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  1. Some suggestions: 1. 200 g cooked lentils (16 g prot) + 1 slice whole wheat bread (2 g prot) + 25 g dry roasted peanuts (6 g prot): Total Protein = 24 grams 2. 100 g boiled soy beans ( 14 g prot) + 50 g oats (dry weight;7 g prot) : Total prot = 21 grams. 3. 30 g (raw weight) soy nuggets cooked ( 15 g prot) + 50 g oats ( 7 g prot) + 10 g almonds ( 2 g prot) : Total Prot = 24 grams.... These are only a few.. One can always increase quantity of lentils or consume more soy beans or soy nuggets to get high quality protein.
  2. ya, microwave denatures proteins - i have read thus. & pressure cooking doesnot destroy proteins in any way. I have confirmed it. Tx to all who have replied.
  3. I don't know whether you are referring to my diet schedule posted in this thread, jungleinthefrunk. Here,in this part of India, i don't get any fast absorbing vegan protein drink - like pea isolate, rice isolate etc. Even pure Soy isolate/concentrate is not available.(What is available is ridiculously & hilariously overpriced). Even though i was ready to exclude milk from diet, it is just not possible. I don't get hemp, flax,spirulina powders etc etc
  4. This is what i ate today (13 oct 2011) : 1. Pre workout - 6.30 am 2 slices whole wheat bread + peanut butter + 1 small banana Workout - 7.30 am to 8.45 am 2. Post workout - Protein Shake (Whey concentrate + Soy concentrate) Proteins - 32 g 3. Breakfast - 9.45 am 65 g (raw weight) oats 500 ml low fat (1.5% fat) milk { many days, i substitute 75 to 100g (raw weight)red kidney beans for this) 30 g walnuts capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules if i don't have walnuts. 50 ml very light black tea. Proteins - 26 g 4. Lunch 1 - 12 pm 100 g (raw weight) dal (pressure cooked) - could be split peas, yellow lentils, split chickpeas etc. steamed veg - i choose from carrot,beetroot,cabbage, potato,cauliflower,tomato (raw) etc etc. 10 ml sesame oil. 25 g Soy nuts dry roasted Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 35 g 5. Lunch 2 - 3 pm 100 g (raw weight) dal (pressure cooked) - could be split peas, yellow lentils, split chickpeas etc. 25 g (raw weight) rice pressure cooked steamed veg - same as Lunch 1. 5 ml virgin coconut oil + 5 ml sesame oil. Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 28 to 30 g. 6. Dinner 1 - 6 pm. Protein Shake Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg. Proteins - 32 g 7. Dinner 2 - 8 pm or 8.30 pm Soy Nuggets (TVP) - 50 to 60 g raw weight, cooked slightly with onion in 5 to 10 ml sesame oil. Steamed veg Maybe little Rice pressure cooked - say, 25 g raw weight. Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 33 g TOTAL PROTEINS - 188 g I currently weight 73 kg & i am cutting fat & adding muscle slowly. I just want to remain @ this weight , for the heavier i am , the more i have to eat to stay @ the same place I generally adjust the amount of B6 , Vit C according to my protein intake & training intensity. I drink at least 4 liters of water a day easily. I drink water even on off-training days. It keeps not only my muscles full, but keeps my being fresh & drives away the soreness & fatigue surrounding my eyes, to a good extent. The amount of B6 particularly varies a lot. It goes upto 80 to 100 mg a day when the training is to intense & so is the diet. Happy training folks !!
  5. I always had problems with high carbs more than that with high unsaturated fats .. I realize that the meat eaters are blessed in that they have low fat-low carb-high quality protein - all packed into the meat . They can control their body weight better i feel... I keep researching in nutrition according to my body needs every day, every moment, observing my body.. I felt that i had not been giving importance to Soy & its products. It is one product that is very high in proteins, low in carbs - say in dry roasted soy nuts - 40% protein (high quality),25% carbs, 20% fat (unsaturated) .. TVP has 50% protein & 0%fat .. There will always be issues around TVP, but after reading them all, i strongly feel that they are over exaggerated .. By adding little quantity of TVP or soy nuts to lentils, i get high quality protein & fats & most importantly, i CAN control my carbs intake now. It gives me relief , @least now lol .. Here in India, we dont get hemp products. So,Soy is my best choice. & Soy has always been. Research continues ...
