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  1. Some suggestions: 1. 200 g cooked lentils (16 g prot) + 1 slice whole wheat bread (2 g prot) + 25 g dry roasted peanuts (6 g prot): Total Protein = 24 grams 2. 100 g boiled soy beans ( 14 g prot) + 50 g oats (dry weight;7 g prot) : Total prot = 21 grams. 3. 30 g (raw weight) soy nuggets cooked ( 15 g prot) + 50 g oats ( 7 g prot) + 10 g almonds ( 2 g prot) : Total Prot = 24 grams.... These are only a few.. One can always increase quantity of lentils or consume more soy beans or soy nuggets to get high quality protein.
  2. ya, microwave denatures proteins - i have read thus. & pressure cooking doesnot destroy proteins in any way. I have confirmed it. Tx to all who have replied.
  3. I don't know whether you are referring to my diet schedule posted in this thread, jungleinthefrunk. Here,in this part of India, i don't get any fast absorbing vegan protein drink - like pea isolate, rice isolate etc. Even pure Soy isolate/concentrate is not available.(What is available is ridiculously & hilariously overpriced). Even though i was ready to exclude milk from diet, it is just not possible. I don't get hemp, flax,spirulina powders etc etc
  4. This is what i ate today (13 oct 2011) : 1. Pre workout - 6.30 am 2 slices whole wheat bread + peanut butter + 1 small banana Workout - 7.30 am to 8.45 am 2. Post workout - Protein Shake (Whey concentrate + Soy concentrate) Proteins - 32 g 3. Breakfast - 9.45 am 65 g (raw weight) oats 500 ml low fat (1.5% fat) milk { many days, i substitute 75 to 100g (raw weight)red kidney beans for this) 30 g walnuts capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules if i don't have walnuts. 50 ml very light black tea. Proteins - 26 g 4. Lunch 1 - 12 pm 100 g (raw weight) dal (pressure cooked) - could be split peas, yellow lentils, split chickpeas etc. steamed veg - i choose from carrot,beetroot,cabbage, potato,cauliflower,tomato (raw) etc etc. 10 ml sesame oil. 25 g Soy nuts dry roasted Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 35 g 5. Lunch 2 - 3 pm 100 g (raw weight) dal (pressure cooked) - could be split peas, yellow lentils, split chickpeas etc. 25 g (raw weight) rice pressure cooked steamed veg - same as Lunch 1. 5 ml virgin coconut oil + 5 ml sesame oil. Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 28 to 30 g. 6. Dinner 1 - 6 pm. Protein Shake Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg. Proteins - 32 g 7. Dinner 2 - 8 pm or 8.30 pm Soy Nuggets (TVP) - 50 to 60 g raw weight, cooked slightly with onion in 5 to 10 ml sesame oil. Steamed veg Maybe little Rice pressure cooked - say, 25 g raw weight. Capsules - Vit C 500mg, Calcium 250 to 500mg, B - complex, Vit B6 10 mg, Omega 3 & 6 capsules. Proteins - 33 g TOTAL PROTEINS - 188 g I currently weight 73 kg & i am cutting fat & adding muscle slowly. I just want to remain @ this weight , for the heavier i am , the more i have to eat to stay @ the same place I generally adjust the amount of B6 , Vit C according to my protein intake & training intensity. I drink at least 4 liters of water a day easily. I drink water even on off-training days. It keeps not only my muscles full, but keeps my being fresh & drives away the soreness & fatigue surrounding my eyes, to a good extent. The amount of B6 particularly varies a lot. It goes upto 80 to 100 mg a day when the training is to intense & so is the diet. Happy training folks !!
  5. I always had problems with high carbs more than that with high unsaturated fats .. I realize that the meat eaters are blessed in that they have low fat-low carb-high quality protein - all packed into the meat . They can control their body weight better i feel... I keep researching in nutrition according to my body needs every day, every moment, observing my body.. I felt that i had not been giving importance to Soy & its products. It is one product that is very high in proteins, low in carbs - say in dry roasted soy nuts - 40% protein (high quality),25% carbs, 20% fat (unsaturated) .. TVP has 50% protein & 0%fat .. There will always be issues around TVP, but after reading them all, i strongly feel that they are over exaggerated .. By adding little quantity of TVP or soy nuts to lentils, i get high quality protein & fats & most importantly, i CAN control my carbs intake now. It gives me relief , @least now lol .. Here in India, we dont get hemp products. So,Soy is my best choice. & Soy has always been. Research continues ...
