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  1. Welcome! I can't say back however, since I'm relatively new. Ciao
  2. Beautiful! I've been to Greece once visiting a dear friend that travelled there, met a Greek, fell in love and stayed! She's never regretted it either. I miss those beautiful waters, but Athens is too concrete jungle for me. Ciao
  3. Welcome Lisa and Dini! I hope the two of you enjoy it here! If Dini is anything like my dogs he's probably on your lap right now. Ciao
  4. Thanks for the kind replies. BD, I don't live in Italy anymore. I live in Québec, Canada-hence all the snow. It's pretty nice here, but winters are too long. We get our first snow in October and it rarely melts before May. Summers are just gorgeous and heaven on earth because of the beautiful nature around me-mountains, forests, rivers, etc. I'll post more later. Ciao
  5. Congratulations Ange on your wonderful decision. I'm a forty year old vegan mom too! I turned vegan a little over a year ago after reading "The China Study" by Colin Campbell. It's a must read-it will make you stay clear of dairy for good. Has our family's health really improved since becoming vegan! Good luck and keep us posted. Where in Ontario are you? I grew up there too, but now I live in Québec. Ciao
  6. I haven't been able to post an avatar picture yet cos I haven't sat down to resize my pictures so I decided to send some pictures this way instead. Ciao http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s104/Veganitaliana/IMG_0929.jpg This is my son and I before we became vegan and before I lost my weight. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s104/Veganitaliana/Img_1308.jpg These are some of my favourite flowers in my garden (Canada lilies). Ciao
  7. Has anyone ever heard of the quarterly magazine "Colors"? I found it at my international newstand the other day and it is really cool. Here's the link for anyone interested: www.colorsmagazine.com The summer 2007 edition featured a fictional 2057 totally sustainable land called "Vörland" where climate change refugees can come for safe haven, there's an extinction museum, there are "Istanbul Vebab" (vegetarian kebab) restaurants, people are raw vegans, there are "love" motels where the beds use a technology of generating electricity through movement. "In other words, the more couples bounce around on the mattresses, the more electricity they send circulating through the motel. When customers go to check out, their bill is higher or lower depending on how much they have worked out. More sex equals more energy". Doesn't that sound cool? It's a good read. Ciao
  8. Welcome! Another vegan mom here. I have finally lost my pregnancy weight after going raw. Good luck with your goals and keep us posted. Ciao
  9. Congratulations! It feels great doesn't it? Ciao
  10. Welcome! I wasn't here before so I can't say back. Ciao
  11. Hi! Congratulations on your wonderful decision. "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell is what convinced me to go vegan. I trully suggest you read it. Ciao
  12. Doesn't it feel great to be achieving your goals? I'm very happy for you. Ciao
  13. the fruit-nuts-pics are older, actually i don't mix fruit with nuts/seeds. me too I was just reading an article by Frederic Patenaude about not mixing fruits and nuts/seeds which I totally agree with. Love your pictures btw.
  14. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  15. Ok, here's some advice from a forty year old married woman who has practiced the rythm method for over seventeen years. Yes, I have a child but he was very wanted. The rythme method truly works. Even if you don't have periods you can still ovulate and here's the important thing: You can know when you ovulate. There are physical symptoms such as increased desire before your ovulation, change in vaginal discharge-it's much more viscous and egg whitish before ovulation. I even feel my ovulation on the day of. The best, however, is to take your temperature and chart it out-women trying to get pregant do this in order to best time intercourse for getting pregnant. Do this for a few months and then you'll be an expert at knowing when you're fertile and when you're not. After that, you've got to deal with all the emotional baggage that is preventing you from just relaxing and enjoying sex. That aspect is probably the toughest to deal with. Talking about it here is probably a good start. Ciao
  16. An oldie but a goodie. Enjoy and pass it along. Ciao
  17. I just finished reading "When Elephants Weep" by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy. It was excellent! Truly a must read. Here's a great summary: "With chapters on love, joy, anger, fear, shame, compassion, and loneliness, all framed by a provocative reevaluation of how we treat animals, "When Elephants Weep" is the first book since Darwin's time to explore the full range of emotions throughout the animal kingdom, and it features a cast of hundreds." What I found the most interesting is the evidence of scientists constantly trying to prove that animals don't feel and that any attempt to prove the contrary is antrhopromorphising (the ultimate insult for the supposedly "objective" scientist.
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