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  1. Hafa Adai & Welcome Dean!
  2. I'm holding off on voting for right now as i want to see more of what others think and because I'm not sure how involved we'll be with VV'08. The main things to me are a) to have everyone be able to be together as much as possible & b) to keep costs down so that as many people as possible can join us.
  3. Trev, Where all did ya'll travel to? It does not look like Jessi will be up for this trip after all. While I'd love to spend a lot of time just about anywhere in SW Canada, it does not look like Vancouver will be a destination for this trip. There is talk of a PDX crew trip up to VanCity & Whistler next month... Victoria is slightly more likely this time around - but I'm turned off by the fact that there is only 1 ferry each way, each day. If I/we did come up - can anyone put us up for the night? Tasha, My trip is scheduled for 12-14 January. I don't see myself making it to VanCity this time - would you be into visiting in Port Angeles and/or Port Townsend? You could even bring that wacky Dave person along if ya like. Michelle, I'll see what I can do about photos! Can any PDXers lend me a camera for the trip? Robert, Let me know if ya decide for sure either way - I currently have at least 1 seat open. Dave, I greatly enjoyed my visit to Victoria a few years back & will most likely make it up there sometime in 2008 - maybe we can visit the place together?
  4. When I read this message the ad that popped up was for an airsoft company - I'm pretty sure that's a first!
  5. My favorites are also the Regional Events/Meet-ups & Introductions sub-forums. I enjoy getting to know folks online but meeting & connecting "offline" is even better.
  6. Robert, Too bad you couldnt make it - we had a great time! There were 11 vegans (3 forum members) who enjoyed the Kennedy School soaking pool hot tub + the tasty food & friendly folks at Nhut Quang. Half of us also braved the cold to take in the excellent view from the park at the top of Rocky Butte. I hope that all of you locals & Portland visitors get to explore all of these cool spots soon!
  7. Heya Preacher, I have no problem with you or anyone expressing a strong opinion, regardless of whether I like or agree with what they have to say - and that is not my concern with your previous post. There should be no question that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their families - with a response appropriate to the attack. My concerns are that your words didnt really cover the fact that using a firearm / lethal force is only legal, and more importantly ethical, in extremely limited circumstances. Additionaly, folks who are less than friendly to gun-owners - prosecuting attorneys & anti-gun extremists come to mind - or who are simply less educated on these issues than they could be, already suffer under the mistaken idea that folks who own guns for defensive purposes are prone to unprovoked violence, ignorant, macho, aggressive, etc. Sadly, some gun-owners have been known to shoot off their mouths and provide their ideological opponents with ammunition ( pun intended ) to use against all of us who believe in our human rights of choice and armed self defense. Anyway, I hope my words dont come across as "preaching".
  8. I just joined as "veganvacation". Lotus, our kids & I are planning to meet up with a friend from the forum & her family tomorrow afternoon to visit the Kennedy School hot pool, then head over to Nhut Quang, the new vegan vietnamese place for dinner. Who want to joins us?
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