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  1. Here's a cheap and healthy way to eat greens too. Wrap your banana in a lettuce leaf-very delicious and inexpensive. Green smoothies with bananas and foraged leaves like dandelion are cheap and very good for you. Enjoy!
  2. Passion fruit Shesfit! It is absolutley delicious with bananas. The variety found here in Canada, the outside peel is usually orange, not red however. Ciao
  3. Welcome Mueller! What a wonderful decision you've made for a fantastic journey. Enjoy!
  4. Hello and welcome! First off, I love your organisation and refer to it constantly although I haven't joined yet since I'm not much of an athlete, but I'm working on it. Second, I love what you say about "The China Study" too! Long live Organic Athlete! Ciao
  5. Close one Steve! I'm glad nothing happened. Ciao
  6. Welcome! Yes, way better than the usual meat eater sites! Ciao
  7. Veganitaliana


    Welcome! Another raw vegan, cool!
  8. A lot of people have problems with plums, especially in large quantities.
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here and meet your goals. Ciao
  10. This article is BS. Put any shit in your mouth and you're normal, which people equate to healthy. Think about your health before ingesting crap and you've got a new disease . Bs, bs, bs.
  11. Veganitaliana


    Pura vida Bodhi y bienvenidos! Donde vives in Costa Rica? Cada invierno vivo cera di Dominical. Chau.
  12. Wow! Great job. Btw, is that related to a "snatch" ?
  13. I haven't read anything from Brandon, sorry I can't help you out with his stuff more. Have a look at past topics, if I'm not mistaken it probably came up before. Ciao
  14. Is he having Health and fitness week in Costa Rica or are you talking about his fasting retreat and walking tours?
  15. Welcome! It's a great adventure you've just started. Have fun! Ciao.
  16. This is my problem too, but it's getting better with time because everytime I eat something cooked now I feel it afterwards-especially if it's salty-it burns like acid. So, now, I try to remind myself of those awful feelings before I put something into my mouth. This helps, but doesn't always work for strong cravings. Mono meals are also supposed to help deal with food addictions. Finally, fill up as much as possible on raw food like fruit before going anywhere that will have cooked food-this one has definitely helped me. Ciao
  17. In evolutionary biology, those are the scientific terms used, better words could be chosen I suppose.
  18. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  19. Yes, nice physique. Did you end up putting on more body fat since you wrote that you were at only 4%?. You still look lean, however. Ciao
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