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  1. Wow.. I didn't know these things existed! Sounds cool. Let me know how it feels when you got one.
  2. I live alone in an all-vegan household
  3. I'm against the deathpenalty. Saddam of course deserved to be punished, but not like this. Maybe it's the iraqi way, but it was america that captured him. I do not agree with Saddam being sentenced under Iraqi law.
  4. Northwestern europe, Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand... I've been thinking about this too, but since I'm still studying I don't have to decide yet..
  5. Welcome! Are you male or female? Veganmomma sounds like a female, but your myspace says you're a male, so I'm kinda confused
  6. Good luck! I plan on going raw for 30 days after the holidays, so in the meantime I'll be learning from your experiences!
  7. I am sure that we could say the same to you. Although probably, we would do so in a less condescending way.... It is hardly as if voluntary non-reproduction with the above aim is irresponsible. I think that it's belligerent to come into this topic and express that it is. Why is is "belligerent" to give my opinion when asked for? This was not a vhem appreciationtopic. See? And as matter of fact I'm doing the best I can to better the world. I'm sure a lot of you also to their best and I not mean to insult anyone. I just feel very strong about this.
  8. Are you guys serious about this? I must say I'm quite offended. How can you seriously say that everything would be better without us? I agree that things could be a lot better but this is the easy way out! Take your responsiblity, aim for a better world. Why not try and create a world without suffering? Even if I thought extinction was a good idea, realize that it won't work. All the poeple that would go extinct are the people that do care. How do you want to convince the people that don't care? If you can't you're leaving a world behind that's populated with the uncaring.
  9. I think it's ridiculous. It like saying "We f*cked up, let's quit" instead of making an effort to change things.
  10. Wanna bet? I think aikido can be very effective, but at black belt level a muay thai fighter who has been traing for the same time wil proably take him out. I think that only a master aikidoka can win a fight. You know, these old men that throw you to the wall using only wristmovements
  11. When I meet a nice girl in the gym I'll probably make some eye-contact while lifting. Smile a bit.. When I'm done lifting I'd approach just to say hi. If it was a nice girl I'd ask her to join me for a drink in the gymbar. When a girl approaches me while I'm lifting I'll just be polite. If she approaches me when I'm done I'm more open for conversations. If she'd ask me for a drink there's 99% chance I'll agree. A drink never hurt anyone. So andesuma, If I were you I'd just make eye-contact, smile and go for a chat at the end of his session. Good luck!
  12. Over here the winter is warmer than normal. It's about 10-12C during the day..
  13. I'm kinda suprised that you say I came across negative... I don't think I said a single negative thing about raw eating. I even said I was gonna give it a try!
  14. That's not necessarily how I feel about it. I was just wondering about the healthbenefits of eating 100% raw. I just think that saying that humans were not meant to eat cook their food doesn't explain anything. If there's no real argument in favor that's okay too. Maybe it's just something one shouldn't think about but just experience.
  15. What does it matter whether or not animals cook food? And how can you argue that people evolved to eat foods straight from the source? It's just as easy to say the opposite. I'm just curious here. I've alreayd decided to go raw for three weeks after christmas, but Í'n still not convinced as to why eating cooked food is bad for your health.
  16. I already eat healthy and avoid additives. I can see that cooked food takes more time to digest, though. I'm still not really convinced. But like I said I'll give it a try to experience it myself.
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