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  1. I try to be strict about this, so I won't eat anything unless I'm sure it's vegan. I do however use medicines that ere tested on animals when there's no alternative.
  2. Dutch, English, French, German, some Spanish.
  3. I agree. @Flare: So.... how old are you now? Anywhere between 21 & 27?
  4. The Vandals - Tastes Like Chicken "How does it make you feel to take a life for just one meal?" Conflict - Meat means Murder "Now your at the table, sitting, grinning Sitting there eating you never realise the filling Its served upon a sterile plate you dont think of killing The furthest your brain takes you, is it for frying or for grilling? You moan about the seal cull, about the whale slaughter But does it really matter wheather it lives on land or water? You've never had a fur coat, you think is crule to the mink Well How about the cow, pig or sheep dont they make you think? Since the day that you were born you've never been told the missing link Yet still there queuing and still there viewing Sawing out limbs just right for stewing Carcass piled up in a heep Sort juicy chunks from freezers deep Well cant you see the juice is blood From new throats red rivers flood Your blood, Their blood, serves the same. "
  5. The introduction section! Tell us who you are, what your interests are and then we can tell you what parts of the forum are interesting for you! Greetz & Welcome to the forum!
  6. My pb is 120, right now I can do about 80. I wanna be like Trev and do a 100!
  7. I voted for Bryce, though I must say that all of you show progress. @Mel: Nice tattoos! Do you have a pic of the dragon on your back? I'd love to see it in detail.
  8. Hey... Can anyone tell what it spirulina does for your health? I've heard a lot about it but no one can tell me what it is exactly that it does.. Thanks!
  9. Hey! I remember you! Didn't you have a sig that said proper nutrition was like art or something? ..or am I once again mistaken?
  10. Like pelicanAndrew said, sparring is not fighting. When I'm sparring with someone who has just started training, I do not kick them senseless. Likewise I assume that if should spar with Danzig he would not beat me up. Of course if should fight him he'd beat me, no question about it. But sparring with someone who is much better than yourself is usually a great learning experience. That's what I meant. I did in no way suggest that I could beat Danzig with a few months of training (or ever, for that matter).
  11. Are you volunteering to be his sparring partner??? Yes, I'd love the opportunity to train with Danzig. Though it will probably be better if I wait a few months 'cause I'm still pretty new to the whole MMA-thingie.
  12. I'd either go with pushing the flowers or golden rob. This is of course considering the people that will vote. I think that you are a little too bodybuilderstyle-tanned in the last two pictures and that might scare some people away. Remember this is a hot veg*n contest and not a bbcontest!
  13. Rolemodel! Though I think the video is kinda boring.. yeah he's got fast hands, but there's no sparring..
  14. Nice! this is my current thaiboxingtrainer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2oFka-JToI and ignore the cheesy music
  15. It was chaos over here! Lots of property damage and some stormrelated deaths.. For me it's been okay though, just some fallen trees blocking the road in front of my house but that's not really a problem for me, just less traffic. A friend of mine has lost his roof though, but he wasn't hurt and insurance will pay for the roof, luckily.
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