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  1. While not a day spa, the forum's own Lotus runs a vegan massage practice. This includes some spa type treatments such as foot soaks & scrubs, as well as paraffin dips. All of the products she uses are definitely vegan and she makes many of them herself. Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/newmoonmassage Oh yeah: She's still figuring out the details but Lotus will be offering a discount and/or free extra (like a foot soak for example) treatment for Vegan Vacationers who get a massage!
  2. Hello to all forum folks in Vancouver & the lower mainland! Lotus, the kids & I will be visiting the Vancouver area for a 4 nights early next month & would love to hang out with forum folks. We'd appreciate tips on things to do & see - free & cheap options are ideal. As of now, we have not found a place to stay so if anyone could offer us a place to lay our sleeping bags - that would be awesome! We hope to see you soon.
  3. Sounds good - we should be able to make it Friday. PM sent. Happily it looks like we will be in town at the same time. Vancouver suggestions are very welcome - please share!
  4. Thanks for all of your work Jessi! I'm glad to see that kids are free with their care-givers - any age cap on that? We may make it up for a night or two but will not know until pretty close to the event so dont worry about saving space for us. As for the Portland portion, I have been scouting out activities in/near town - anyone interested in a hike in Forest Park or swimming out on Sauvie Island somewhere? Any other suggestions for Portland activities?
  5. I'd love to visit with ya'll when you stop through Suz/Trev! I also second the Red & Black cafe suggestion. I miss you 2 here, hopefully we can visit in Vancouver - we plan to be up there during the first week of May.
  6. Lena, 1st. Hello & Welcome! 2nd. I see a photo: young, dark wavy hair, nice smile - is that the one you tried to upload? Maybe you just cant see it on yr computer for some reason?
  7. Sounds like fun! We're planning to visit Vancouver in early May & hope to visit Victoria later in the summer. It would be great to visit with forum folks along the way.
  8. I find myself avoiding labels due to their limitations and the baggage folks attach - but "Anarchist" works far better to describe my ideals & values than most labels!
  9. Hi! This is one of my favorite subjects for researching & discussing. I dont have a lot of time so this response will not be as complete as I'd like it to be & I'll just try to hit a few key points. - First, realize that its unlikely that you'll find one place that fits all of your hopes & dreams exactly. Second, realize that some places are definitely better matches for individuals than others - it's all about knowing yourself & what you need/want. - Moving to Canada is a lot easier than moving to most other countries, particularly for a country that is consistently rated among the top 5 or so countries in the world to live in. I'd give southern British Columbia & Alberta a look. - Wisconsin would be my first choice of of the great lakes states you mentioned. - Overall, I most strongly suggest southern Cascadia (aka Oregon & Washington). The rain/cloudiness here is a factor - but it doesnt slow most of us down too much most of the time! Summers are sunny & warm for weeks on end & you'll see nice days in the middle of winter sometimes too. Some towns to look at include: OR: Ashland, Medford, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, Bend, Hood River WA: Olympia, Bellingham, Port Townsend Several of those places can be pretty pricey but there are often cheaper parts of town or other cheaper towns nearby. - Dont discount the east side of OR/WA too quickly! Yes, it is more dry, etc - but there are plenty of forests & other great natural areas. It also tends to be a lot cheaper. While not as vegan-friendly & socially progressive as the west side tends to be - it's still much more so than much of the rest of the country. Plus there are some great towns & the area tends to be far cheaper on average. - Why not Colorado (or other western mountain states)? There are many great places there too! Smaller towns can often still be pretty affordable. - Yay for Prescott! Mountain towns in Arizona have a lot to offer. Bisbee & Flagstaff are 2 other great options. Hope this helps!
  10. I just updated the list - please check it to see if I missed anyone. Also, please let us know if anyone who is currently on the list will definitely not be able to join us this year. So we are up to 31 folks on the list and the list does not include people's partners, kids & others without forum names who may/will be coming. Lotus & I will be joined by our 3 kids at pretty much anything we participate in. How about the rest of you - how many folks will you bring along?
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    Hello & Welcome Emilia!
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