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  1. I didn't diet hard for this show like I did for the others....and I only started preparing 5 weeks out. Although I was already at 13% bodyfat and within 3 pounds of competition weight which is how I maintain year round. For this show....I didn't count calories but I tend to under eat and lose weight too fast so I made sure I was eating more than I wanted too. My diet rules were: Zero oiL. Zero added sugar. Low Sodium. Whole foods only - with the exception of soy milk, tofu and vegan protien bars. Fat around 50 grams a day. I ate more fruits than veggies - although usually its the opposite way around. I didn't go as high protein as usual...maybe 100 grams a day instead of 200. Training: 7 days a week. Each muscle group twice lifting HEAVY, plyometric sprints twice a week, cardio 5 days a week - but no intervals this year. Total time about 3 hours a day in training. I only took one rest day in the 5 weeks. (I don't recommend that for other people tho. I was already in top shape before I started.) I didn't suffer any low carb energy loss and I competed with 5 lbs more muscle than my last 2 shows.
  2. Just competed in the IDFA BC Classic in Vancouver this weekend...3rd in Figure (3rd out of 3...yay) and 5th out of 7 in Fitness model...also not a terribly enthusiastic yay...but here's some pics from the hotel room. Competition weight 127 lbs. 5 ft 8 height. 11% Body fat. 10% of the competitors in this show were vegan...although it was a small show...
  3. it was a gradual shift from high carb diet to macro ratio of 40% carb/40% protein/20% fat. From 3000 cal a day to under 2000. Cardio 5 days a week with intervals. I overdid the cutting a bit...I'm not genetically well balanced top to bottom so to get my butt in shape I have to over cut my upper body and lose some mass. I know my back is over cut for figure division but there was no way I was going on stage with a saggy butt.
  4. here's a drawing of me from a nude figure drawing class I modeled for last week....
  5. and here's my first January 2014 muscle pic from tonight. Not bad for a cheap walmart camera and a cardio top I made out of a rag.
  6. time for another update....here's a summary of last years bodybuilding project...
  7. I'm working and a pro vegan magazine article here. I need input from others to help write it!!! The article is about all the people we meet who say " oh vegan! I tried that once but....." and then tell us how they failed and decided the diet didn't work for them. I want the article to cover the most common problems people encounter that ultimately cause them to give up and assume it won't work for them and present solutions for those problems hopefully to encourage them to correct their mistakes and try again. Please share with me your stories...did you have trouble going vegan? what happened? How did you fix it? What do you hear most often as problems (especially physical body related) people encounter going vegan that cause them to give up? So far my list from personal experience is: I felt weak tired and hungry - followed by a bunch of speculation that they were nutrient deficient and need more protein. I lost muscle size. I felt bloated and had gas and too many bowel movements. I couldn't meet nutritional requirements of vitamins and minerals I missed cheese and meat. Do these things sound familiar? what are your solutions? Are there more things I can add to the list??? I have 2 weeks to write this article... THANKS for the replies. I want this to be reflective of everyone's experiences not just mine.
  8. So...I'm tired of teaching music. Its not may passion. I want to pursue now what I have some passion for...I've done personal training certification, plant based nutrition certification, and 2+ years of competitive bodybuilding and thinking about being an online trainer - since I'm in a small town that us already overrun with personal trainers, plus I have aspergers so face to face training is socially stressful for me. I've heard quite a few times that online person training is really exploding... Does anyone here offer online personal training or fitness mentoring? Is it as lucrative as it's been painted up to be? How many clients are online trainers finding? Unlimited clients or a struggle to get even a few? What does it really look like when you do it? Is it primarily done by email, or real time on skype? I guess a clear idea of the job description - or variety of job description - would be helpful. What price do trainers charge? How does insurance liability work? If anyone here has hired an online trainer what was the experience like? Met your needs? Problems? Worth the price?
  9. Hey, your ectomorph. I am too. Hard to gain muscle. 3000 cal is not enough for you...it could be more like 4000+...more if you are doing cardio. (I am much smaller and I eat over 3000 cal when gaining and that's with no cardio.) Realistically...to get enough calories there is probably a sacrifice in the "clean" diet and more calorie dense foods. Bodybuilders in building mode eat a lot of crap. Whatever it takes to get enough calories. And for me certainly always pushing the limit of what was a comfortable amount to eat. When gaining muscle mass cardio is your ENEMY and if you are doing a lot of biking it sabotages your body's ability to gain muscle size. New muscle you build will be burned as fuel in cardio sessions. Gaining muscle and losing fat are opposite goals with opposite approaches as far as cardio and calories. If you pursue both your results will be minimal since they sabotage each other. When I started competitive bodybuilding it was zero cardio for 8 months so that I could gain 25lbs. Then cardio for just the 16 weeks before a contest to burn off the fat (since some fat is also gained with muscle) Pursue one goal and then the other to get best results of both. Your muscle building program looks fine. But the cardio compromises the effort your putting into weights. If biking is a big part of your life - sounds like it is - then it will be hard to gain much muscle size from weight training. But you could become more defined. I'm a diet and fitness consultant and 2 of my clients are in the same boat as you. High cardio lifestyles compromising their efforts to gain muscle mass.
  10. a 6 pack isn't a mystery or rocket science. abs will come in at around 10% body fat or less. Very few people ever take themselves to that body fat which is why not many people show a 6 pack. Do ab exercises every day or 2 - so that you'll have some abs to show - but they won't show until you get to that low of body fat. The body tends to store fat around the middle more than in other places so you'll notice you lose fat everywhere else and lastly the abs....kinda frustrating. Any guy with a 6 pack is also ripped everywhere else, you can't target one area for fat loss. From your picture it looks like the sides of the 6 pack are there and your body fat is well under 20% you just need the cuts between pieces now. (To show a 6 pack best the abs are better flexed not relaxed.) Sounds like the food is fine...be sure to be in a calorie depletion mode (depletion of 500 cal a day below maintenance calories needed is the rule of thumb) and in addition to ab exercises to fatigue the abs every day or 2 you'll want lots of cardio to burn off the remaining fat over the 6 pack. Hope that helps. I'm a competitive figure bodybuilder and fitness/diet consultant and in off season I'm 20% fat and soft looking. Then for competition 10% body fat with 6 pack and everything else. Success is a combination of ab exercises to fatigue, cardio, and calorie depletion to force the body to burn fat over the abs.
  11. before, during, and after my vegan bodybuilding journey. In the first skeleton pic I am only vegetarian. 2nd and 3rd pics are 4 years after being vegan.
  12. Just did the Western Canadians bodybuilding show - Figure division. The judges did not think much of me...but here are some pics.
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