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  1. Greetings, I read most of the comments about the 811 diet. ~I found out about it through Youtube, then I checked out the 30BAD site again promoting the diet. I jumped in wit the fruits to find a balance with my nutrition and one that would compliment my exercise and my digestive system....something simple and fits into the budget. **It's been 60 days now....there have been changes...better improvement in digestion, skin, cycle, etc....I put down the nuts (cashews, almonds)...and went the no overt fat way...Don't want the fat, don't eat the fat!!! I wasn't thinking about bulking, or increasing muscle or competition. My exercise mainly cardio had to do with running the miles & good stretching. **Someone wanting to bulk....would prob need to eat some more fats....as of now, this is what I have been doing!! **Do I follow 811 to the T, of-course not...didn't even get the book, have saw the vids!! I just mainly eat fruits & veg when I'm in the mood!! If not its Green Smoothies....have I noticed a RISE in my energy!! Hmmm actually NO!!!! The foods just taste good, esp. banana ice cream!!! **If I can answer any specific question do to anyone trying the diet, hmmm let me know!!! _All the best!! http://i39.tinypic.com/znkh9d.jpg
  2. This is the reason I'm supa glad I found this site!!!!!!! I'm currently training very privately...not at the gym scene..really enjoying my workouts away from the crowd. Over the summer I was doing a lot of travel with Track & Field and easing my way back into Calisthenics....June was my last show...did amazing and I'm def ready for some more. Looking forward to the announcer saying ".....Our Overall Winner and She's a Vegan!!!!!!""".....too awesome!!!! http://i44.tinypic.com/2ept55l.jpg _________________ Feeling Fruity!!! Fueling my body with Fruits!!!
  3. Thanks Robert, glad to be here!!!! I will send a salutation to Har and Free!!!!! ~~~Wow, thanks for sending a shout out to Jamie...I remember seeing her first on Bodybuilding.com...for a long time I wanted to advertise for apparel companies...and promote fitness in magazines, etc....haha trying to market yourself can be tough. Sometimes I wonder how all these folks that you see in the mag had their start. Well in the meantime, I'll be diving into the links here on www.veganbodybuilding.com and chatting it up with all the neighbors!!!!!
  4. Sample day!!!! Breakfast: orange smoothie OR 8 Banana Ice-Cream Dish!!!! Snack if I'm hungry: 3-4 Dates!!! Meal 2: 7-8 Nanas or Berries & Nanas Meal 3: 1-2 lbs of grapes or more 4-5 Bananas Meal 4: GINORMOUS Green Salad (Spiralized Zucch Noodles, Corn, Mushroom and Spinach Salad, or Chunky Tom-Corn Soup Water: 2 Liters ********I roughly jotted this down!!!! My Calories are usually from 1600-1900 of Fruits & Veg (mainly Fruit), some days I actually reached 2000!!! (been also eating lots of grapes lately...so I get full pretty fast) ~~eating lots of Mono-Meals for Better Digestion!
  5. Hello my new friends & family....so great to be apart of this site. Heard about you guys from my 30BAD family... 30 bananas a day website!!!! Promoting 811!!! So I'm fueled thru fruits!!! I'm Bonkers about Bananas. **Anyway I did two shows and Won...Women's Light & Middle Weight Overall! Best Poser, Best Routine, Best Female Entertainer, Best in my Class & Overall. Never have I competed as a Raw Vegan...and I think it would be a great way to train and open up folks to other choices in Health & Nutrition. I'm on this site to meet & greet, hopefully I will find opportunities here for marketing and advertising. I would love to do product modeling!!! I've had a chance to interact with Richard letting him know my interest for being on the site....he posted a profile of me under the Profile Section of this site....Scroll down to (Andrea White)...THANX RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!! SO where's everyone from? Any New Yorkers???? Greetings to you and to my brothers and sisters World Wide!!!! ~ I love to travel...so please keep me inform of upcoming events in your town. And I look forwards to 'hitting the stage'....and Dominating!!!! Hmmmm GO FRUITS!!! *******Hmmm, all that I am....isssssss..(drum roll please).....b/c of Christ!!!! I love you Jesus!!!!! hmmm!!!!
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