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  1. Violence is illegal and you are on a public forum.
  2. Earth Crisis - Last of the Sane i feel like i am sometimes....
  3. Well I like fighting because of the extreme adrenalinrush. Whenever I stand face-to-face with a fighter adrenalin flows throw my body. You know that the guy you're fighting is a fighter like you with training, skills and a lack of fear. In fighting there's no room for distractions, you're extremely focused. There's only you and your opponent. That's why I'm into fighting. It's all in good fun though, when the fighting ends there's no hard feelings at all.
  4. Great experiment. I wonder how it affects you. I'll be following your progress with great interest. Good luck!
  5. Maybe you're not drinking enough water? I always get those circles when I don't drink enough or have been sweating a lot.
  6. Richard cheese rules! they play it sometimes at a local club over here and it's hilarious to see people singing along to "You drive me crazy" wondering about how they suddenly know the lyrics.
  7. nice progress dude! it's good to see the benefits of veganism like this.
  8. Nice piercings! They look cool without being too dominant. I used to have some piercings too, but they couldn't handle my lifestyle. Greetz!
  9. Great vid, thanks for the post. I used to breakdance until a few years ago, seeing stuff like this makes me wanna go back. And the martial art connecting is definitely there, we used to invite capoeristas and wushu-ers over to exchange moves and for inspiration. Greetz, Sacco (aka Bounce)
  10. 80 bucks a week? lol! I spend about 18 bucks a week on food and I am ripped. But changing to a vegan diet does take some effort. I never cared much for cooking, but as a vegan i have to care. You'll get used to it pretty soon.. Welcome to the site. and good luck!
  11. Welcome! You'll be a vegan in no time! Sacco
  12. The dilbert-cult comic is great! Printed it out immediately! Sacco
  13. Hey everyone, In the past few months I've gotten a lot stronger but I don't get any bigger. This is actually pretty ok for me but I was wondering how this is possible and if I should expect it to continue. Thanks! Sacco
  14. Welcome! Backpacking rules! Sacco
  15. Yeah baby, BMX!!!!! I used to skate (inline) from about 11 to 15, but then I got into BMX which I still love! However my BMX is broken right now and I don't have enough money to get it fixed.. sob sob
  16. Hey everybody, Due to circumstances I will not be able to post for a while. So this is just to let you know in advance Bye for now, i'll be back asap. Sacco
  17. I'm not going to be there. Sorry for the last minute withdrawal, but there are some thing I must take care of in the coming days. I hope we can meet some other time. Sacco
  18. I don't know if i'll be able to make it. I've had a run of bad luck lately so i have to sort some things out first. Do you (runner) have any idea of how many people are coming? Sacco
  19. Sounds hard.. 10 days. I'd probably pass out after 6 or 7 days. Good luck!
  20. Not familiar with the program.. Could you explain how it works? Sacco
  21. I think they are pretty positive in general. Remember that fruitarianism and veganism is probably completely alien to most people. Just consider it a compliment when they start questioning if what you say is really true. By the way, smart move posting the vids there. I think videos like that prove your point more than words could ever do. I myself am into thaiboxing and in this sport veganism gets a lot more respect than in other sports. Why? Because vegans kick ass. Sacco edited to correct my poor use of grammar
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