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  1. Preacher, Those are definitely some great reasons to choose a vegan diet! Colorado is a beautiful state & Portland is a great place too. Best wishes on making the best move for your family. While I understand & agree with being prepared to defend ones family & self, your wording, here in particular: "if anyone ever placed my family in harms way, I would perforate them without hesitation or remorse", could be taken badly by some...
  2. That's definitely great news! Any idea what kinds of food they'll have and/or why they are vegan?
  3. I believe there were 2 baskets left as of yesterday afternoon.
  4. I've been wondering what Speaklow is up to... If yr reading this amigo, I hope yr healthy, happy & warm. It would be great to see ya - online & off.
  5. Thanks for the reply Preacher. Of curiousity, what inspired you to eat vegan & what was your diet like before? It's been years since I've been through OK but I remember some nice (if a bit small comparitively) mountains there. Where "up north" are ya'll looking at moving to? The XD series seems pretty nice - though I haven't given any a try myself. Is that for your work as well?
  6. I voted - woohoo! I dont have a strong preference & am good with whatever folks pick.
  7. Great idea! I'm happy to help as much as I can - at least as a mentor. One request/suggestion: can we push back the dates?
  8. Silly Josh... you will have yr choice of places to stay while here - so hurry up & come visit!
  9. Well, long massages would be nice... Robert, Sounds like ya'll had an awesome trip! I'm still looking at Victoria as a possible destination - in which case I'd probably want to just go there & back without stopping much along the way... Please put folks who are interested in going in touch with me. I hadnt pictured this being a large group adventure (& will probably want some solo time) but that could be a lot of fun too! The traveling bug hit me many years ago - I rarely go a day without daydreaming about past & future adventures... Yay Jessi! I look forward to our adventure!
  10. Check this out if ya can folks - Chef Al makes some very beautiful and extremely delicious food!
  11. Hello & Welcome Preacher! You from Tulsa? Whatcha carry in yr fanny pack?
  12. Hello & Welcome Back Laura!
  13. Hello & Welcome Anastasia!
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