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  1. Hey Robert are you still doing the bonus pack thing? My wife and I bought the big tub of Natural Vega and the smoothie infusion. We are really enjoying it. I think the Vega with some OJ or apple juice taste pretty darn good actually. I am still interested in those walnuts if you have any left. Sorry I never replied to your email. Thanks!
  2. that is sad news. My wife and I tried to eat there during our honeymoon but there were closed until dinner time. We went to the Lotus Root, same owners, instead. Is that place still around? It was a great place.
  3. My girlfriend makes tacos/burritos all the time, and I eat them.
  4. I've been playing the drums for about 6 years now. Before that, I played guitar for a few years. I've been in a few bands. I love playing in bands when it's with the right people.
  5. Hey all, could you give me some advice for losing Body Fat. I would like to safely lose as much BF as possible, as quickly as possible, while maintaining what muscle mass I have. Starting today, I am taking brisk walks when I wake up, before breakfast. I am cutting out most breads. I have heard to cut down alot on carbs, but I don't see how I would get enough protein. Please help, Thanks.
  6. Just tried NOW Soy Protein powder. 1 word..... DISGUSTING!!! I'm stuck with a full jug. sweet
  7. I think burritos made from Zatarains Red Beans and Rice are probably my favorite thing to eat. Good oranges too. Oh, and soy ice cream.
  8. Thanks. I am going to start trying to lose the excess body fat. I'll see what I can do in a months time. Then after summer I'll start beefing up again.
  9. Hey everyone. We should start posting some before and after/during pics of ourselves. We have only seen a couple of us. Here are mine. http://rstylesrecords.com/images/Week1frontriley.jpg May 1st http://rstylesrecords.com/images/Week5frontriley.jpg June 1st Not much difference that I can see, but I'm working on it. I have gained close to 10lbs. though.
  10. I would be down if I could afford it. Sounds cool.
  11. Im only guessing, but its when you do ten reps slowly which causes a lactic acid build up? Is a lactic acid build up good or bad? Its is the soreness you feel when you workout, the burning sensation in the muscle, the muscle fatigue. But, is that the sign of a good workout or not?
  12. Im only guessing, but its when you do ten reps slowly which causes a lactic acid build up? Is a lactic acid build up good or bad?
  13. "Factory farmed" or "Free Range", wouldnt the bees try to protect their hive no matter what, and in turn sting then die? Or do beekeepers somehow lure the bees from the hive, then collect the honey? Don't bees use honey for nourishment?
  14. Here is a link to a good outlined routine. You can just substitute workouts that you can't do at home, with ones you can do using your setup. http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/article/113 Here is a site with lots of exercises for you to choose from. http://bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.htm
  15. "Glucosamine is a natural seafood extract derived from crab shells" Vegan or not? I'm guessing not.
  16. I am going to be away from home for about a day and a half. Any ideas on how to eat enough? Most of the stuff I have been used to eating has all been cooked in microwave or stove top. I might not be near those things.
  17. I use OJ or choc. milk. Sometimes I mash a banana and mix it in.
  18. I am going to try Genisoy out! Any particular flavor that I should stay away from? I have only tried the plain.
  19. Genisoy Soy Protein Powder. 25g Protein 25% DV of Vit. B12 (based on 2000 cal. diet, of course) Tastes pretty good mixed with Choc. soy milk
  20. The Descendants amolst always brings a tear to my eye. About ten years ago I had this girlfriend, then she broke up with me to go out with a good friend of mine. Certain Descendants songs bring me right back to that time. Operation Ivy brings back a ton of memories too.
  21. I am thinking of ordering some Higher Power L-Glutamine powder. Is this necessary for a beginner like me? I work out fairly hard and I want to be as productive as possible.
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