  6. 3 pm India. Lunch 2: 25 g (raw weight) rice cooked 150 g (cooked weight) lentils 30 g Soy Chunks (raw weight)cooked - i guess you guys call it meat substitute or something. 25 g dry roasted soy beans (soy nuts) steamed mix of cabbage , beet root, carrot. 5 ml of virgin coconut oil 10 ml of sesame oil
  7. Ya Odid, i too think that pressure cooking using minimum water ( not too much) shud not be forming any new compounds, denaturing proteins etc ... Hope so
  8. Dear Bonn, Cost includes Shipping & finally it comes to a whoppin huge amount & what ? The powder lasts just few days, dats it? It will more than burn a hole in my pocket. I am trying for some local ( but decent ) products & there are a few here, though the choices are limited. vegetarians have soy/milk to go for - no hemp/pea/rice stuff. So, i go for soy.
  9. Ya buddy !! I have located a local brand here yippie !! I'm gonna go 4 it !! Soy concentrate .. Tx a lot !
  10. Ya, i know all the million websites that give soy flour recipes. But im very short of time & i need to add just a little soy flour of 30 grams ( which gives an extra 15 grams of protein) at 1-2 meals per day... I dont have time to prepare pan cakes etc with it... Will it do if i just dry roast the flour at low temperature for 2-3 minutes & then add it directly to the vegetables that im cooking ? Is this known to cause stomach irritability etc? ( I dont have soya allergy till date). Or is it possible to throw in soy flour when boiling legumes in pressure cooker? will it work ? Taste is my LAST OPTION IN LIFE - So, Someone pls enlighten me on how to use the flour. Thanks !!
  11. Ya health_seeker, here in India, we dont get rice/pea protein powder. In fact, none of the foods americans eat (vegans or not), do i get them here . i try to manage with the knowledge of nutrition that i have. so far, its going ok.. But none of these things - asparagus,brussel sprouts,broccoli, hemp seeds/powder,spirulina , even seeds lie pumpkin, sunflower etc are unavailable ... So, choices are v v limited . I wish someone would really help me locate pea protein in India - Only the moderators can know this ..
  12. Thanks FH !! I had given up taste looong back for strength & power. I have heard that in Soy concentrates still contain protein inhibitors & these are removed in Isolates. So, is it the fact that not just % calories from protein, the protein absorption is more in isolates. Im slightly worried, cos i want to shift to Soy post workout (avoid Whey , cos they use enzyme called 'Calf Rennet'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rennet to produce Whey) . I usually carry my powder (whey presently) in a shaker & take it immediately after workout in the gym itself. So, i prefer to use water with Soy, if it should work...
  13. Folks - I want to make a transition from Whey to Soy for post workout protein shakes. & I am not talking about any meals, just post workout Shakes .. Soy is lot cheaper than whey,here in India but, 1. Which is better - Soy concentrate/isolate ? (Isolates are obviously very costly). Is the Soy concentrate protein less efficiently absorbed ? 2. Can Soy protein powders be taken in plain water ?
  14. 1) I pressure cook my lentils. It saves time. Quite often, lentils get slightly overcooked that they become mushy sort of. Do the proteins get altered in quality /quantity , when cooked in this way ? 2) Also, if i cook 100 gram lentils (raw weight) in a pressure cooker & consume the entire amount in one sitting, do i get in 22-25 grams proteins. (Data everywhere says that 22-25 grams proteins are present in 100 grams raw weight of lentils). Kindly clear these doubts . Thanks in advance !!
  15. Tx Derek !! Sure ur physik luks impressive !! keep it up !! If its built on vegan food, then nothing like that !! Hurray !!
  16. Pre-workout, i have a fruit (guava - has good vitamin C or banana - potassium) + health mix powder (roasted & powdered grains+legumes mixture) in warm water plus some dry fruits like raisins. Post workout, its whey protein for me ( i don't get any vegan powder here ). An hour later, its oats + huge amount of legume . This works terrific for me !! Its like after the solid meal, i can run a marathon
  17. I thought the same way few yrs back. Avoiding nuts , i had to eat lots of grains (carbs) when trying to up my protein intake. Now i dont do the same mistake. I prefer nuts to grains when combining with legumes. Nuts provide better protein & quality fats than grains. I take in some 50-60 grams of fat. When training is 'reasonably' hard, then fats help me better & i still dont get 'fat'. As far as i see, other than legumes , there are no low (or zero) fat vegan protein sources. But legumes have lots of carbs. We cant help it any way other than up the training which 'consumes' the carbs.
  18. I'm from India. had been a competitive wrestler few yrs back. Cut down body fat & now training to add lean mass. Have been a lacto-vegetarian since birth. Never felt like eating meat. Naturally, i used to get proteins from legumes, nuts & milk. But knowledge never stops anywhere & i keep learning continuously abt nutrition & training. Best wishes to all vegan bodybuilders. Who ever said vegans can't be strong,is a fool !!
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