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  1. My 2cents: I've lived in Portland 16 years and I can honestly say that what gets written in the Press about Portland (both positive and negative) is rarely true. So here are the real issues: Weather - It rains in Portland. Sometimes for very long stretches, sometimes it seems like it'll go on forever. But other times it doesn't. It's a lot less grey than say Upstate NY, a lot less brutal than Boston and there's rarely any humidity like in the South. We get maybe 5-6 snow days a year (some freak years more) and when we do the city shuts down. But if you're moving to a city for weather, Portland probably isn't the top of your list. You live here long enough you cope when the weather is bad and enjoy every moment when the weather is good. Jobs - If you come to Portland it's a good idea to bring a job because one may not be waiting her for you. Oregon is #2 in the nation for Unemployment and yes that figure goes WAY up because of other cities in the state, but the brutal truth is the job market in Portland has never been great. Having said that, Portland may be the best city in the nation to make your own job. Many people give up trying to get hired by someone else and they start their own business. This is VERY do able here and the support for local businesses is unrivaled. Gangs - No more or less a problem than in any small city. But the real question is how is crime, and that is very low. There isn't a part of town you must avoid, no dark alleys or side streets where you're in imminent danger. Yes your car may get broken into if you leave in unlocked in some areas or if you leave you stuff in plain view, but that's the same with any city. The whole Gang thing is really a myth. Food - Welcome to Vegan Vahalah. I think you'd be hard pressed to find another city more friendly to Vegans. There are more options and more support for being Vegan here than anywhere. And if you love Thai food, be prepared to be in Heaven. More choices than you can possibly imagine and most places will even do thai iced teas with coconut milk rather than cream and will hold the fish sauce in their curries! Also there's Papa G's, Vita, Bye and Bye, Portabellos, Los Gorditos II, Sweet Pea, Red and Black, Food Fight and many more veg restaurants. Also Isa Chandra call Portland home (she wrote Vegan with A Vengeance) Culture - People in Portland work to live, they don't live to work, and so it's a city rich with activities, culture, art, music and entertainment. Unless you need to be in a city with a Major League Baseball or Football team, you're going to find almost everything you need here. Cost of Living - Don't believe the hype. Portland isn't as cheap as everyone says. Things aren't cheap here, people are. You can get by on very little but it's not because things aren't expensive. There are ways to economize in the city to make living cheap possible, but the cost of living compared to the salaries paid here is off and it's a real issue. Know that going in. Getting Around - Portland is referred to as stuptown but I think they could easily rename it Bike City USA. Bike culture here is amazingly strong and in certain neighborhoods the bikes on the street can almost equal the cars. I walk, take the Max train and bike almost anywhere and everwhere I can. It's an amazing culture in that respect. Finally I'll say.. Don't move here We have a great thing going here in Portland and having more and more people here just ups the congestion and competition for jobs. I mean why not go to LA where it's more sunny..... Austin more weird... San Francisco has better jobs, NY Better food. Chicago has better sports and Seattle more coffee. But wait... You're A Vegan in Utah.... Ok I think we can make an exception. You're on the refugee list coming from that state. Seriously, you'll love it. It's one of the most amazing cities in the world.
  2. Travel was amazing. I'd go back to Thailand or Cambodia in a heartbeat.
  3. What time are you guys generally there? I've been trying to get there an hour after lunch and before I have to pick up the kids at school at 3.
  4. I've been switching from Hemp to Rice lately and think it's been a good move. I tried the MLO Natural Brown Rice Protein which is Vegan but looking at the Sun Warrior it looks like it's a better option... Probably going to give Sun Warrior at try (can't do any of them except natural because the others have Stevia which my system hates).
  5. It's been so long I almost feel like I need to repost an introduction. Life has been amazingly full and only now am I really returning to the things that I really enjoy and focusing on more than work and family. So the clif notes version of my story. I went to Vegan Vacation in 2007. Right before I left to go to the coast I got an email from a company that wanted to buy my business. Needless to say, when I got back from the trip my life really changed. After months of negotiations I sold my business and then spent almost half a year working to move it all to the new owners. I then did some travel in SE Asia and generally took a break from almost everything that I was doing. When I got back from my trip I realized that I needed a big change so we moved from SW Portland into 'the city'. During that move I pretty seriously injured my back. I spent months with massage, acupuncture and dealing with the pain. Slowly but surely I got myself back into action and FINALLY (really this past week) I've gotten back into the gym, on to the mat and on to my bike. I've now got the unfun task of sheding about 20 pounds that came on when I stopped working out. It's a bigger hill to climb at 38yrs old than when i lost a ton of weight 5 yrs ago, but I think I'm up for the task. Now I'm in NE PDX I work out at the Hollywood 24hr fitness. I know a lot of Portland VBB'ers work out there. So it would be great to reconnect. I'm also pretty in need of some guidance to get back on track. Work wise I've been doing a fair amount of business and new media consulting. I run a site called On Portland (http://www.onpdx.com) and have been doing a lot of writing. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all.. Geoff
  6. I'll partake in the Portland leg of this.
  7. After my trip to Asia and my upcoming trip to Alaska I've tapped out the trip fund, but I will absolutely be involved with the Portland end of VV.
