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  1. Love it much more than lettuce!
  2. Welcome! Some excellent goals! Good luck with them. Ciao
  3. Welcome! Good luck with your goals. Ciao
  4. people won't do that, and hunters, in my experience, are by and large scum bags. i lived in the mountains of WV for several years, and the noble hunters frequently poached on our property - until we started shooting back and word got around. also we'd often find dead does and bucks on the crest of the hill, where hunters on the highway saw them and just figured it'd be fun to kill them. we also twice had bucks taking refuge on our land with arrows embedded in them from asshats who shot them, didn't kill them, and were too lazy to stalk them. hunting for meat is wrong. raising livestock for meat is equally wrong. Word.
  5. Interesting articles. I've never heard of her before. Thanks.
  6. I've read numerous sources that say you should urinate at least 10 to 12 times a day and that the urine should be clear almost like water. Therefore, you should eat enough high water foods or drink good water (I prefer distilled or pure spring) to make sure you're not dehydrated. I've had kidney stones in the past-the most painful thing ever-worse than labour-so I'm very sensitive to dehydration. Too much water can be dangerous too. Hope that helps.
  7. Since you're eating more raw, you might want to check out the raw forum and look up the threads that deal with detox and transitioning. Big, for example, goes into good detail about what he experienced. Good luck.
  8. I'm a big fan of Dr. Graham at www.foodnsport.com and his 80/10/10 diet. I've been able to increase my exercising since starting this diet a couple of months ago. I used to only walk. Now, I play badminton at least twice a week, and I've added some jogging to my walking. I know it's a start but I'm getting better. I'm not expert, but I wonder if you shouldn't get a second (or third or fourth) opinion about the weight training, since it is so good for bones. Good luck.
  9. It's a beautiful day here in Québec and I spent the morning blueberry picking in the woods. I had quite the competition with my vegan dogs however. They ate the blueberries faster than I could pick! BTW, a good book on the subject of veganizing pets is "Obligate Carnivore" by Jed Gillen. It is truly excellent and explains fully the importance and the methods to veganize your pets, including cats. I highly recommend it. Ciao
  10. This sounds fabulous Rebecca! If you need any advice about growing stuff, ask away I'm a pro. I especially like the meals for kids idea. It is so important. Best of luck!
  11. Thanks all for the wonderful suggestions. Suz- thanks for the lead. I'll definitely look up that restaurant the next time I'm in TO. LjK-you're right. I have to be more assertive and sure of my convictions in order to resist and say no and they must respect my choices. Rebecca- good advice. I love your signature btw. Ciao
  12. Ciao! Come mai esiliata? Non deve essere brutto il Quèbec paesaggisticamente parlando L'estate è bellissimo, un paradiso. Però abbiamo più de sei mesi d'inverno e fa spesso meno di 30! Oggi no ho nessuno ragione per lamentarmi-ieri pioveva.
  13. We humans are such losers When the f*** are we going to smarten up?!!!
  14. Yes, that's me. Thanks. That picture, I believe, is from this years Team Universe contest (07/13-07/14/07). I finished 3rd in the lightweights. The following weekend I won the NPC Masters Nationals. Yes, congratulations!
  15. Beautiful! Thanks. My dogs are vegan too. Just today we went blueberry picking in the woods and they ate more than I picked!
  16. Personally, I think raw, organic is even more ethical and therefore less selfish than cooked veganism. What keeps me vegan afterall is thinking about the suffering of domesticated animals. What keeps me raw vegan is thinking about the type of agriculture grain, soya, and rice etc. fields encourage and its destruction of wildlife habitat. It's wild animals that keep me raw and organic. I hope that doesn't sound preachy, but that's the way I see things. As for the social aspects, I am having a hard time with that, but I think with some more planning and experience I'll get better with time. It took my family a full year to accept my veganism, but I'm confident that the love and support they've always given me will continue with raw too eventually. Ciao
  17. So far, I'm disappointed with the raw summit too. I'm really looking forward to listening to Dorit today because she seems to address newbie concerns. I can't wait for the 20th too
  18. Ciao, sono una italiana esiliata qui in Québec, Canada. Benvenuto!
  19. I wish I could have been there Hopefully next year! Ciao
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