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  1. I know where to find you...thanks for leading me to a better place. Ciao
  2. Good news, I took my pedometer with me on my power walk today and I liked the results. My usual walks are 7kms long with 9877 steps. Plus, I bought myself a BFI scale-although I'm not sure how accurate they are. My weight is down to 123 pounds and my BFI is 18.5%. (Down from 145 pounds in March and 165 since becoming vegan just over a year ago). I'm really happy with my changes.
  3. I'm terribly sorry Crash. I hope you find comfort in your memories.
  4. Get your doctor to prescribe a SAD lamp for you, make sure it is full spectrum light however. Or go down south in the winter
  5. Ok, just for the fun of it, can someone please put some water to boil and then add a potatoe to it? Keep boiling it and measure the temperature of the POTATOE with a thermometer that can read over 120 degrees celsius. I can not do this because I don't have a stove anymore since going raw. Pure water after reaching boiling temperature becomes steam, the food in the water can and does reach higher temperatures than 120 celsius if heat is still applied. This is why the FAO recommends not to excessively cook your food, especially starchy foods like potatoes and grains that can form acrylamide over 120 degrees. Again, it doesn't matter what method of cooking you use, it is a question of temperature.
  6. No it doesn't. The temperature is constant at the boiling point. Boiling and Steaming does not form acrylamide. Since I've already proven that according to your article, can you come up with a toxin formed in boiling or steaming? Please? When you add food to water, it is no longer pure water. You have changed the chemical composition, that is why caramalization occurs with just sugar and water. How convenient also to ignore the FAO's conclusions.
  7. Happy birthday Mishe! Have a great one!
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