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  1. I looked around on google too, but each site seemed to be showing different nutritional values. Some of them said sweet potatoes were slightly higher in carbs/calories others said they were lower, either way there wasn't much difference between a sweet potatoe and a baked one so it just goes down to taste.
  2. This is just a commercial but the message is there. It shows that we can overcome any adversity, no matter how great in our lives with hard work and dedication.
  3. Thanks, I've noticed that my right shoulder is a little weaker than my left and it does feel a bit stiff/off.
  4. I noticed that to, there's no love for the sweet potatoes. I know sweet ones have more fiber, but I'm not sure if one has more calories/carbs than the other which is important if you're trying to bulk.
  5. Thanks for the answers everyone. I've been doing 3x8 now and I've been getting good progress, I gained 6 pounds so I'm up to 140.
  6. Thanks for the answer, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had something similar to this to give me a rough idea of what might be going on. I'll give a bit longer then if it persists I'll go see physician.
  7. For a while now my right shoulder only has been feeling a bit off. It's a little sore and feels really tight like its heavier than my left. My left shoulder feels completely normal and moves fine but my right just feels really off. I wish I could be more detailed with it but it's not easy to describe the feeling. Has anyone had something along the lines of this before, is it inflammation or something with posture?
  8. Exactly what I was going to say. She's using the whole "Vegan is bad" to cover up the fact that she's just wasn't eating enough in the first place.
  9. I agree, we have so much exposure to marketing and advertisements that most people are brainwashed into thinking whats good and bad for their health. I know a lot of people who think that without milk you won't grow, your bones will fall apart and you teeth will fall out. You have to look past what the mainstream says sometimes to really find the truth.
  10. Thanks for the answer awaken373, I'll switch my workouts around so I can get a balance of strength and endurance. Kira I'll defiantly start working on plyometric exercises, but now I'm just focusing on gaining muscle mass.
  11. Thanks, I`ll keep going light for a week and see if I make any progress with that. If not I`ll try going heavier and doing that 8 reps.
  12. Well I play Basketball so I just want to get stronger to improve my performance on the court. I`m not looking to add on fat though to get huge, just nice and toned.
  13. I've been using free weights a lot lately, and at first I was using heavier weights with less set and repetitions. My workouts were very short and I wasn't able to use proper form due to the heavier weights at times. Now I switched to lighter weights but I greatly increase the number of sets and repetitions I do. My workouts are a lot longer and I feel like I'm doing the right thing now but I just wanted to ask, should I stick with the lighter weights with more sets and repetitions or go heavy? I'm 6 feet, 14 years old and 134 pounds.
  14. That's 7g of protein per 1/4 cup of uncooked quinoa. It swells to nearly four times the size when cooked. So two cups of cooked Quinoa has about 16g protein only. Still it is a great option... it's a whole protein and contains all the essential amino acids. Oh, I never knew that, I wish you could just eat Quinoa raw without having to sprout to get that 56 grams of protein. Thanks for the info though.
  15. Quinoa! Amazing source of protein 7 grams for only 1/4 a cup! And 1/4 of a cup is really nothing and you could easily eat 2 cups for a meal, which would be 56 grams of protein.
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