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  1. Congratulations on wanting to become vegan and possibly raw! As for me these decisions were some of the best of my life. Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  2. Personally, I slipped up during my week with my family in Toronto and caved into temptation. This only strenghtened my resolve to go 100% raw because I felt awful afterwards. I'm really starting to feel the difference physically between raw and cooked-so hopefully my own body will keep my psyche in check in the future. Ciao
  3. Welcome! Quite the menagerie you've got at home. Isn't nice to share your life with so many great friends? Hope you make some more here. Ciao
  4. So that's what that net is for, always wonder about that.
  5. More power to you SS! I'm really happy you managed to compete despite your recent health scares. And you look better than Malibu barbie too!
  6. Unless they're blended, they'll go right through you-which is what the plant wants for dispersal purposes. Did you know that some seeds actually need to go through a digestive tract in order to become viable? Pretty cool, the relationship that has evolved between predator and prey, isn't it? I think that, like all seeds, they're not the best nutrition, but probably won't hurt you in moderate quantitities.
  7. Your post raised many hairs -from fear. It reminds me that I've got to start learning to run. Thanks.
  8. Browsing more and more topics here in the raw section and I liked this new info too. Thanks for the tips on David Klein. I'll look him up too. Ciao
  9. My first reaction to shit like this is usually anger. But then I think, "no publicity is bad publicity". And for every action there is an equal reaction, so I want to see more and more of this BS, which to me will indicate that we're making more progress towards veganism becoming more widespread. Who is the author btw?
  10. Yes, interesting article. I too agree that it's obscene of the hospital to try to force the parents. Thanks for the post.
  11. Idea. How about bringing smoothies that you can quickly drink while at work so you're not ravenous at the end of a shift? Might help. Ciao
  12. Hello and welcome! From what I can tell, you're not really following Dr. Graham's formula. If you're gaining weight, you're eating more calories than you're using. Chart your caloric intake with www.nutritiondata.com or www.fitday.com and calculate how much you should be eating according to your activity level. You're absolutely right however that you can gain weight on fruit too-unlike what most people think.
  13. Nice video Liz! You're gonna have to start doing that for everyone! What kind of tree was it? Steve, good luck with that durian-hope it doesn't smell too much. Ciao
  14. Welcome! I hope you like it here.
  15. I'm a big fan of Dr. Graham at www.foodnsport.com who recommends 80% carbs, 10% protein, and 10% fat. According to him, problems with fruit in the morning stem from too much fat eaten the night before because the fat is still being processed by your body therefore creating the insulin spike. Try reading his book. I agree also that most nutritionists these days have received their training funded in large part by the meat/dairy industry so their advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Read also "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell for more insight about the misinformation out there and what good human nutrition is all about. Good luck.
  16. When I think about it, my fondest memories childhood or otherwise have always been in nature, but eating "free" food like that is truly the best!
  17. Thanks for all the great tips and links. I'm going to take the time to read them all carefully. Ciao
  18. Here's the situation. I've been vegan for over a year and most of my friends and family have finally come to accept it, but... This last week I went to Toronto to visit and go to a wedding. At one point during the wedding, a cousin of mine that I haven't seen in years learned of my veganism while he was eating his steak. He thought it was "funny" to tease me and make "moo" sounds while eating his steak. I picked up my own plate and just walked away cos I did not find that "funny" at all. How would you have handled the situation
  19. I just lopped off 12 inches of my hair! Why? For cancer patients of course. Anyone interested in growing their hair to eventually donate for making wigs for cancer patients can contact me for the details here in Canada. I'm pretty sure it's possible elsewhere too. Basically, you need at least 10 inches of non treated hair. You braid it, cut it, tie it at both ends and then mail it off.
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