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  1. More: Almond Butter, Berry and Banana 'Sandwich': "seviche" Corn and Pepper Raw Nut Toast with Nut Cheese and Onion Rings:
  2. Start planning for 2008!! There's absolutely no requirement to be any kind of body builder. Matter of fact you'll find great support for the fact that you're struggling to get back to fitness!
  3. Thanks I can't take all the credit. I 'uncook' with my wife Heather. Without her I'm more of a hack than a cook
  4. Time for a Portland email event list. Probably easy to set up and would be GREAT for these things!!
  5. ended up missing it. The kids have been super wiggy about going back to school. Calm is only a day away now!
  6. Sweet pea bakery in Portland does AWESOME vegan cheesecake.
  7. Try Dalos Kitchen which is on N. Williams. Good food and very affordable.
  8. More Food Porn! Live Onion Bread Sandwich with Cashew Nut Cheese and veggies: Live Pasta (made from zucchini) with live marinara sauce: Sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat groats with cashew/coconut cream and fruit: Better Than Donut Holes From Ani Phyo's book (live/raw): Sesame Live Bread with Cashew Cheese and veggies including home sprouted clover sprouts! Spicy Avocado and Carrot Soup from Grateful Cafe Cook Book:
  9. Yeah plums are pretty acidic, so eating that many probably isn't the best idea. But you now know that
  10. So far the most useful one I own is Ani Phyo's Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes http://www.amazon.com/Anis-Raw-Food-Kitchen-Delectable/dp/1600940005/ $13 at Amazon and worth every penny.
  11. I agree with you on that point. I've been doing raw during the day and cooked at night and feel a marked improvement. BTW. Great thread. Love talking about an issue like this and having people respond intelligently to the issues!!! Another reason my VBF rocks
  12. I'm always skeptical of looking at the evolution of food consumption to justify a certain kind of eating style. It's like looking to the bible to justify something, you can use it to justify or condemn almost everything. The core truth which I believe in for food is that, in general, we know almost nothing about food, what it does for our body, exactly what our bodies need and what's the optimal diet for the modern man/woman. In the absence of true knowledge, we're left for the most part to find our own paths. Some like BigWii look only to himself as a guide, while others look almost exclusively externally. I don't think either approach is wrong, it's more an indication of an environment where there simply are no good maps to show us all the way. So for the most part I think people who are raw, high raw, cooked vegan and otherwise are making their best guess as to what is best for their bodies and what is ultimately ideal for them. It's harder for me to defend or pick apart the issues on the raw/high raw side of the fence, because the information I see is relatively conflicting and highly dependent on 'who you trust'. It's a lot easier for me to have an absolute stand on the Vegan side of the issue as the issue there is more ethical than dietary (even though it does have a huge benefit dietarily) But in the end I come back to my big gripe: the search for the perfect pure is a dangerous one, perhaps as dangerous as overindulging in things which may be considered 'impure'.
  13. Welcome! You don't have to be a body builder to get a ton of info, support and benefit from the forum
  14. Depending on your budget. The holy trinity of Raw Vegan is: Vita Mix Blender Green Star Juicer Excalibur Dehydrator They're all sort of the gold standards, but none of them inexpensive.
  15. It was actually pretty easy. Just takes time (soaking cashews etc) and then freezing the whole thing.
  16. I think there's a risk in the pursuit of pure. There are a ton of things that in great doses can have negative effects, but I don't think that means that you should automatically ban them from your diet. To me it's a dangerous path to say... This is the best and people doing this other thing are crazy (or nuts, if say you are anti nuts). Everyone's body chemistry is unique, so for one person being Frutopian is ideal, and another its a personal nightmare. For me I've found that being partly raw has had great benefits and works with my life. I don't do coffee, because it doesn't agree with my system (but I do make a mean soy latte for my wife). Things like chocolate I do in grat moderation, same for drinking. I enjoy the balance.
  17. It's actually British in origin. My parents liked the spelling inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer. So they went with it. I'll post more food porn as I make it. Wait.. I'm a vegan food pornographer?!?
  18. Figured I'd start a running thread of my Vegan Food Porn Here are some goodies: Raw Lasagna from the Pure Food and Wine Cook Book: Lemon Coconut Cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Rule The World Cook Book: Fresh Blueberries from the Portland Farmer's Market in Potter's Pot: Raw sweet potato dried in a food dehydrator for about 2 days at 115 degrees (to keep them live) with a little oil and salt, in Potter's pot: Random improvised raw salad wrap for lunch: Raw Tacos from Ani Phyo's raw cook book: Another Random improvised lunch: Raw Corn Soup from Ani Phyo's Raw Cook Book: Raw Flax Pancakes from Ani Phyo's Cook Book: Raw Cheesecake from Ani Phyo's Cook Book: Raw Onion Bread (From Ravalution Cook Book) with Raw Cashew Cheese (from I am Grateful cook book) sandwich:
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