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  1. *Forwarded message - Please spread the word.* From DC Indymedia - (http://dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/144404/index.php). "Kate St. John, an a.r. activist working with the Humane League of Baltimore, was arrested on bogus disorderly conduct charges while leafleting outside an event at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore last night. The police pepper sprayed St. John and tackled another activist who was attempting to assist her. They broke her camera, as well. St. John is being held at Baltimore Central Processing and being denied access to the commissioner(meaning she's not being arraigned), as well as being denied access to vegan food. At this time, St. John has already been in police custody for over twelve hours. PLEASE CALL BALTIMORE CENTRAL BOOKING AND REQUEST THAT KATE ST. JOHN BE ALLOWED TO SEE THE COMMISSIONER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AND THAT SHE BE GRANTED ACCESS TO VEGAN FOOD IN THE MEANTIME. ALSO, EXPRESS YOUR DISSATISFACTION WITH THE BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT"S CONDUCT IN THIS SITUATION, AND THE EGREGIOUS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE IN ARRESTING AND ASSAULTING AN ACTIVIST FOR SIMPLY LEAFLETING ON PUBLIC PROPERTY, AN ACTIVITY THAT IS EXPRESSLY PROTECTED BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT. BALTIMORE CENTRAL BOOKING: (410) 545-8278. ALTERNATE NUMBER: (410) 545-8090 INUNDATE CENTRAL BOOKING WITH CALLS, SUPPORT OUR FELLOW ANIMAL ACTIVIST!!! DON'T ALLOW THIS INCIDENT TO PASS UNCHECKED!!!" -- [email protected] - http://www.RisingTideNorthAmerica.org - **Rising Tide North America** PO BOX 11664, Portland, OR 97211 =========================================== **Portland Animal Defense League** PO Box 11883, Portland, OR 97211 - [email protected] - http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org - http://www.myspace.com/pdxanimaldefense Don't forget to write a letter to those imprisoned for standing up for Animals and the Earth! 10 minutes of your time could mean the world to a political prisoner! http://www.ecoprisoners.org
  2. Heya Pdxers, I'm finding myself with a worsening tendency towards being a hermit & I want your help in fighting this! My schedule has finally opened up more with all of my kids in school & different work hours so now I need cool folks (that's YOU!) to hang out & do stuff with. My interests include: hiking, camping, urban wandering, hanging at coffee shops, traveling, watching movies, bicycling & working out (though I need help with these!) & I'm always open to trying new stuff too. Group activities can be great & I'm definitely up for hanging out one-to-one as well. Get in touch & let's talk details!
  3. *forwarded message* From: "stephanie" Fellow Activists, National Primate Liberation Week 2008 is just under two weeks away, beginning on the 11th of October and running until the 19th of October. Over 60,000 primates will suffer the horrors of living and dying in a laboratory this year. Our page for National Primate Liberation Week is: http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/event-nplw-announce.html We must stand up for these innocent victims of human greed and abuse. We must bring their plight into the public eye so that the abuse can end. Protests, news conference, information tables, teach-ins, or any event that you can think of will help raise public awareness. We have made a listing of abusive research projects (almost exclusively involving primates) on our website: http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/grants-gov.html This page has information exposing 106 researchers in 43 labs spread across the U.S. (in 24 states and the District of Columbia) This information includes excerpts from medical journal articles that thoroughly describe what is done to the primates, grant applications that have financial information and research procedures, etc. Please get involved in our campaign to expose the truth to the public. Plan an event in your area, register your event at: http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/event-nplw-signon.html Fact Sheets about primate experimentation for your use are posted at: http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/fact.html We will help with press releases and other information about laboratories. Don't hesitate to ask for any help that we can provide. The rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, baboons and other primate victims of experimentation are depending on us to fight for their freedom. Where will you be October 11 - 19th? With Respect for All Life, Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN -- [email protected] www.RisingTideNorthAmerica.org **Rising Tide North America** PO BOX 11664 Portland, OR 97211 (202) 657-6772 =========================================== **Portland Animal Defense League** PO Box 11883 Portland, OR 97211 [email protected] http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org http://www.myspace.com/pdxanimaldefense Don't forget to write a letter to those imprisoned for standing up for Animals and the Earth! 10 minutes of your time could mean the world to a political prisoner! http://www.ecoprisoners.org
  4. Hi Robert, Bella & All, I was just thinking about how long it's been since I've hung out with forum folks... It would be great to have a get-together soon, with many more to come! I'm up for doing most anything - I'm sure Lotus & the kids would be interested too. I also now have weekends free so my social schedule is more flexible. Specific ideas: - It would be nice to do some hiking together - either Forest Park or one of the wilderness area's east of town. - I'm planning a trip for mid-September & would be up for having folks to travel with &/or to visit along the way. Right now, Eugene is the main place I'm considering but I'm very open to other possibilities! - I've been wanting to do a big camp-out with folks for a long time... - With a little notice, Lotus & I can host a get-together (potluck &/or movie maybe?) at our new place. - There's a cool Mexican food cart near us with a fairly extensive & diverse vegan menu ($2-$9) near us that I'd love to have a big (or little) crew come eat at.
