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  1. Well I see that many fruits are higher in calories than veggies and are low in GI index (which I think means they're slow-digesting and provide long-term energy). I assumed fruit carbs were faster digesting because they were sugary.
  2. I think the OP meant they have been a vegan for the past 4 years, not since 4 years of age.
  3. I have arthtritis in both knees and have read about the benefits of both gluten-free and grain-free diets. I'm trying to figure out how to get enough slow-digesting, complex, non-inflammatory carbs without eating any grains but I'm stuck. I've been looking at http://nutritiondata.self.com/ I see some that are only mildly inflammatory like green peas and a few kinds of beans (pinto, black). I realize many vegetables are anti-inflammatory like broccoli and spinach but they tend to be quite low in calories. I'd have to eat 50 or 100 servings of these per day just to get an adequate number of carbs. I'd appreciate advice on what to eat. Thanks!
  4. I think 80/10/10 refers to % of calories from carbs/protein/fat Welcome and good luck, OP!
  5. Welcome! Is that you in your avatar? You look amazing!
  6. Welcome and good luck! Any time I see the word "bikini" and it is not accompanied by pictures, I am disappointed!
  7. Just wondering - How do you judge progress without a before picture?! OP: Welcome and good luck!
  8. Are these statistical facts ? I don't know if you can generalize. At least here, I actually see many that do it for Ethical reasons. But they are still stuck in their old beliefs regarding what's healthy and what not. Or they don't care about making their Nutrition healthy enough. They just remove animal products and eat Vegan junk. Without including enough replacements or eating healthy Vegan Diet. So it makes them blame Vegan nutrition and sometimes break or go back to an "easier" Vegetarian Diet. I don't know if what you've said is right or not but it doesn't seem relevant. If someone is a vegan solely for animal rights/welfare reasons and, hypothetically, they stick to their vegan diet by eating a lot of vegan junk food, then they are still achieving their goals (helping animals).
  9. Just in the sense that it makes it taste better but is less good for you Ah well i prefer it steamed. Although i do enjoy the healthy lifestyle, it was not the main reason i chose to become Vegan. Oh it wasn't my primary or even secondary reason! Anyway, eating steamed broccoli is still very good for you.
  10. Do you have it plain and raw or do you cheat? If the former, it's hard to imagine it being a favorite food. Well for myself i steam the broccoli. But how is this cheating? Just in the sense that it makes it taste better but is less good for you
  11. Do you have it plain and raw or do you cheat? If the former, it's hard to imagine it being a favorite food.
  12. It's an identity level change. Another example for that would be smoking. Couple years ago I used to smoke, today I wouldn't touch that crap. When you have a certain self image in your head it will make your behavior match that self image. I stopped eating junk food and stuff like pizza 2 years before even discovering Vegan Nutrition. The switch for me was much easier than many ethical Vegans I saw. Mainly cause I believe I just did some more replacements to a more healthier Diet. I don't believe in moderation when it comes to stuff that I think they are junk for my body. Western science can't see the whole process that creates bad health before something happens. But the process is there. So I don't need to wait for something to happen. I believe in prevention and I refuse to put in my system any foods that I think to be far from natural and human body friendly. So it's very simple when you make a perception switch of that kind. There are some stuff that I used to eat and I don't even see them as food anymore. I used to drink bottle of coke everyday. Today coke is no more than a bottle of poison for me. We learn to eat certain foods and avoid others so we can unlearn it. Fair enough. I do see what you're saying.
  13. Welcome. What are your goals?
  14. Well how's everything going? You didn't reply to any of us. I'm interested in your case because it looks like the sky is the limit in terms of your ability to add muscle.
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