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  1. I think the whole "french/freedom fries" thing is hilarious, especially when you consider that french fries are not french but belgian. Thanks for the post, I'll watch it sometime tomorrow.
  2. I don't get it. What are "fantasy sports"? How can you compete?
  3. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons and I'm generally not really concerned with a I eat. I make sure that I get everyhting I need, but I also eat a lot of things that can not be considered healthy. I tried the rawthingie (like I said in another thread) but that wasn't for me, because I like to have an occasional beer and I like my spaghetti very much. So now I'm just your average run of the mill vegan.
  4. I like my coffee. It's nice to feel extra motivated in the morning or just have a little bit of extra energy when working out. My coffee is fair trade and so is the coffee on the university where I study/work.
  5. I'm a muay thai fighter but I'm starting mma training this saturday. I'll let you know how it goes, maybe we can exchange experiences. Do you plan on competing in mma anytime soon?
  6. I've never really had these problems.. I'm also on a dutch bodybuilding forum and I've never had a single negative comment on my veganism. Most people are just indifferent to it, some are curious but never negative.
  7. I'm missing the point.... Lelle, could you clarify the boy/girl thingie for me?
  8. Try an armydump.. It seems to me that armypants meet all your preferences.
  9. I probably won't air over here.. Do you know where i can download it?
  10. Definitely interesting, but still.. What do you mean you don't know? You see them drugging them in the video...
  11. I used to think that I could keep the politics out of the sport but I seriously had to sign a contract where I had to confirm that I had no bad intentions towards either Israel or my own government... I felt this was ridiculous so I quit.
  12. It's always a good idea to spread the word.. I currently own two vegan shirts, one which say "vegan" surrounded by flowers and one says "Vegan: It's a fucking war" with a kalashnikov pictured.. So it depends on my mod which one I'm wearing.
  13. Yeah I agree with this. You definitely do not want to fight on the street when there are hostile bystanders or even just random drunks that might thrown in a kick or two. When I trained Krav Maga I was always taught to get up (and away) as soon as possible. To be effective on the streets (defensewise) my school recommends Muay Thai plus a single mma training session a week, just for a some basic grappling/takedown knowledge.
  14. Wont't that ruin your workout in terms of muscle growth? I agree that this might work if you're only interested in burning fat, but... I'd just increase cardio, try runnin two hours instead of one during a session.
  15. Hey and welcome to the board! oo.. and Dead Rising does not compare to RE!
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