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  1. That's not what ya said to me last night sweetie!
  2. I like you - yr FUNNY! The VD ya refer to on the other hand I think I'm mostly just addicted to those...
  3. Hello All! I haven't been active on here in quite awhile but I'm hoping someone knows of a place that will work for me. Having my own (very small) house or apartment would be great but I'm happy to live in a house with other folks and even something like a nice shed or garage could work. I have a great rental and job history including both here in Portland for several years now. My diet is vegan, I don't smoke or use drugs and almost never drink alcohol. I will not have or want to have any companion animals living with me but I have no allergies or aversions to having any of your animal friends around. It would be great to live in a vegan house! My budget is about $400 including utilities & related costs. My main forms of transportation are walking and TriMet so I pretty much need to stick with living somewhere fairly central on Portland's east side but am pretty flexible otherwise. A decent degree of privacy, safety & cleanliness is important to me - at least for my own sleeping & stuff storage space. I'm a daddy and will have my kids come visit and sometimes stay with me overnight BUT they will live with their mama. Please drop me a line if you know of any possibilities for me or if you have any questions, etc. Thanks!
  4. As usual I'm with ya on this Brian! Making vegan food more affordable and accessible is certainly a very worthwhile goal. I'm looking into taking another trip up to BC before "our" government further locks down the border in June by requiring passports from US citizens who wish to re-enter the country. As usual, I'm on a pretty tight budget and the fact that I've only been able to find very limited options for comparatively inexpensive food up there weighs on me heavily... On the other hand my experiences up north have given me an even greater appreciation for living here in Portland! Happily, I find that there are a lot more options available for fairly inexpensive (let's say $6 or under with inflation, etc) vegan meals here in Portland then there are most places I've been. Plus lots more coupons!
  5. Check it: http://profile.myspace.com/hungrytigertoo - they have a separate vegan menu/kitchen & their happy hour food prices offer a great chance to try a variety of things pretty inexpensively!
  6. Restaurants generally don't have it easy. While most vegans I know here thought Nutshell was good, they also were not too into the prices. When you add that to the various concerns many folks had with the place and the fact that there are so many other options available here, then it's really no surprise that they closed down. Same basic story with Veganopolis and The Pirates Tavern. It's also worth noting that we just as frequently have new vegan or very vegan-friendly places opening up - I'm very happy to have found a local place that has $1 vegan corn dogs all day Wednesdays!
  7. I don't have much time for a detailed reply. For now, I'll just say that it's obvious that guns in the hands of people who use them for reasons such as personal defense or the shooting sports are not a problem and are not hurting anyone. People own guns legally (and sometimes are forced to do so outside the law too) for such purposes in the vast majority of countries - including England and Canada. People should not face further restrictions on owning and/or using guns for these purposes - instead we should have legal/public recognition of our rights protected and expanded. All of that said, it certainly seems advisable for folks who wish to own the guns and accessories that are likely to be banned or further restricted to purchase them now. If nothing else, it is a solid financial investment as these items hold their value quite well and may actually rise sharply in value.
  8. Are you familiar with http://www.couchsurfing.com? It's a great worldwide resource / community that you can use to connect with cool helpful folks. They have a number of members in CR, both natives & expatriates who might be able to assist you with useful, up-to-date info. I'd love to hear more about & see photo's from your trip!
  9. Ya might know me! Though I haven't done much more than eat at FNB here in Pdx.
  10. I have before & I'm sure that I will again. It's a great thang!
  11. Any word on when & where any 2009 vegan vacation events may be happening? As much as possible, it would be good to coordinate events so as not too overlap to much.
  12. Come help make this happen! http://www.veganfitness.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16331
  13. It is interesting to see Powell support Obama though I can't say that I care for either of their (or McCain's) politics & I am certainly not too full of "hope" for any particularly significant positive change resulting from Obama. Ok, I'll take your "dirt bag" & call me a "dreamer" too if ya like! As for you, argumentative, defensive and attention-seeking certainly seem to be fitting labels. Based on your statements here, I would not be surprised at all if you are racist but regardless, it is a fact that that most of "our" countries political history and more than a little of it's present day reality certainly is.
  14. I'm with Johan on this discussion & I'd much rather see the money spent on helping feed & educate people rather then on war.
  15. FWIW, I also vote against camo, Obama & McCain. I vote for red, black & green.
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