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  1. Hey there, I have a real annoying problem that I quess most people encounter. I'm toppling over! I'm using dumbbells for my training so whenever I'm training I lose my balance, especially with front raises. So far nothing serious has happened (apart from a dent in my floor) but it's hard to maintain proper form when you're trying not to topple over. How do you deal with this? Greetz!
  2. Hm.. well... What do you mean by 'draught'? Is it alternate spelling for draft? Otherwise I don't know what you're talking about..
  3. I played magic for a couple of years (revised 'till weatherlight) but then I just couldn't keep up with all the new expansions. I still have one deck ready but I'll only play it about three times a year whenever there's a tournament at the university. I do still play a lot of nerdy games though Greetz!
  4. O I'd love to go see Earth Crisis but it's not really in my region? @Chr!s: Dude, Do you seriously consider Anal Cunt crust? I know I'm risking sounding like a big whino here, but to me there's a big difference between Crust and Grindcore. Other than that I do enjoy a little AxCx from time to time, but I was a little offended by the Dillenger Escape Plan song. Greetz!
  5. Hey Mike, Welcome to the forum! Greetz!
  6. You're looking at the ground, that makes it harder. If you just keep your neck straight and look to the back it's much easier to remain in handstand. Other than that I'd say you got it nailed. Greetz, Sacco
  7. Hilarious! That's one dude who knows how to rock!
  8. I've seen it and it does not cover either vegetarianism or veganism. It's pretty funny though, but second half was a bit dissapointing. Greetz, Sacco
  9. The average healthy adult woman has a bfp of 25%. (for a male it's 15) For a male it's considered unhealthy to go below 6 (pro athletes have about 8-10), I don't really know what's the healthy minimum for a woman.
  10. Thank you too, K-Oz. Like you I'm glad I'm not alone in this struggle.
  11. Does sound like a terrible night.. I hope this was the worst night you'll ever experience and that from now on all your nights will be filled with joy and laughter!
  12. Thanks for replying. @Daywalker: I've read the sticky, in 6 it mentions load & reps but it does not really adress the number of sets. You explained the difference between HST and DC but both sound not right for me. Of course I know that there are more variables but this is the one variable I do not understand. Currently I do 2 workouts a week (I don't like splittraining) and do 3 sets of 3-9 reps. So I increase the reps each week then add weight and go back to three reps. I train to get stronger and I wish I knew the most efficient way to accomplish this.
  13. Hey there, I never quite understood how the number of sets affected your workout. I usually do three sets per exercise, but never really thought about it. Why not do four, five or just one? I hope someone can tell me more about this. Thanks! Sacco
  14. When I moved to my apartment I threw a party for some friends and some people from my building came to join us, which added to the fun. Then the next week the guy who lives in the apartment below me got drunk and assumed there was another party at my apartment. So he walked in (around 5 am) while I was sleeping, helped himself to some beer and sat on my couch. All this with the lights turned out (but light enough to find your way around) and me sleeping a like 2m from the couch in my bed. He was to drunk too notice that there was no party going on, and I was asleep. When he knocked over his beer he cursed and realized that it was dark in my room. I woke up to his curses, assumed the worst and knocked him to the floor. Then I turned on the lights, and we soon realized what had happened. He was pretty ashamed, though I found it quite funny. From that time on I lock my door at night.
  15. Hey everyone, I have a question about calories on non-training days. I know you need a lot of calories to build muscles, but do you need the excess only on training days or all days? For example, if I do two full workouts a week on monday & thursday do I need to eat a lot on wednesday and sunday? Tuesdays and saturdays? I'm asking this because I don't really have time/money to eat big seven days a week. I hope someone can answer this. Greetz, Sacco
  16. Hmm, your cooking looks really nice. Maybe I should come over for dinner Frankfurt is only a couple of hours away... Sacco
  17. Not to my knowledge. I think the reason hemp protein should be taken before bed is that it is absorbed very slow. So your muscles can keep growing the whole night
  18. Hey John, Welcome to the forum! Greetings, Sacco
  19. Magnus: http://www.magnus-samuelsson.net/en/default.asp?view=images&ViewImage=training/Training_09.jpg Isaac:http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker27.htm Not really... Personally I don't care about the records, but Attila asked if there were huge natural bodybuilders, and Isaac is one of them.
  20. You didn't piss me off in any way, I'm just saying that it might not be that smart to talk about this stuff on a public forum. Paranoid as hell.
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