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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  2. Once I've committed to something, I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. Going vegan has been like that for me-even the thought of an animal product or something ressembling it (I hate tofurky kind of products) truly s me. For me now, the struggle is to commit to raw because I cheat often with that. My resolve is getting stronger and stronger however.
  3. Somewhat,not enough, but his proposed solutions are a step in the right direction. To be fair, I didn't agree with everything he says nor his condescending tone towards amateur knowledge-but it is a good reminder to be on one's guard and maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.
  4. They were at specialty fruit and veggie store we have here in Québec. I was truly surprised too, cos I hadn't even seen them before.
  5. Personally I like it the way it is, except that I would add even more subforums like vegan parenting etc. to attract an even broader user base. Sorry veggieprincess, I like compartmentalizing stuff.
  6. Ditto, I laughed outloud so hard reading that book. It's great! (I mean "Skinny Bitch" cos I haven't read the other)
  7. A very interesting book about the follies of the internet. For instance, when doing a google search for something it is not the most pertinent site that will be at the top of the list-but the most visited site. People have learned to take advantage of this and there is a whole business of people being paid to visit over and over again a certain site in order to defraud the advertisers and make it look like the site is heavily trafficked! Also, have you noticed that most experts-recognized scientists, etc. do not post much? This is because it's the people with the most time and the loudest voice instead of people with recognized credentials that hog the space and are being listened to. Dr. Campbell in "The China Study" made it very clear that people should be very skeptical even of recognized experts because the system is very screwed up-funding for nutritional and other research being sponsored by interested corporations-and this regarding verifiable public studies! Imagine then what credibility we should give anonymous posters of the internet!!!
  8. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  10. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  11. I just tried raw dates for the first time. They're not blackish like the ones you get in boxes, but yellow and very crunchy and juicy. They were delicious! I gotta get me more of them....
  12. Divide and conquer. I think that like all forums, VBBF, veganfitness etc., people come and go, and most new people write a few posts and then tire of it quickly because of the effort and time involved-check the memberlists and the number of posts to confirm this. Every forum I've ever visited has only about 20 regular posters and the others are at best sporadic-this one is no exception. I think what keeps people on board is a sense of community-getting to know and like the other members. It is loyalty to this community that will keep people posting. If we start attacking each other it is lost. As for the credibility of any information given here, everyone should take it with a grain of salt. Nobody here has claimed to be an expert and nobody's opinion should be given the authority of an expert on any subject. On a side note, a good book on the internet phenomena of amateur opinion taking over is "The Cult of the Amateur" by Andrew Keen. It's a truly eye-opening book and puts a lot of perspective on how things read on the internet should be interpreted. Ciao
  13. I'm glad you're better. Take care. Ciao
  14. Ok, so I'll be in TO for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I really want to check out the "Live" restaurant on Dupont. Anyone interested in meeting me there PM me to arrange for times etc. I'm really hoping to meet some of you. Ciao
  15. I disagree with the high fat content. More calories yes, but not more fat. The raw diet I'm following is 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham. You can visit his site at www.foodnsport.com or www.vegsource.com under Dr. Graham.
  16. Bananas Lettuce Tomatoe These are the only ones I pretty much have everyday, because I can get them year round and they're organic. I try to eat as locally, organically and seasonally as possible so the variety is constant.
  17. Here's my son's favourite almond milk recipe that he loves making himself. Soak one cup of raw almonds overnight at room temperature. It's best to buy the shelled ones and remove the shells yourself. In the morning rinse them well and blend to liquify. With a cheese cloth or strainer remove the large chunks. Put the liquid back in the blender. Add half a cup of coconut water and a little vanilla (preferrably from a real bean). For a chocolaty flavour add a little caroub powder. Blend until foamy. Sinfully delicious!
  18. I grow and forage for a lot of my stuff-tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, zucchini, peppers etc.. I've got two freezers full of blueberries, blackberries, wild cherries, bunchberries, crabapples, strawberries etc. which I will blend with greens to pour over bananas all winter long. I also buy organic stuff from a neighbour. I try to buy only organic, but it's not always possible. This summer I've been feeding 6 family members-4 humans and two dogs who eat exactly what we do. I've spent about $150 per week. In the winter it'll be more expensive however.
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