  6. 3 pm India. Lunch 2: 25 g (raw weight) rice cooked 150 g (cooked weight) lentils 30 g Soy Chunks (raw weight)cooked - i guess you guys call it meat substitute or something. 25 g dry roasted soy beans (soy nuts) steamed mix of cabbage , beet root, carrot. 5 ml of virgin coconut oil 10 ml of sesame oil
  7. Ya Odid, i too think that pressure cooking using minimum water ( not too much) shud not be forming any new compounds, denaturing proteins etc ... Hope so
  8. Dear Bonn, Cost includes Shipping & finally it comes to a whoppin huge amount & what ? The powder lasts just few days, dats it? It will more than burn a hole in my pocket. I am trying for some local ( but decent ) products & there are a few here, though the choices are limited. vegetarians have soy/milk to go for - no hemp/pea/rice stuff. So, i go for soy.
  9. Ya buddy !! I have located a local brand here yippie !! I'm gonna go 4 it !! Soy concentrate .. Tx a lot !
  10. Ya, i know all the million websites that give soy flour recipes. But im very short of time & i need to add just a little soy flour of 30 grams ( which gives an extra 15 grams of protein) at 1-2 meals per day... I dont have time to prepare pan cakes etc with it... Will it do if i just dry roast the flour at low temperature for 2-3 minutes & then add it directly to the vegetables that im cooking ? Is this known to cause stomach irritability etc? ( I dont have soya allergy till date). Or is it possible to throw in soy flour when boiling legumes in pressure cooker? will it work ? Taste is my LAST OPTION IN LIFE - So, Someone pls enlighten me on how to use the flour. Thanks !!
  11. Ya health_seeker, here in India, we dont get rice/pea protein powder. In fact, none of the foods americans eat (vegans or not), do i get them here . i try to manage with the knowledge of nutrition that i have. so far, its going ok.. But none of these things - asparagus,brussel sprouts,broccoli, hemp seeds/powder,spirulina , even seeds lie pumpkin, sunflower etc are unavailable ... So, choices are v v limited . I wish someone would really help me locate pea protein in India - Only the moderators can know this ..
  12. Thanks FH !! I had given up taste looong back for strength & power. I have heard that in Soy concentrates still contain protein inhibitors & these are removed in Isolates. So, is it the fact that not just % calories from protein, the protein absorption is more in isolates. Im slightly worried, cos i want to shift to Soy post workout (avoid Whey , cos they use enzyme called 'Calf Rennet'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rennet to produce Whey) . I usually carry my powder (whey presently) in a shaker & take it immediately after workout in the gym itself. So, i prefer to use water with Soy, if it should work...
  13. Folks - I want to make a transition from Whey to Soy for post workout protein shakes. & I am not talking about any meals, just post workout Shakes .. Soy is lot cheaper than whey,here in India but, 1. Which is better - Soy concentrate/isolate ? (Isolates are obviously very costly). Is the Soy concentrate protein less efficiently absorbed ? 2. Can Soy protein powders be taken in plain water ?
  14. 1) I pressure cook my lentils. It saves time. Quite often, lentils get slightly overcooked that they become mushy sort of. Do the proteins get altered in quality /quantity , when cooked in this way ? 2) Also, if i cook 100 gram lentils (raw weight) in a pressure cooker & consume the entire amount in one sitting, do i get in 22-25 grams proteins. (Data everywhere says that 22-25 grams proteins are present in 100 grams raw weight of lentils). Kindly clear these doubts . Thanks in advance !!
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