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  1. Pretty good day today, got a jog in, and hit the weights. Scheduling lifting is a bit tricky since the school gym has awkward hours to accommodate weight lifting classes and sports teams. I shall have to be flexibly consistent, but at least I got some numbers. Diet: M1: Protein Shake / Omegas = 300c M2: Oatmeal w/ Agave = 400c Post: Protein Shake = 300c M3: Brown Rice / Veggies = 550c M4: Seasoned Veggies = 200c = 1750c Work Out: AM: 70 min. jog around the neighborhood Gym: Dead Lift: 225lbs 1x4; 3x5; 1x4 (I'd like to see 225 5x5) Pull Ups: BW 3x3 (haha, I'd like to see a set higher than 3) Dips: BW 3x8 (I'm happy with this; I'll add weight next time) Calf Raises: 70lbs 3x25 (More weight next time) Hanging Leg Raises: 3x15 (I'd like to see 5x15)
  2. Weighed myself upon waking this morning and the scale reads 178 lbs. Plugged that number into a calorie calculator as a 5'9", active, 24 year-old male and got around 2400c/day to maintain. As I'd like to start by dropping some fat I'll be aiming for 1800-2000c/day and see how that goes for me.
  3. Currently I am doing some weight lifting and some jogging and commuting by bike to school about half the time (my roommate drives and our schedules match opposite evenings/mornings so it works out to going 1 way on bike each day). I'd like to develop a set schedule and use these daily check in's to hold myself to it! Prior til now I hadn't been recording either the exercise or the weight and I think that needs to change for me to see any progress. I'd like to be able to run longer distances and increase all my lifts- so over the next couple weeks I'll start recording to see where I'm at and set some goals. I'll keep track of my body weight because I'd like to cut fat; I don't particularly care what the scale says if i'm honestly tracking diet and workouts i'm confident weight will take care of itself but you know... anyways, Day 1 Meal 1: Protein Shake / Omegas = 150c Meal 2: Raw Revolution Bar = 280c Meal 3: Brown Rice and Veggies 450c Meal 4: Protein Shake / Peanut Butter / Agave Nectar = 600c = 1480c I guess I should find my starting weight and calculate the number of calories I should be eating as well... But, in time, in time. I biked about 9 miles through the city, 6 from school to a book reading, 3 from the book reading home. Tomorrow, I'll hit the gym and record some starting numbers for lifts and my starting weight to calculate calories.
  4. Hello Friends, I am finding it difficult to get into a consistent training/diet routine so I have decided to start this log to track my progress. Hopefully taking time to record my training and diet choices will allow me to find places for improvement and have a record of progress i've made. Daily updates to come!
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