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  1. I love vegan cookies but it is really hard to get them anywhere and I neither can cook nor can bake so I can't make myself those kind of cookies. So the only thing I can go for when it comes to sweets right now are vegan dark chocolates. I love it but still no cookies. Are there any shops where I can buy such cookies? Are there any recommendations one can possibly make?
  2. And yet how do you reconcile making the death penalty an effective deterrent (swift punishment being a key part of that) with respect for civil liberties and protecting the rights of the accused? One of the most damning arguments against capital punishment is that innocent people are sometimes executed, and if you cut down on appeals and such you increase the incidence of that happening. Regarding the animal euthanasia point from the OP, it's natural and inevitable that people will see killing animals differently than they do killing humans. I don't get worked up about euthanasia nearly so much as I do about factory farming.
  3. I thought I'd seen every excuse in the world not to work out, but that was a new one. I think it has to be filed up there with not wanting to wear out your designer running shoes and worrying about sunburn because the sun is out. Thanks for the laugh, and now I think I'll go work out 'cause my hair is a mess anyway.
  4. An interesting trend, and a sign of the changing times. The book business is changing fast. Brick-and-mortar stores are dying and disappearing. It consolidated for a while in a few big chains like Borders, and now even the chains are going. About the only ones left holding out are specialty stores and used bookstores. In the meantime, you can get some good deals, it's true.
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