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  1. Thanks for posting this Robert. I am sad to see the place closing and had hoped that they could resolve &/or overcome the problems they were having. That said, in all honesty I am surprised that they lasted as long as they did. The location is iffy at best, prices were extremely unreasonable, the quality of the food often left much to be desired and even if the worst of the rumors about the owner are untrue, there seems to be a very worrisome tendency among some folks to ignore or minimize real problems. Personally, I really liked the space in a lot of ways but never felt real comfortable there and rarely found enough of a reason to go... I'd REALLY like to hear more about this from any & every one involved: I dont know much at all about this and have heard virtually nothing first hand, I tend to get real skeptical real quick when I read stuff like that. Until & unless I have good reason to be otherwise, I am most sympathetic towards the workers + the mama/kids involved. I strongly prefer to give my money & support to veg*n places but I'm definitely not going to go out of my way for places with unreasonably high prices, so-so quality/taste/etc, owners that dont treat their workers well, places where I've gone repeatedly but still rarely feel welcome, places where the staff have consistently shitty/aloof/snobby attitudes - and the list goes on. I'm sure many of you can guess at the places I'm thinking of & have your own similar experiences. It is really sad to have to say but I can definitely see how many folks who would otherwise be open to eating veg food or even becoming vegan would be strongly turned off by more than a couple of local veg places... All that said, when vegan & veg places are great or even just ok, we should make sure we do our part to keeping them in business & helping them succeed. On that note, it looks like one of my personal favorites: the Red & Black Cafe - should re-open within a few weeks in a location just down the block from the vegan mini-mall!!! The R&B collective is strongly considering becoming entirely vegan - let's be sure to encourage them!
  2. Some late-night ramblings... I LOVE intelligent debates and constructive criticism - these are very powerful tools that we all can/should use to help us learn & improve ourselves! It's good to ask questions and to keep an eye on how much peoples actions line up with their words BUT... None of us are perfect, this isnt - or at least shouldnt be - a contest and we all have room to grow! It's best to stay focused on encouraging people, including ourselves, to always work on being more thoughtful & compassionate. Where do we draw the line of WHO is vegan & who is not? At what point does our quest for vegan "perfection" become counter-productive & turn folks off who otherwise would be interested in becoming/staying vegans themselves? Using the definition of a vegan being a person who does not consume or use ANY products derived from animal sources, I'm fairly sure that not only are NONE of us here vegan but that it is impossible to be truly vegan in this world... There are lots of grey (gray?) area's when it comes to being vegan - it all depends on where you personally draw the line. Beyond this if one is vegan for AR/AL &/or environmental reasons it is good to realize that our vegan foods, clothes, etc often are actually doing more harm to animals & the environment than eating/using animal products in many circumstances. Eating food that has been shipped long distances or using stuff that is made out of petroleum / mass produced crops / unsustainably harvested wood, etc - IS directly & indirectly killing & harming animals, including us humans. Personally, I use labels like "vegan" but I dont get too caught in the fine details and prefer to instead like at people's motivations & actions overall. I strive to be a positive example of my ideals and to encourage folks to immediately make whatever steps towards veganism they can/will personally stick with long-term/permanently & to then always keep looking for ways to do better.
  3. - This has been stuck in my head for awhile - makes me feel like bouncing around. On a closely related note:
  4. Hello & Welcome Tracey!
  5. Hello & Welcome Chris! It's always great to see other long time vegans - its been 15 years now for me.
  6. Yay Richard! Thanks for all of yr great work amigo.
  7. Dang you and yr world traveling adventures Darth!
  8. Thanks for all of yr work on this Jessi! Now the "Mt. Hood area" covers a lot of ground - are there any more specific areas that you prefer or prefer to avoid?
  9. Thanks for the (Re)introduction Joel!
  10. Vega, Organic Food Bar, VitaMineralGreens, Ultimate Meal, Tofurky Soysages, Thai Kitchen Curry pastes, Yogi Tea, Ting's, Dr. Oetker...
  11. Wow - that's a lof of Vega! This is a great price - if I had the money to buy that much at once I'd be very interested.
  12. I voted other. Before I explain here's my disclaimer: I occasionally do Vega product demonstrations & get paid for it. Also, it looks like you're talking about the meal replacement powder but most of this applies to the other Vega products as well. Vega includes highly nutritious, quality ingredients more cheaply than what you might pay if you bought the ingredients seperately. Similar products dont tend to be cheap either! It offers good value for the price and for most of us reading this, it is well worth using Vega regularly as a mainstay of your diet. If you are on a particularly tight budget, I'd focus on buying whole foods in bulk and using smaller portions of Vega occasionally for the added nutrition. The suggested serving size is if you are using it as a full meal replacement - you can certainly use smaller amounts. It's pretty much just food so you can have as much or as little as you like. It's definitely not cheap and I would like to see the price come down so that it is more affordable for more people. Hopefully, as it becomes more widely available this will happen. Honestly I would only buy it very rarely at full price. Personally, as much as possible I avoid paying average retail prices on everything I buy by shopping around for the best price, buying stuff on sale, using coupons, etc. I'd love to see Vega coupons! If you come down to Portland to visit and pick up some Vega while you are here, your loonie Canadian dollar will go further! Same goes for non-Canadians. Oregon has no sales tax and we have a variety of natural food stores competing for your money - promotional bonuses, sales & coupons are common. So come visit!
  13. I'm not sure that we should be accepting money from someone who openly admits to being a pot-dealer... Just kidding - thanks for the generousity Potter!
  14. Ha! I havent heard NWA in years! There's all kinds of messed up things about them & their music but they are an important piece of musical & social history. Not perfect either but I like the commentary here better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwxxY2pf5AU "This week we dont turn the other cheek."
  15. Hello & Welcome Back! It's always great to have anouther Cascadian onboard & I think you are quite possibly the only member from central BC.
  16. I'm with Josh! There's a lot more important things to know about US history then just what was covered in that quiz. Zack, What are ya talking about amigo? The US government actively & passively supports tyranny & injustice, at home & worldwide. They supported Bin Laden & they supported Saddam.
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