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  1. I get it pretty cheap right now and its just much cheaper than the vegan [rotein powder right now, im paying off some huge bills right now and once I am caught up in about a month I do plan on getting rid of it, not my favorite but it is a complete protein from what Ive researched since it is animal based. This is the only animal source product I use minus some salad dressings and occasional cheat meals that may have cheese on them or have some sort of dairy in them. Thanks for the links! My leg are starting to get nice shape and size to them so I feel like its working just wanted to make sure
  2. Ok guys need some advice please I have been doing a nice job of controlling cheats and taking in plenty of veggies and protein sources, I just want to make sure my meals are sufficient and what can i do to make them better if not, I am brand new to vegan/vegetarian bulking here are what my meals have looked like. I wold like to note real quick to that I m not strict as a vegan but I am as a vegetarian, I don't touch any meat products and I rarely eat dairy products and my budget for food each month is very low so I am pretty repetitive in meals for monetary reasons Meal 1: 2 packs of kashi oatmeal and 1 and 1/2 cups of kashi fiber twig cereal with 1 cup of soy meal, over 40 grams of protein Meal 2: Shake (still whey unfortunately) with soy milk after my workout 50+ grams of protein Meal 3: 1 and 1/2 cups of brown rice, 1 serving of lentils and 1 serving of kidney beans, 1 cup of broccoli/peas about 40 grams of protein Meal 4: Same as meal 3 Meal 5: Same as Meal 3 and 4 Meal 6: Shake with soy milk 52 grams of protein and I eat grapes or an apple with it I know I need to add fruit to the diet somewhere else as well. My big question is am I getting complete sources of protein in my meals, and will this diet work for me? I've noticed some gains already but I want to maximize my gains as much as possible while keeping my bank account above the red haha. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I do plan on switching the protein supp to a vegan source just cant spend 60 bucks on it right now and after doing the math my whey is cheaper right now, work is picking back up for me so hopefully money wont be such an issue soon but it is for now, thanks again for your input guys!
  3. Hey guys around 6:50 AM for me here, just finished breakfast: 2 packs of Kashi oatmeal, cup and a half of Kashi fiber twig cereal with a cup of soy milk and half cup of almond milk, somewhere around 45 g of protein. Going to hit the gym in about an hour and do my arm workout today, have really been noticing some nice progression in their development, especially the biceps. Used to not see the muscle separation unless I flexed but now just standing I can see some definition and size. Hope everyone has a great weekend and to any vegan Ohioans Go Bucks and beat that state up north today!
  4. Hit the traps and shoulders pretty hard today, definitely going to feel it tomorrow! Pushed up 135 on standing military press for my last 3 sets, switched it up to dumbell shrugs and liked the decision, up to 105 on upright rows and my dumbell exercises for the delts all increased in weight this week as well. Going to be my first thanksgiving as a vegan and I'm 100% sure the family will give me crap for it but doesnt matter to me, getting bigger and staying healthier is my number 1 goal, have a great holiday to my fellow Americans!
  5. welcome! Just started up going vegan as well. Truly love the change its been for me in my life and I love proving people wrong about bodybuilding and being vegan/vegetarian, it can be done and strength can be built as well. Have you tarted training yet?
  6. thank you, that is weird they wont load on your computer haha. About to eat my last meal and go to bed, been a long day and gonna be another long one tomorrow, got the shoulders and traps to work
  7. Alright today was leg day and boy as it a pain in the ass, literally. I worked on my form on squats today, its been going to crap as I've tried to move to my prior weights and numbers too quickly, I focused on driving through my heals and not leaning forward when I pushed the weight up, knees feel much better after doing that and I felt a great workout in the hamstrings and glutes. I've been allowing my quads to do too much work on this exercise. I did my first two sets at 285 ad finished my last 2 sets at 295, and i followed the rest of my regiment today here are some pics of where my legs stand now, I am too embarrassed to post my poor hamstrings so once those get to where I want them I will post some pics haha heres a picture of my calf, I have mde some good progress over the last 4 weeks with them http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt61/pe175107/calf11_22_2011.jpg And here are the quads, usually my best responding muscle group, theyre smaller than what they have been, but that happens after neglecting legs as much as I did for a year, so hopefully I can get them back to respectable soon http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt61/pe175107/Quads11_22_2011.jpg Now one question I do have, when I do lunges, should I take long strides or short strides? Is there a benefit to each or does one work better than the other or target the muscles differently? Thanks for the input in advance!
