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  1. http://www.menshealth.com/abs-diet-club/ hahah it introduces it as if its some new science special food groups to cut bodyfat and build muscle and guess what, its all spinich grains ans other plant based proteins... haha it cracked me up. check this out, the foods it recommends. " THE POWER 12 " top 3, nuts beans spinach http://www.menshealth.com/abs-diet-club/power-12.php
  2. I'd definitely advise, its all about compunds, lots of squats!
  3. ahh fair enough, best of luck dude. Im trying my best to fins mine and be realistic. I find that if i go back simple rules such as as 1high protein as possible, 2 nearly all whole nutritious & varied foods and 3, waiting for hunger/check whether i'm not just thirsty before eating It should do the job. Other than that, plenty of sleep and plenty of exercise. esier said than done
  4. And I have to say, that doesn't look like much food if u are trying to bulk up. Maybe I'm eating way too much!
  5. We should definitely sticky a thread with photos for massive and ripped vegans. I bet there are a few people who have been posting here that could get the ball rolling with pics of themselves.
  6. Thank you! Cutting out fruit for 6 weeks, that is a big commitment, what is in your maintenance diet? I'm keen to trim down and stay around 8-10% bodyfat
  7. Often physically tired, i need to nap, but eat to keep fuel in the tank cos I'm busy. I don't really get "tired of the cutting" because I love the rewards, but sometimes I get so happy i feel like my mission accomplished and then slack off, again back to square 1. I must look into this green tea or yerba mate tea. Cheers
  8. Is anyone else suffering from the same thing. I decide right, I'm ready to cut. Get almost to the desired bodyfat % but then get tired and eat too much for a week or so thinking I'll gain some muscle and then back to square 1. Its never ending. I need to man up and commit to this, but why do I keep falling down the same trap....
  9. Serious ix of information now. Surely It cant hurt to avoid some grains. Im definitely of the body type which is fairly muscular but I struggle to loose the last 10% bodyfat
  10. U look like people should look like! Something from the animal kingdom. Good work!
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