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  1. Just something I thought I should share
  2. Why no other replies? K, you need to plan your own routine, whatever suits you. By this routine I mean, what body part(s) you're gonna hit at the gym on which day of the week; this keeps you accountable too. There're some excellent workout logs on the forums that I suggest you check out. You can't afford to hit the same body part, for instance your arms(biceps/triceps) daily or do a full-body intense workout daily cos you'll over work your muscles and they won't be able to keep up with the regeneration. Its recommended to rest a specific body part 1 - 2 days after a workout so the muscles can grow back stronger. While you're resting, you can do other stuff; when I'm resting my arms and shoulders I like to chuck in some cardio and core/abdominal work. Anyway, your body will tell you when something needs its rest, when you first start off, you'll definitely feel sore the next couple of days. As for the gym, I suggest learning to use all the equipment and figuring out what works what muscle. From there workout with 8 - 10 reps during each exercise for about 3 sets. The reps and sets vary among ppl so you should be able to figure out what suits you better than I do As for diet, I'm pretty much a noob in that area.... but you need to keep your calories high, I'm 15 and I eat 4 - 5 meals a day, about 1000 kcals per meal. Most ppl recommend 5 - 6 small meals a day. Your body needs the energy to rebuild and expend during workouts. Protein goes without saying; nuts, soy milk, beans, lentils, avocados, I find myself eating a lot of broccoli too o.O Most importantly, have fun! (I'm half-asleep as I type this so anyone please correct me if anything I said came out wrong) Cheers! -Kira
  3. Hey guys, haven't been around the forums lately but feels great to be back I'll frankly admit that I kinda fell off the wagon last year in December; stopped working out and had my ass glued to a chair most of the day, cos I had depression coupled with some family issues and I didn't feel like doing anything with my life but laze around. Just started hitting the gym again and it feels awesome; had to drop a few pounds but its great getting back into shape. So I think I should introduce myself again - I'm 15, male, vegetarian(till I can move out of my parent's house or convince them that I won't drop dead on purely plant protein), and I'm from singapore. At the moment I don't even consider myself a bodybuilder, neither do I want to be super ripped at my age Just wanna be healthy and prove that I can build as much or more muscle than my carnivorous friends on a mainly plant-based diet. I'm Asian and ectomorphic. When I started out I was so skinny that I could see the outline of my ribcage around my chest area (not the side near the lats, like right under the pecs), and I was living on 2 meals a day.. heh. Now I eat about 4 - 5 meals a day and I'm actually pretty pleased with my progress. Once I hit a certain level of satisfaction I'll post some progress pics... Have a Great day! - Kira
  4. Yep, your calories are still pretty low. For the energy issues I find spreading 3 heavy meals a day doesn't really work for me, I eat about 5 smaller meals a throughout the day, the biggest being dinner (don't ask me why, I'm always hungry at night). For protein, try eating more nuts/avocados. Tofu and soy milk work too. On a side note, Cool, I eat organic brown rice too =D But I eat 3 cups of it for dinner o.O and 2 cups for lunch. Either my cups are smaller or I'm just a calorie junkie...
  5. Kira


    Awesome intro Welcome aboard. If you're in to other motivational documentaries/movies pertaining to veganism I suggest Forks Over Knives as well
  6. I'm about 140. Still trying to gain muscle mass cause I'm naturally ectomorphic.
  7. Woah. I only eat about 3000 calories a day. And I'm still 15 :/ AND I play soccer matches daily = minus about 1000 . Bleh.
  8. Overdid it. Tore (partially or fully I'm not sure) one of the two connecting bicep tendons that link the bicep to the shoulder joint. Sore as hell during bicep curls and any other bicep-related exercises. My first injury since starting to workout in August D: Gonna take a 2 - 1.5 week break from lifting I guess, just to be safe. Anyone know any exercises that don't aggravate bicep injuries but still work the upper body? Anyways, its about time I did some work on my semi-neglected cardio and abs.
  9. Ahah! Thanks for the replies. I had heard of flax before and told my parents about it, but they said something about how some people don't absorb it as well as others (What Vegercize said), and it isn't very good in the first place. But I'll definitely look into algae!
  10. Anyone know any good Android apps to track protein/calories etc? And one for running statistics as well? If not, perhaps the iPhone app and I'll see if I can find the equivalent for my phone...
  11. How old are you? I'm 15 and parents as well are still desperately trying to put me back on eggs and fish :/ Something about omega fatty acids for brain health. Also, where I am, the easiest source of vegetable protein to attain is from soy and beans, and I eat lots of tofu, soaked, raw soy beans and drink soy milk o.O Haven't felt anything detrimental.... yet.
  12. For me, low energy = whack myself with more carbs. Since most ppls staple food over here in rice, I eat like 4 plates of that stuff a day o.O
  13. Some smart guy jammed the lat pull down machine at the small gym at the apartment complex where I live, and the same weight disks that were jammed happen to be linked to the shoulder press machine as well :/ So yeah, I need some dumbbell exercises for my lats/shoulders while I wait for the machine to get fixed.. Previously I would never touch free weights for my shoulders, but people have to adapt sometimes. Thanks
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