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  1. Hey everyone...i was wondering how many calories I should be aiming for. I have an Iphone app that counts everything and I have an issue with binge eating so I want to start logging all of my food intake so I know! I am a vegetarian...mostly vegan though but I dont like to really label myself. I feel better with a plant based lifestyle and eat vegan 98% of the time. I am 5"4' and 130 lbs but I want to gain muscle and lose weight to get overall healthy and toned. Right now I workout 6 days a week doing beachbody programs. I am doin Chalean extreme which is a 30 minute intense muscle building program. I am also just active all day...never sit down for too long. Any idea how many calories I should be aiming for? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Mary and I want to someday compete in a figure competition. I really do not care where I place but I just want to train and compete!!!! I live a plant based lifestyle and I feel amazing! Right now I am 128lbs and have a body fat of 20%. I am 5"5'...or 5"4' haha I am a huge animal lover and I want to share my plant based lifestyle with the world. I would also love to hear suggestions along my journey because I am a constant learner! I hope you all will follow my journey and I hope to also help others on here. I also love this journal for accountability. I am here for you all as well...Feel free to message me at any time. Today I really did not eat enough at all but I am forcing myself to post my meals. This is embarrassment and is not the norm...I was running around like crazy! Omg i am so afraid to post this because I ate HORRIBLE today but we all have bad days and I want to show that 1) Peanuts w/ a peach (that was my breakfast...horrible) 2) 2 pieces of Ezekial bread with vegan lunch meat and mustard 3) 5 Strawberries 4) A banana 5) Kale with Tempeh and cord 6) Chocolate Protein drink with almond milk
  3. nooo is it a vegan place? I want to start exploring new places and meeting new people!
  4. Hey everyone...I just wanted to share my before pictures and some of my stats. I have been a vegan for a year and in the last 2 months lost touch with it and was more so a vegetarian. I felt awful and my emotions were all over the place. 2 months not begin a vegan and my whole world fell apart. I finally made the connection and I am back to veganism and picking up where I left off. My dream is to compete in a figure competition as a vegan and I am starting now! I am using beachbody programs to get in shape since I really do not have time right now to go to a gym. My stats: 128lbs 5"5' I know i have a bit of a long way but i am ready to put in the work! This was taken about a week ago after dinner...so my heaviest point in the day i would say. http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/336936_680747923977_43603147_35168635_1092376891_o.jpg
  5. thank you! I agree! I have been researching proper form and do not want to start by lifting heavy...rather lift light until I have the form down! I have always wanted to become a personal trainer so may look into getting certified so I could learn even more! Thanks so much!
  6. Hey everyone! I have been a vegan for year and then had a lot of stress/changes in my life and went to a vegetarian diet for about the last 3 months. But now I am returning to the vegan diet since I am a firm believer in it and I am glad I am back. I am brand new to bodybuilding and frankly I know nothing about it but I am happy I found this forum to help me with that! I am looking to become very toned with a nice amount of muscle, as of now I am not interested in competing but that may change as I see my body transform! I will post before pictures when I can. I gained 5lbs when I went from vegan to unhealthy vegetarianism for the last 3 months but happy to be back on track! Nice to meet everyone!
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