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  1. I do cardio in morning and some time i do cardio in evening also. I spent my one hour in doing cardio. It is best for fitness and health.
  2. Hey dear your workout is new for me and i never seen this before. Thanks for sharing. In my opinion there is no need to change in your workout. Your workout is awesome and i suggest you to keep doing it.
  3. I am eating rice with vegetables now. It is my favorite food and i am a great lover of it. Thanks wrestler for sharing your recipe. I will try to make it at home.
  4. Hello everyone. I have also energy issue. I feel lot of weakness. I can't work more with my hands due to weakness. I have low energy. Kindly give me some tips to increase my energy level so that i can increase my energy and health. Thanks.
  5. We should eat healthy food which contain maximum nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are best food because these are best nutrition food and both have lot of benefits.
  6. I have also hair fall problem and i have lost many hair. Someone told me that i should use coconut oil on my hair for making my hair strong and healthy. Is it good for hair? Share your valuable ideas with me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Breakfast is important for health. Morning time is the start of the day and our body needs lot of energy to do lot of work during the day so breakfast should be healthy. I drink fruit juice and eat bread with eggs.
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