  8. Another post to say - GO DIGITAL. It's just time.
  9. damn wish i had more of a heads up, I would have loved to have gone. Next time you're in a spot like that give me an email or call.
  10. It's good. Not as amazing as Super Size Me, but still really good and a worthy follow up. Morgan is great, you know his wife Alex is VEGAN?!!
  11. CONGRATS! You must be so excited.
  12. I'm glad there's a thread discussing more than just the positives of Portland. It can be made out to be some Shangrila, or Vegan Utopia. Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT city, but not perfect and not for everyone. Some other Portland Downsides: - Connecting with people can be a challenge. Being Vegan really helps as there's a great Vegan community, but in general people can be a little more independently minded and so it can be a struggle to plant roots and connect (especially when the weather is great and everyone 'heads for the hills). - Portland is either a big town or a small city, either way you look at it, you'll find that it can be a VERY small place, so small city/town issues do arise. - Very poor drivers. Hate to admit it, Portland has some really crappy drivers. If it hasn't rained in a few days and then it rains, you get a ton of people acting like they've never driven in the rain before (baffeling I know) Also Portlanders are the worst mergers in the world. - "Work to Live not Live to Work' - that's many people's credo, which is fantastic, but there are impacts and sometimes getting something done when you want it can be a challenge (especially when the snow conditions are perfect on Mt. Hood). These are just some of my personal 'gripes', but again... I've been here for 15 yrs and love the place.
  13. Why do that to yourself. Pick one of the nut milks and blend it up with a single banana vs the stevia. You'll be much happier.... Also if it works on your diet plan you can throw a tablespoon of nut butter in there and it's a dessert.
  14. Get Ani Phyo's book. It's the best 'easy raw foods' book I've seen.
  15. The big issue I have is that some of the stuff he says just isn't true or is just plain insane. He sometimes goes on and on and on to the point where he's so far out there almost everything he says is beyond ridiculous. I'm much more a fan of Victoria Boutenko who actually does scholarly research and can site actual sources for the things she says. I would NEVER take someone who "wanted to learn more about raw foods" to hear David speak but would never hesitate to take them to hear Victoria.
  16. Portland is a great city, fantastic for raising kids as well. It's a city that either fits people (and they love it) or doesn't (and then they move to Seattle). I've been here for 15 yrs now and can't imagine living anywhere else.
  17. Portland State University is located in the center of the city and is used by a LOT of people to finish degrees or get education while working. The community college system here is also fantastic. Very high quality education.
  18. Now that I finally have actual free time on my hands I'm doing things that aren't work and enjoying them! One of the things I'm passionate about it turns out is tea I wrote a while piece on my experience with Tea in Portland: http://geoff.kleinman.com/007424.html Hope you guys enjoy it.
  19. Big blowups like this are actually a mark of a good community. It means people care enough to really invest themselves and be passionate about what their posting about. It's usually the precursor to a forum growing. Some people who leave will come back after a while. Others may not. But the fact that there are threads that are venturing into more difficult territory is actually not a horrible thing for the long haul.
  20. Here's a link to that thread: viewtopic.php?t=9616
  21. I disagree. While it's not the worse Vegan bash from the NYT it is decidedly anti vegan, opening with that quote from AB and making jabs at veg life at several turns. Yes and No. The paper isn't crap, but the way they deal with Vegans is. Not only do they often publish articles decidedly focused on attacking Vegans they prohibit publishing any letters to the editors with dissenting opinions. This is one of the ONLY categories which the NYT seems hell bent on removing any discourse over and for that I think it IS fair to bash them as a paper. I don't have any illusions that any publication is bias free. I'm ok with bias, I'm not ok with the way the NYT consistently and irresponsibly attacks being Vegan. It's an axe they have to grind and it goes beyond being fair or balanced in their reporting. No publication is unimpeachable and I feel the NYT is unwilling to do the bare minimum and enable the voice of dissent to be heard in response to their reporting.
  22. Honestly I'm done with the NYT. At least once every 2-3 months they pull crap like this article. I tried to post a reply and it wasn't approved. F Them.
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