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  1. I'm willing to give it a try (after christmas) to feel it for myself. Is three weeks enough? But still, why? What is it in cooked food that pollutes body and mind?
  2. To be honest, I don't really understand the whole raw eating concept. Why is it healthier to eat only raw instead of just cooked food + a lot of raw things?
  3. Well, I can understand where you're coming from but I can't say that I agree. Contraceptives aren't 100% safe, but the chance that they fail is so remote that I'm willing to take it. Also, I'm not into having sex with women I don't have feelings for so should there be an "accident" I'm willing to step up. Having a child with a woman I love doesn't really scare me. I'd rather wait a couple of years but i'll embrace it if it happens. But right now I'm not in a relationship, so I'm kind of an involuntary celibate.
  4. I wanted to vote "No, your name is trendy like sleeping" but that was not an option
  5. From what I've seen creatine makes a huge difference both in size and strength. The problem is that most of it dissappears when you stop using it. Personally I don't use it. Creatine is a substance that is found almost exclusively in meat. Supplemental creatine is synthetic, but still. The whole purpose of my training is that you can grow strong on a vegan diet. And though synthetic creatine is still vegan, it's not found in natural food. Maybe I'll change my mind sometimes.
  6. Personally I'd go with muay thai... It captures the feeling of a "true" fight. Also there's full-contact all-out training, unlike to most other martial arts. But like Trev said, what are your goals? You said you're a big guy and that's usually not an advantage in muay thai (not if you're a beginner, that is), maybe jiujitsu or judo would let you exploit that more. On the other hand, if you want to lose some weight muay thai is the way to go. If you want to be a good fighter I'd recommend you star with a more grappling orientated art for a year or so and the move on to muay thai. Right now I'm starting mma and my muay thai is pretty effective, but years of judo at least have given me a basic idea of how to escape from a grapple.
  7. Happy Xmas to you too, and lots of fun in California! Greetz
  8. That's just one side of amsterdam.. Probably the only side you'll see as a tourist. But there are also a lot of cool things in amsterdam! Trust me
  9. Hey! Being Vegan in Amsterdam should not be a problem. It's easy to buy veganfood there, and there are some (but not so many) restaurants where you can eat vegan. There's a vegancommunity in amsterdam, but it's not so big. What are you going to study in amsterdam? Greets!
  10. Hey everyone! So right now I'm at the point that I'm pretty happy with my overall strength and muscle mass. So far I've been training to icrease, but now I'd just like to maintain. So what do I do? If I just continue exercising without increasing the weights can I expect to stay the same? And how much should I eat to maintain muscle mass? I hope someone can answer this for me 'cause I don't have a clue. Greetings!
  11. Muay Thai! It's a sport where you can use muscle strength and general fitness also your legs are as important as your upper body. Besides, I think it's a sport where your "shud up n train"-mentality will be appreciated.
  12. Hey there, welcome to the board! What band do you play in?
  13. No need to apologize. Why do you think the recovery time is longer? I don't know of any website that has clear answers to your questions.. To be honest the only difference I can think of right now between vegan athletes and non-vegan athletes is the lack of creatine in the vegan diet. But you can also supplement creatine. Also a vegan needs to more actively eat protein rich foods. But again you could supplement. I don't think there's a difference in quality of the muscle. As for size, I really don't know.
  14. Well, I'm not sure what you are looking for. What do you mean when you say "besides what we already know"? What do you already know? Maybe If you can specify your question I or somebody else can give you a proper answer.
  15. Sorry to hear about the whole situation. It sounds pretty bad. I hope you'll get trough it, and I wish you the best.
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