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  1. DANG, 32 fat?! yowza. Try adding nuts, seeds, or even oils for fats, and AVOCADO! don't neglect the avocado. you NEED fat to stay slim and to be able to even function correctly. and 47 protein? get more with red star nutritional yeast, hemp protein, tofu, legumes, tempeh. it is SO much easier than you think to consume food, sounds like you might have some eating issues as well. be well! we're all here to help thank you, I appreciate your advice! I will definitely get some nutritional yeast. I'm starting to realize that it is easier!! I will definitely be adding more avacado and nuts into my diet. cheers
  2. Thank you! I definitely will!!!!! Seitan is a bit expensive to make because of the vital wheat gluten... at least here in Canada? I've managed to get my protein way up using edamame, protein powder, beans etc. I'm still experimenting with combinations that work and ones that will help me feel the best and most balanced. I'm wondering if anyone follows a particular method when creating a meal??? For example: bean, grain, veggie etc? It's always hard figuring out what works for your body. That and I'm not going to lie, I'm impatient lol! Thanks for your input!!!!!!!!
  3. thanks for the info.... Slow but sure! Learning new things everyday which is great.
  4. ok I will definitely try that! Thanks. Anything you can see wrong so far with my meals?
  5. Hey guys! I recently met up with a dietician whom is vegan and has been for 20 years. She recommended these specifics for my profile: 1700-1900 calories 225g carbs 50-70g fats 75 g protein I'm working on the macros and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I recently posted regarding feeling foggy and you guys were awesome to help me out by saying eat more. I've slowly been getting better but I have my bad days where a caloric deficit catches up with me. I find I'm going way over almost 100g over on my carbs and still struggling to meet my protein needs. I've leaned out quite a bit which is awesome and I feel better after properly refueling after workouts. can you guys help me with my meal plan please? I need to up my protein ALOT! any tips would be great as well please! workout: 35 minutes HIIT on the elliptical post workout: 1 cup light silk with a half a scoop of vegan proteins + breakfast: 0.5 scoop vegan proteins + 1tbsp flax 1tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup mixed fruit 1 frozen banana 1 cup unsweetened almond breeze Lunch: 0.5 cup organic brown rice 2/3 cup black beans 1 cupmixed vegetables 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds mustard, relish snack: apple 1 tbsp pb dinner: same as lunch snack: apple and carrot calories 1751 protein 37g ( soooo loooowww ) fat: 35g ( getting better slowly ) Thanks guys! here is a day where I felt great with lots of energy: don't know if it was a fluke? breakfast: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 0.5 scoop vegan proteins +, apple, flax seed lunch: 3/4 wild rice blend, 1/2 kidney beans, 6 brussel sprouts, 1/2 can green beans snack: 0.5 sweet potato, 1tbsp peanut butter dinner: same as lunch calories 1700 protein 47g ( still looowww) fats 32 grams my only problem with this plan is it seems really grain dependant. Im working on leaning out. ( not overweight by any means but i want more ab definition)
  6. I've been doing trial and error now for what feels like forever and I'm tired of it. I always seem to underestimate the amount I'm eating which leads to the foggy feeling I get.I want the guidance. If that means tweaking here and there on the way to a set plan, then I great... I'd be happy with that. Thanks though
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted your thoughts on portion sizes for grains and legumes. I was doing a half cup of each and sometimes a little more on the grain side. I usually eat brown rice, quinoa etc. I'm just wondering if it's better to eat more of one than the other? I was noticing that my fitness pal recognizes something like brown rice to be 300 calories per half cup woah... good for increasing calories but I'd rather fill the majority of my calories with veggies and then the rest with grains and legumes. Also, since I've increased my calories a little I've noticed my meals are up to around 450-500 calories which is a little scary. It's just intimidating seeing that number. Although once I do eat my meal, I don't feel bloated or disgustingly full....odd? Thoughts? Thanks!!!!! Brandi
  8. thanks for calculating that for me! I wouldn't mind losing 5 pounds. I'vefelt so much better since I talked to you all about my problem. After increasing my calories and adding some grains into my diet, It's helped so much!!! I am still seeking a professional opinion as far as nutrients are concerned just to be sure. But you guys are awesome and this week I have actually felt a huge difference and I feel at ease with my food. It does take extra time to plan out my meals due to calorie counting ( I use fitnesspal ) but I need the guidance. Thanks again!!
  9. Today I managed to get to 1700 net calories with exercise and I did feel better. I didn't get that weird feeling as much. I will try to hover around that and increase gradually. Should I be watching the amount of grain/beans I eat? For example, I usually have 3/4 cup brown rice with 1/2 cup leagumes at a meal. The rest of the calories come from veggies and some good fats like avacado (max half at a meal). =) again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!
  10. ok! That would be great! I'm 25 5'6 137lbs i need to tone up my midsection a bit but i'm not looking to bulk. I like muscle but I won't be competing or anything like that. today I managed to get to 1700 net calories with exercise and I felt alot better. I didn't get as much of the "weird" feeling until night time right after my dinner but it wasn't as bad. any input would be great! Thanks again
  11. hey chewybaws! Thanks so much for your suggestion as well. You guys are great!!!! I'm glad you realized I was a girl, I totally forgot to mention that haha! I guess I will have to play with my calories and see where I feel my best. If I didn't exercise one day, how would I adjust my calories to fit that particular day? thanks again! Brandi
  12. Thanks Jungleinthefrunk... It's great to have such awesome support here. I've felt so alone and criticized on my vegan journey. But I'm feeling happier now to know that I have support in this quest. So for a girl, would you say 2500 is an ideal amount? It's a bit of a scary number. I'm not going to lie. I don't want to gain weight but I want a nice lean body with some muscle. thanks again so much!!! Brandi
  13. Thank you Nicholas_weir... I'm so glad you responded to my post! I am just happy that I'm not the only one who felt that way. Its such a difficult feeling to describe! Ah thank you for suggesting a gradual increase in calories. As far as my nourishment, I have a high iron binding capacity which i was told last year. Apparently that is sort of uncommon for a girl. I was recommended to take b12 regardless so I usually do daily and I also take iron but infrequently. As far as zinc, I don't take it? what would that help me with? Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it. Brandi
  14. Thanks for your imput Fallen Horse.. I appreciate it! I will definitely try that starting today. I've planned my day out so far at about 1700 calories. I just want to avoid fat gain. 2500 would be ideal for a female? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I've been vegan off and on for almost a year now and I'm having trouble. I'm struggling with feeling balanced. I feel like I'm constantly fighting with my diet in regards to energy and feeling full for more than an hour. I eat lunch which might consist of beans, brown rice or quinoa and loads of veggies only to feel "spacey" or lacking in energy/hungry an hour later. I've started logging my daily food intake on my fitness pal which has helped. I'm really torn on how many calories I should be having. Initially I realized I was consuming way too little and since then I've upped my calories to about 1300 ish a day. I do workout as well. I might do 45 minutes elliptical, turbo fire, some weights, I play hockey 1-2 times a week.I try to workout at least 4 times a week. I try to eat more when I workout to compensate for the burned calories. I recently saw a meal plan by robert cheeke for females and thought maybe I should upmy calories to 15-1700 and see how I feel. I'm so tired of feeling off that I've considered seeing a dietician. I don't know what to do anymore.... =( seriously, I need advice guys. I just want to feel balanced, energetic, well and focused. I feel everyday is a battle that im losing. I'm just tired of it. please help? B
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