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  1. I dont see Lotus, the kids & I making it up to the cabin this year but we would definitely like to join in the fun in Portland. Have i just missed the thread about whats planned or is that still in the works?
  2. Its unlikely that I/we will make it up the house but we want to be involved with PDX stuff.
  3. loveliberate


    Hello & Welcome Emily!
  4. Pam, I suggest taking the Amtrak - it definitely takes longer but you get to see a lot more. Also, I have a buy one - get one free coupon for Amtrak that you are welcome to use & which would almost certainly make the train a lot cheaper than flying.
  5. Ciao & Benvenuto Samantha!
  6. Ok, thanks for clarifying. A heated exchange of views sounds like a positive thing to me - "pissing contest" doesnt give me the same impression...
  7. Wobbly, Thanks for bringing up some great points that some folks may not have otherwise considered. That said, I do not see taking reasonable steps to provide for one's loved ones & self in emergencies as being contrary to working on collective responses to such situations and/or to countering global social & economic inequalities/injustices.
  8. Would you use that same phrase if the person's name wasnt hispanic?
  9. Why/how is it relevant that the person who raped the girl was an "illegal" immigrant Zack?
  10. All, We can provide a combination of couch, futon & floor space for at between 6-8 folks fairly comfortably in our apartment - maybe a few more than that if we want to really cram folks in. *Disclaimers*: We are a tad messy, have 3 kids, dont let folks be in the house when we are not here & there's only one bathroom. Pamela, Why dont you consider us as your confirmed place to stay? Then you are welcome to look for a fancier/different place if you want.
  11. Pamela, I'm certain that someone can host you 2, no problem. It may only be a couch, mattress on the floor or floorspace but everyone will have a place to sleep.
  12. Great photo's! I like yr shirt Jon - I want a similar one that says "Treehugger".
  13. Michael! Why dont ya'll stop talking about me and come out for a visit with me! Hopefully Katrina has opened all the eyes that can be opened about what can be expected from "our" government when the feces hits the fan... Of course, the NOPD was well known for its extreme abuses long before that particular hurricane hit. Buying/storing food in bulk, having emergency supplies/training/skills and learning how to defend what we hold dear is always a good idea - even better when we can do it all with friends. When the time comes when you actually really need any of the above, you'll most likely have to make do with what you have and hope for the best. As the saying goes: "You never have to get ready if you stay ready." If you are asking for my suggestions on firearms & self-defense - great! Send me a PM & lets talk. Generally, planning & training to avoid and/or escape risky situations is the way to go. Building friendly relationships with as many of your neighbors as possible couldnt hurt.
  14. It was great to finally meet you and Suz Trev! We hope to see you again soon - maybe next time we can all meet up in some nice tropical location...
  15. Thanks for posting the links & sharing your thoughts DV! Emergencies frequently bring out the best in people. That said, it's dangerous to be overly reliant on others and depending on "the professionals" to defend, rescue or provide for you is particularly foolish! At best, they will likely be short-staffed, overworked and undersupplied...
  16. Here's my serious reply to this: I hope folks realize that this guy is far from the most extreme example of his attitudes out there and that there are quite a few folks who fell basically the same as he does!
  17. Why do you want to punch Borat - and what do you have against folks from Kajzakistan?
  18. Hi Marcina! I'd like to at least visit Abbotsford sometime - I dont know if it will be on this trip or not. Thanks for the tips on Vancouver - we always enjoy visiting Commercial Dr. Trev! I'm sure that we'll at least get out for some walks/hikes close to the city: Stanley, Lighthouse & Lynn Canyon Parks + Wreck Beach are all on our radar. We tend to keep hikes fairly mild though I enjoy going on more challenging hikes sometimes as well. We visited the Granville Kids market last time we were up - hopefully we'll make it to the main market this time. We'd love to visit Victoria & hope to do so later in the summer for at least a couple of days. Gorilla Food sounds good - though I think I've heard that it's a tad pricey? 'Everybody Loves Veggies' sounds interesting to! Thanks for the EarthSave links. Oh Tasha, You darn Canadians are so mean and xenophobic!
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