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  1. You're giving him too much credit.
  2. It's not even worth the effort to click my finger.
  3. more strength, more rythme, more grace, more time outdoors. So how's that for a wish list? What am I doing to do to get what I want? 1) Baladi 2 hours a week. 2) Badminton 2 hours a week. 3) Rock climbing (actually indoor wall climbing) 2 hours a week. 4) Viniyoga 1 hour per week. 5) Walking, hiking 6 hours per week. 6) Puny lightweights that I find at my gym-it's quite pathetic the amount of weight I can lift and how little I know about it-I'll try for at least 1 hour a week. 7) Swimming 1 hour per week. I'm going to the gym almost every night for either a class or a workout. Now I'm heading off for a walk with my dogs. Hasta la vista...
  4. Welcome! I love your signature!!! Ciao
  5. Welcome Wolfy! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  6. Just curious, how do you know it was the same person? I'm still pretty naive about such blatant deceit. I mean, why bother? It's so much hard work to lie.
  7. Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "Nice doggy."
  8. Wow! Even in Québec you can still be 36% Californian...
  9. Whitewater rafting for me! And yes, I've tried it too!
  10. You Are Destined to Rule the World You have the makings of a very evil dictator... Which is both kind of cool and kind of scary! Will you rule the world? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least you know that you could.
  11. Oh my gosh! I have a PhD too! Yikes, there's too much testosterone in my house.
  12. This test is bogus! I specifically said that I think thongs are gross and uncomfortable and here they are telling me I wear them!!!! Seriously, how do people wear those things without constantly trying to dig them out of the butt like an eternal wedgy?
  13. Thanks for the link. Sorry I don't know where to get the recipes however. Ciao
  14. Robert, what is the percentage of the population that is even into bodybuilding? How much of the population even aspires to be a body builder? Why is it more important to reach more bodybuilders than ordinary people? Perhaps I am over generalizing, but I think that most bodybuilders, whether vegan or not, have an unhealthy "bigorexic" attitude towards their bodies. To me, this is a psychological problem equivalent to anorexia. What I love about this forum is that it is geared towards health more than just building mass at any cost. If the avatar of Jackhammerjoey is a true picture of his physique-his comments about vegans lack of proper nutrition are truly ironic.
  15. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s104/Veganitaliana/IMG_1252.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s104/Veganitaliana/IMG_1246.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s104/Veganitaliana/IMG_1296.jpg I love my garden. Ciao
  16. I'm so jealous about your dancing. Have you been dancing for long? Is it for work or just pleasure? I just started a baladi course which is really fun. I know what you mean about salt too! Since trying to go 100% raw I've become really sensitive to salt-when I cheat a little on the raw I really feel it afterwards especially if there was salt in the food. Can we see a video of you one day? Ciao
  17. Oh my Gosh! Reading your posts has made me dizzy. How do you handle all of that?! I'll have to reread your stuff again the next time I feel like bitching about something. I'm speechless....
  18. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Ciao
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