscle mass without adding fat, but as you progress this gets harder. (But since you are looking to increase your bf% you don't need to worry about this ) 3. There's much debate over this. I go for about 1,5 gram per kilo of fatfree mass. (My fatfree mass is about 65kg so I eat about 100gram worth of protein) Some guys I'm training with use as much as 4g/kg. 4. Nuts! Nuts contain lots of protein, but I'm don't eat them so I don't know which ones are best. I use a vegan protein powder because I'm allergic to nuts. Hope that helps a little.. Good luck!
  10. I like coffee. I don't see any reason not to use it. Assuming that you are a healthy person, that is. And of course, moderation is the key I don't drink any coffee after lunch, otherwise it affects my sleep.
  11. To me a drug is something that substantially alters your mindstate or performance. Not quite sure where that fits in your two options. I can see your point though. I think it's a personal thing, sugar maybe a drug to some, other might not view it this. The government does not play a role in my decisions concerning drugs. From the sXe pov, drugs are anything that fogs your mind, be it by actively altering your mind or by making you want it bad. Over here sXe'ers don't use caffeïne, most of them don't even drink tea. I agree with your sentiment that needing things that are bad for you makes you less free, but for me it's not really about health. Sure, sugar is bad for you but a little won't hurt significantly. It's when your abusing substances to the level that it gets in the way of things you really want/have to do. In my humble opinion. (edited to correct poor choice of words)
  12. @\X/3$0|\/|3! 61|2|$ +|-|@+ (@|\| $|*[email protected]|< |33+ @|23 |-|0+! 0r c4n y0u 0n|y d0 'b361nn3r' |337?
  13. Good luck, and I hope to see you here again soon.
  14. I've dislocated my shoulder multiple times and the doctor told me to go swimming, both for recovery and to maintain musclemass. But you probably won't get huge swimming. Good luck with it anyway!
  15. Breatharianism would be wonderful... But I don't think it's possible for us mere mortals.
  16. Welcome! What do you mean by the 'healing arts'? Something like reiki?
  17. I agree. Everyone can learn from his/her mistakes. It doesn't change the fact that the movie is ing though.
  18. Nice! Can I play it when it's finished? I used to study computer science and I can write Java, Pascal, C++ and ProLog, but I never use it anymore. It would be fun to make a simple computergame.
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