  8. thanks for the advice, I can give up the one arm pull downs and substitute them in or add them, probably wouldnt hurt if I added them. I'm trying to not overwork the muscle group too. The last time I really started targeting my lats I pinched a nerve in my back due to overloading the workout, so I'm taking some baby steps with the lats a bit because it put me out of commission for about 6 months and I never got back into bodybuilding until now, I'll probably add the pullups though, I need some more body weight exercises to go with my workouts too
  9. Hey guys! So I just joined this site a few months ago and never got myself motivated to get back into the game until last month and I truly began my journey about 3 weeks ago as far as training is concerned. I've been doing 5 days a week M-F currently and have had success already. I've noticed quick initial improvement in my shoulders, tris, and traps. During this bulk I am really concerned with targeting every muscle group, I want to pack on some general size and work from there. I know my chest is a weak area for me, I can never quite feel a squeeze in my chest, I really have to concentrate and breathe correctly, negatives seem to do the trick for me often there. So without rambling more I am going to list my routine for you and my diet and post the few current pictures I have now Monday: Chest and abs Flat Bench 5x5 Incline DB bench 4x8 DB flys 3x8 Cable Flys 3x10 Pec Deck 3x8 Wide grip pushups 2 sets failure Cable Crunches 4xfailure -I know this is a lot of work on my chest but if I dont do this much i never feel a burn, and never get response out of my chest, I discovered this heavy load routine for my chest triggered some responses for my chest last year so I'm trying it again Tuesday: Legs Squats 4x4-6 Leg Extensions 4x8 Leg Curls 4x8 Lunges 4x6-8 Calf Raises 4x15-failure -I plan on adding straight leg dead lifts or toe touches for more ham work, they are always the weak part of my legs, and I've considered adding light front squats for quads but I may wait until I switch my routine Wednesday: Shoulders and Traps Standing Military Press 4x8 Lateral Raises 3-4x8-10 Front Raises 3x8 Bent over Rear delt raise 3x10-12 Rear Delt/Trap Extension 3x8 Shrugs 4x12 Upright Rows 4x8 Farmers Walks Thursday: Lower back and Lats Dead Lifts 4x4-6 Good Mornings 4x8-10 T-Bar Rows 4x8 Low Row 4x8 One arm Lat Pull downs 3x10 -Its light on the amount of exercises but the dead lifts are heavy and I am pretty worked after these lifts Friday: Arms and abs Close grip bench press 4x8 Skull crushers 4x8 Cable pull downs 3x10 Reverse pull downs 3x10 BB curls 4x8 Hammer Curls 3x10 Preacher curls 3x8 Isolation curls 3x8 Wrist curls 4xfailure Ab Machine 4xfailure Roman Chair leg lifts 4x10-failure -I usually do 2 tri exercises then 2 bi exercises and then repeat Here's to fruits and veggies! http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt61/pe175107/front11_2011.jpg http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt61/pe175107/backdoublebi11_2011.jpg
  10. Thanks! yeah I do feel great now, I have so much more energy than I used to and that was what I initially noticed when I became a vegetarian, my energy levels spiked. I did switch to vegan this week and dont eat the eggs anymore, lentils have been my biggest source for protein with brown rice and spinach or broccoli like suggested above. I still am short on money and cant get the vegan protein yet but next paycheck should work for me. I started to bulk finally and I gotta say it takes longer for me to get the food down but I'm ready for meals again much faster than I was with meat and I don't feel like I'm about to burst by the end of the day so I'm excited for how its going to affect my body, I plan on posting pics today of my pre bulk physique and hope to make some good gains, already noticed major strength gains in many exercises. I have hit some of the numbers before but I hadnt lifted consistently for 6 months until 3 weeks ago and I'm addicted again, refuse to go backwards again, thanks for your input guys really appreciate it, hope I can return the favor with future advice
  11. Yeah I started thinking about the egg whites this week, im going to finish off what I have in my frige and buy egg whites next week and stay with those until i go vegan. I do plan on switching my whey protein once it is out, it should run out next week. I might even just go to the grocery on sunday night and switch my diet then, I almost eat vegan now minus the eggs and whey protein, I drink either soy, almond, or coconut milk now and I don't eat cheese anymore which si what I had trouble giving up initially. I don't eat any other dairy products at all such as ice cream, yogurt, etc.
  12. Thanks a lot guys! This definitely helps out, i just started thinking about making sure I get more brown rice into my diet as well, I can tell I need another meal in my diet by the end of the day, will definitely work in some of your suggestions
  13. Hello my iron brothers and sisters! My name is Patrick and I just converted to a vegetarian diet about 6 months ago and I have loved every minute of it! I became interested in bodybuilding when I was 21 but due to poor discipline in my nutrition I never made it to where I know I could have. I was skeptical about being able to build muscle or keep what I already had when I converted and I am so glad that my worries were only myths. I did start eating unhealthy on this diet though about 2 months ago and I paid for it in my appearance and energy levels. About 4 weeks ago I said enough was enough and got regimented and haven't looked back and hope to not look back in the future. Currently I am doing a 5 day a week regiment, I have never been able to keep my energy up enough to do this, not until I started eating this diet that is! Day 1: Chest and Abs Day 2: Legs (Glutes, Hams, Quads) Day 3: Shoulders and Traps Day 4: Back (Lower, Lats, and might hit traps again a little) Day 5: Arms (Biceps and Triceps) My diet right now is for a cutting diet, my goal is to get my body fat down to 10% and then begin a regiment for bulking, so the protein is not super high but from my personal experience I do not need to eat the mythical 1 g of protein per lb of body weight to cut and be successful in keeping my muscle tone/mass Meal 1: 2 eggs, 2 packets of oatmeal and 8 oz of Green goodness juice (Bolthouse Farms) Meal 2: Whey Protein after working out Meal 3: Salad, usually with tofu (a little pepper and garlic cloves are seared with it), peppers (red or orange), onions, grape/cherry tomatoes and a side of fruit Meal 4: Soup, usually Lentil or veggie soup and I will add beans (Garbanza or Kidney) to the veggie soup. And I will have a side of fruit or veggies Meal 5: Usually a veggie burger or veggie patty of some sort, side of fruit or veggies I am pretty sure I am going to convert to being a vegan, so any suggestions and tips for cooking or what to eat that is high in protein would be greatly appreciated. I hope to post pictures of my progress soon, glad to be a part of the family!
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