  5. I'm not here on the forum very often lately but whenever I am, I can usually be found in chat. As a matter of fact, I'm there right now - come visit!
  6. Let me start by saying that I'm not trying to blame anyone & most certainly not the victim of this brutal attack. What I am trying to do is to think about what I'd like to have seen go differently & how things could go differently in the future. Relying on the police, "knife registries", etc - simply are not reasonable responses. There doesn't seem like there is much anyone could have done for the person who was asleep when he was attacked - though if he'd fought back once awake and/or others had come to his aid, who knows? If the attack had been stopped quickly enough & someone had been there with emergency medical training (& hopefully supplies) it is possible the victim may have survived. People have survived some amazingly horrible wounds... Personally I try very hard not to sleep in public places or otherwise compromised situations. I also keep it in my mind that I may need to defend myself anywhere, anytime. Having that mental awareness is a great place to start - after that, training for defense & having defensive tools available are good choices. Same thing for having emergency medical training & supplies.
  7. I'm often a chat -like right now- but dont often see many others in there... What's up with that?!?
  8. Definitely a horrific event... It's also a good reminder that we all need to be prepared to defend ourselves - even in places that most people would consider themselves "safe". I find it pretty dang amusing - and scary too - that some Canadian politicians apparently seriously proposed a "knife registry" in response to this!
  9. Yes but answer me this - where did all of those bunnies at the UVic campus come from?!?
  10. So I've made my way to Victoria, British Columbia & have been having a great time! I've been clearly reminded of what a wonderful region Cascadia is, how fortunate I am to live here & how much I love to travel! In the past 2 days, I've ridden 1 Amtrak train, 2 ferry boats, buses from 4 separate local systems, & been given rides in 4 different cars with people I'd never met before. I'd still love to meet up with any of you forum folks while I'm up here in SW BC + folks in Washington state! More later.
  11. Heya Chris! Very good stuff to consider amigo. My take on this is that there are already "different classes of vegans" just as there are different classes of people in general. Class is a lot bigger issue than many folks care to admit or think about. The costs of all kinds of food & just about everything else are rising worldwide. As the number of people & perhaps more importantly, the number of people living a "Western/Modern/Urban/whatever" lifestyle continues to grow, things are likely to get a LOT harsher before they improve. This "way of life" is overindulgent at virtually any level & as things stand it is not only not sustainable, it is a direct assault against the planet! Being vegan can be a positive step towards making things better - but at best, it's just one step that we can & should take.
  12. It's working fine for me right now Momma - except that I'm the only one in there!
  13. Amazingly awesome stuff Chris - thank you so much for doing it!!! Any chance of getting a bigger version of the photo from the article?
  14. I'll probably be in chat any time I'm on the forum so come chat with me!
  15. Awesome! I cant chat right now but will be in there often!
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